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Age of War 2

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« Created: May 07, 2016, 09:31:40 AM by moyack »

Age of War 2
on: March 16, 2013, 09:51:29 PM
Version: 1.11
Keywords: Age, war, Strategy, AI
Play Mode: Single Player
Category: Altered Melee, Assault, Defense
Tilesets: Barrens, Lordaeron Fall, Lordaeron Summer
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 6
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: May 07, 2016, 09:37:58 AM by moyack »
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Age of War 2

Main Info

Age of War 2 is the official sequel to Age of War
This map is very similar to those people who have played historical real time strategy games,
in particular the age of empires series.
There are five ages in this map where you can advance through.
You can command a lot different civilizations during this period of time.
Includes 200 food battles, naval warfare and walls and gates.
Over 100 different unit types at your command.
Map has 3 different AIs, many game modes and an in-game alliance system.

The Ages

The Dark Age (1100AD-1249AD)
The Medieval Age (1250AD-1399AD)
The Renaissance Age (1400AD-1549AD)
The Enlightenment Age (1550AD-1699AD)
The Imperial Age (1700AD-1850AD)
*Ages are not an accurate and are not meant to be.

The Civilizations

The British have excellent ranged infantry and a tough navy to beat.

Civilization Bonuses:

Ranged infantry upgrades are cheaper
Town Centers cost 25% less
+100 range for all ranged infantry and ranged cavalry units
+10% ship speed


The French have good ranged infantry and light cavalry.

Civilization Bonuses:

Towers and Castles +20%HP
Villagers +1 wood carrying capacity
Ranged Infantry +10HP
Light Cavalry upgrades are cheaper

The Holy Roman Empire:

The Holy Roman Empire has the most expensive and durable heavy units.

Civilization Bonuses:

Town Centers have 10% more attack damage and +100 range
Monks have 2x HP, 2x mana capacity
Walls and gates have 20% more HP
Light Cavalry are 10% more resistant to melee attacks


The Norse have excellent infantry and good a navy.

Civilization Bonuses:

Heavy Infantry +10HP
Light Infantry +10% attack speed
All Infantry regenerate HP 2x faster
Barracks, Stables, Siege Workshop are built 25% faster


The Spanish has good infantry, cavalry, and early gunpowder units.

Civilization Bonuses:

Town Centers are built 25% faster
Villagers +20 HP and +3 attack
Light Infantry +10HP and +1 attack
Ranged Cavalry upgrades are cheaper


The Russians have cheap infantry and good cavalry units.

Civilization Bonuses:

Heavy siege upgrades are cheaper
House, lumber mill, blacksmith, market, church, university cost 25% less and are built 25% faster
Age 1-2 melee infantry cost less and are trained faster
Cavalry move and attack 5% faster


The Poles have good cavalry units and siege weapons.

Civilization Bonuses:

Town Centers provide +5 population, Castles provide +10 population
Villagers, Engineers, Pack Horses, Monks, and Saboteurs regenerate hitpoints 16x faster
Light Cavalry +2 attack damage
Siege Weapons +20 movement speed

Ottoman Empire:

The Turks have good early gunpowder and excellent siege units.

Civilization Bonuses:

Bombard Cannon research available in age 3, at a reduced price
Gunpowder units attack 10% faster
Siege Weapons get +15% attack and +50HP
Houses give 12 population instead of 10


The Chinese have good early gunpowder and excellent ranged infantry.

Civilization Bonuses:

Light siege is cheaper
Ranged Infantry +10% attack damage
Town Centres +20%HP and +2 population space
+2 starting villagers, -100 starting gold


The Japanese have superior infantry.

Civilization Bonuses:

Heavy siege upgrades are cheaper
Workers gather wood 10% faster
Infantry are trained 10% faster
Infantry attack and move 5% faster
Red Shift
Uncle Fester
Wandering Soul
Mechanical Man
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Age of War 2
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