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Title: A new TESH Syntax Highlighter for Warcraft 3
Post by: BlizzMod on March 28, 2017, 10:53:33 PM
Version: 0.9
Keywords: tesh, new, syntax, highlighting, vJASS, JASS
Operating System (OS):
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
Tool Category: Text Editor & Highlighter
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Tool resource
TESH 2.0 - A new Trigger Editor Script Highlighter for Warcraft 3
by looking_for_help

1. Introduction

It's been a long time since the first Trigger Editor Script Highlighter (TESH) was released by SFilip in 2007. His outstanding work was improved several times by others like Zoxc, Van Damm and Artificial, as well as by the developers of the Horus extension. The TESH adds some very nice Syntax Highlighting and Code-Completion functionality to the Warcraft 3 Editor and made coding in JASS and vJASS much more comfortable and nicer. However, after many years of extensive use, there are still some problems or things that could be solved nicer in order to make vJASS coding even more comfortable. As the original TESH is written in Delphi which is not free anymore and the source code is hardly commented at all, it was not possbile to build up such an extension on the original TESH source. For this reason, and because some of the features I had in mind required a modification of the Scintilla Source-Code itself, I decided to rewrite everything in C++ and restart with it completely from the scratch.

2. Installation and Requirements

To install the new TESH to your Warcrat 3 Trigger Editor, just download the attached zip-file, unzip it and put the folder in your jassnewgenpack5d installation folder:

3. New Functionality

There is tons of new functionality, both compared to the first TESH and to the older versions of TESH 2.0 (before version 0.9).

Many of the features are already listed in the Version 0.9 changelog (). To list some here:

  • Fixed the input latency bug in the World Editor
  • Fixed the trigger corruption bug.
  • Added options dialog to allow user customization of styles and general options
  • Almost double styles configurable compared to the old TESH
  • Various options allow you to configure autocomplete behavior as well
  • Different general options allow you for example to enable/disable warnings, use reduced folding or enable/disable auto-braces, vertical line, line numbers and many more
  • Autocomplete window can now be configured to dynamically grow/shrink while typing and only listing matching items
  • Escape characters are now highlighted within strings
  • Int, Hex and Float numbers can now be styled differently
  • Nested block-comments are now highlighted correctly depending on their nesting level
  • Nesting levels can have a different style as well in block-comments (up to a nest level of 2)
  • URL hyperlinks in strings and comments are now highlighted and are CTRL-Click sensitive
  • Braces have now a primary and a secondary style for highlighting matches
  • User includes (functions) can be added to the highlighter by customized text files (like in the old TESH)
  • User includes can be reloaded and removed without the need to restart the editor
  • Function list also adds user includes
  • Function list now distinguishes between (normal) constants and events
  • Trigger templates can now be configured (both the button and the menu entries)
  • Users can build their own structure for trigger templates which is updated on the fly in the TESH menu
  • Keywords (normal, string and character keywords) are now stored in a SQLite database and can therefore also be modified from outside (including calltips and function list descriptions)
  • Search string for Trigger Editor window can now be configured by the .ini file "trigger_editor_name.ini"
  • New about dialog with more than 40 did-you-know messages
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed various bugs

And attached some screenshots:


Or some customized dark styling (just one example):


4. Version History

Attached is the version history of the TESH documented with links to the corresponding update which contain further information.

Version Histroy