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Chronicles of Darkness

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Chronicles of Darkness
by: SonofJay
The official forum are still undergoing to some changes, we're using the old forum of Chaos Arena which we dropped a long time ago. The Banners and The Affiliation icon will be changed by Moyack soon. Also the contents of the sections are still empty and will be filled in the future.
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fuck the image just like my imagination new terrain - .. -
the fon't on " Hosting Project " doesn't fitting - .. -
Well, kewl, already hosted?? can I post a comment on it??
Hoho, also it's has base?? what name of each base??


--- Quote ---fuck the image just like my imagination new terrain
--- End quote ---

Its just the image for the map section.

--- Quote ---the fon't on " Hosting Project " doesn't fitting - .. -
--- End quote ---

I hope I can do better but I suck with 2D programs.

--- Quote ---Well, kewl, already hosted?? can I post a comment on it??
--- End quote ---

Well if you find bugs and such post it on the bug report section :) the other sections need to be filled by me first.

--- Quote ---Hoho, also it's has base??
--- End quote ---

Of coarse, its a AoS you know. :)

Yeah I would know the base, Oh I see, you will fill it with the information, okay I will wait it ;) ;)
Humm.... Okay don't worry about that, it's just graphic :/ :/
Well who made that tree on floating land?? - .. -
Damn, that's was my imagination too, but my imagination is floating land with hill then the center is the new terrain @..@

Ok, I did a quick test, so I'm probably short in good feedback. I just did a quick start and the map only loaded me against the warriors. Please be aware I'm not a huge expert in AoS genre, and it's veryu likely

Good points:
 [*] Great terrain!!! I love the details in it.
 [*] I like the idea of a "supply hero" (F1), it helps a lot to get the bonuses for the hero, with one key.
 [*] The replacement of towers by overpowered units with abilities gives a nice twist to the AoS genre

Not so good points:
 [*] I think it was bad due to play it in mode "forever alone happy" but I feel my hero was too weak. increasing movement speed and health helped a lot, but it was too easy to get killed.
 [*] All the armor and weapons are too expensive!!! hmm... I think this comment falls in the category "Don't play alone" :P
 [*] The undead armies grows and grows too much. In fact I feel they disbalance the attack lanes (I lured to the lanes so I can get support, and sometimes it was against my faction :( ).

I'll post later the replay. If I remember more, I'll update this post.


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