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The art of this site
on: August 18, 2018, 06:11:39 PM

Hello my dear community:

In this site, now we're managing a set of great concept art to enhance its presentation, and to make it feel more WC3ish  :)

For that reason, we're going to present in this topic all the images used by this site to promote WC3. We're going to start with an artist called Chenbo, from China, which is the inspiration for the main cover. Its line has a mixture of complex colors (with tendency to dark) with soft strokes that make look female characters really awesome.

Here's some of the artworks:

If you know another artist that you want to share with us, please use this topic and promote 10 drawings to add to the site. Of course, the purpose is not commercial, is just to promote good art in this site.

Where are going to appear this images? if you share content from this site and the topic doesn't have any picture attached, then it will show randomly an image from this selection.

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