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The World Of Azeroth

By Darklycan51

Version: 8.5c

Keywords: World Of Azeroth, Darklycan51, melee, mutiple races

Play Mode: multi-player

Category: Altered Melee

TileSets: Dalaran,Lordaeron Fall,Lordaeron Summer

Players: Min: 1 - Max: 12

The World of Azeroth 8.5c

A small part of the Changelog:
Night Elves sentry ability "Summon Vengeance spirit" has been removed and replaced with the ability that makes a vengeance spirit spawn once the Sentry dies.

Some hero models have been replaced for the campaign ones (Far se...


Picked from the vault...

Gold Saints: Piscis

By JhOtAm

Keywords: Saint, Seiya, piscis

Model type: Hero

Category: Anime

for more models, please check the whole pack in the related link.


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Jack O' Lantern Sword

By Heinvers

Keywords: Jack O' Lantern, Pumpkin, Headless, Halloween, Orange, Warrior, sword, 512

Categories: Attachment,Item,Human,Undead

A sword for the model Skin Jack O lantern. Please check the related resource section.


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Gmax 1.2

By BlizzMod

Version: 1.2

Keywords: Gmax, 3D, Moddeling, free

OS: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10

Categories: 3D Art (Modelling)

Spells & Systems

Picked from the vault...

[Spell] Dark Matter v1.0

By Dalve

Categories: Target Ground,vJASS

Summons  a dark matter at the targeted point. The dark  matter has  ability to absorb all enemy units within 400  range  onto it's position while releasing smaller dark particles to attack those  captured units. Each particle deals 90 damage  on  hit. Lasts for 15 seconds.

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