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Author Topic: My custom made spell damage function  (Read 15226 times)

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Re: My custom made spell damage function
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2012, 06:20:48 AM »
Yes, I have 7z installed ^^

I kinda like internet explorer in this newer edition ^^' But it could be the 64bit-editions fault. Shall try a 32bit- webbbrowser and see if it works (perhaps Firefox or Opera, Chrome is also an alternative)

I need to stop the stop/attack/stop/attack etc. bug with "Unit is attacked"-triggers. And using a buff to check for a real attack is not a alternative I like, since the first attack won't happen, since the trigger is activated before the attack is made. (I am using a script-based attack-damage system too, since I have some other modifiers more than just plain armor and attackbonus, and I have to keep count on damage done for certain events)

EDIT1!: Ok, fixed a 32bits browser, and now the 5e works and it works without error. I will try and use this now.
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