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Hibrid TimerUtils

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« Created: October 09, 2017, 12:02:55 AM by moyack »

on: December 20, 2014, 06:49:41 PM
Category: Execution, Variables
Language: vJASS

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This small library allows to attach data structs into timers in an easy way, following the structure proposed by Vexorian, just for compatibility.


 - Microtable
 - Alloc

Actual Code

Code: jass
  1. library TimerUtils requires Alloc, MicroTable
  3. private struct data extends array
  4.     static key K // used to connect the data struct with the variable
  5.     static key D // used to link other data struct to the timer
  6.     timer t
  8.     implement Alloc
  10.     method destroy takes nothing returns nothing
  11.         call PauseTimer(.t)
  12.         call ClearData(.t, thistype.K)
  13.         call .deallocate()
  14.     endmethod
  16.     static method create takes nothing returns thistype
  17.         local thistype this = thistype.allocate()
  18.         if this.t == null then
  19.             set this.t = CreateTimer()
  20.         endif
  21.         call StoreData(this.t, thistype.K, this)
  22.         return this
  23.     endmethod
  25. endstruct
  27. function NewTimer takes nothing returns timer
  28.     return data(data.create()).t
  29. endfunction
  31. function ReleaseTimer takes timer t returns nothing
  32.     call data(GetData(t, data.K)).destroy()
  33. endfunction
  35. function SetTimerData takes timer t, integer d returns nothing
  36.     call StoreData(t, data.D, d)
  37. endfunction
  39. function GetTimerData takes timer t returns integer
  40.     return GetData(t, data.D)
  41. endfunction
  43. endlibrary
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