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Warcraft 3 Map By: eubzA. Gameplay
Troll Smash is a Hero Arena type of map using the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne platform. The player’s task is to defeat all of his opponents thereby conquering the land/map. At the start of the game Player 1 will have to type “-startgame” (without the quotation marks) and select the number of death preferred by the group of players. Currently, there are four number of deaths to choose from which are: 1. Deathmatch, means that you will be eliminated or be defeated if the players’ hero dies. Heroes will not respawn at this kind of gameplay; 2. Five Deaths, a player whose hero dies 5 times in the game will be defeated; 3. Ten Deaths, A player’s hero will only be revived ten times; 4. Fifteen Deaths, A hero will have 15 lives in this kind of gameplay.

B. Commands
 The game has only two type-able commands: 1. “-players”, if you want to know how many players are in the game; 2. “-ping”, to where your enemies are.

C. Lore

During the invasion of the darklord in Lordaeron, many tolls died and still many were left homeless. These inhabitants fleed and looked for another place to live where they could do whatever they want. At last, they have found one. During their stay, they lived peacefully and sworn to defend the land for freedom. Things changed when gnolls came and destroy their homes. There were havocs and claims of any parcel of land, small or huge. Trolls became egocentric and would like to own every land they could see. Now, you, as a Forest Troll, should conquer the land and make it as your own. Defeat every trolls you see. Wipe them all out. There are few gnolls inhabiting the land, be watchful.



Definitely I'll give a try later. It looks interesting :D

Map updated to version 3.10
It now has more items to purchase plus new heroes to choose from.


--- Quote from: eubz on August 01, 2013, 03:08:08 AM ---Map updated to version 3.10
It now has more items to purchase plus new heroes to choose from.

--- End quote ---
Great!!! I'll try to spare some time to test it :D

Map updated to version 3.20 adding a hero and more items.


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