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WC3 Tools - moyack

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WC3 Editing Tools / Warcraft 3 Art Tools 1.01
« on: April 28, 2012, 07:55:04 AM »
Version: 1.01
Keywords: WC3, art, tools, modelling, 3DMax
Operating System (OS):
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
Tool Category: 3D Art (Modelling)
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Tool resource
« Created: April 09, 2016, 07:52:39 PM by moyack »
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WC3 Editing Tools / The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: February 19, 2011, 10:16:14 PM »
Version: 2.0.9
Keywords: Jass, New, Generation, Pack, World Editor
Operating System (OS):
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
Tool Category: Jass Scripting, Specific WE Module as a Standalone App, Text Editor & Highlighter, World Editor (WE) Add on or plugin
Rating: 4.7931
Warcraft III Tool resource
« Created: April 09, 2016, 05:51:40 PM by moyack »
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Jass New Generation Pack (JNGP) version 2

Please don't distribute it to other sites, link to this page instead. The idea is not having a lot of files to update in several places at the same time.

This pack works up to patch 1.27b. Patches 1.28.X and up require the use of WEX (World Editor Extended)

What is it?

Jass NewGen Pack 2 is one of the most important tool for any WC3 modder because it offers a full set of plugins to develop maps using the improved vJASS language. Even more, it comes with new stuff to make mapping a faster and reliable experience.

In this new version we have implemented the newest applications, more access to specific tools, help files and (hopefully) a nicer experience to the final user. If you have any comment or suggestion about how to improve this pack, just propose it here in a new reply. The features included in this pack are the following:

The final result is a world editor that compiles vJass code, uses the latest PJass to check for errors, highlights jass code, has a proper testing environment, supports visual preview of colored tooltips and can use grim extension pack as well. Not to mention that jasshelper also saves backups of whatever you save so it is also safer.

What's new in JNGP 2.X.X.
this project started after Vexorian left the developing JNGP 5d, and it was an interest to recover a lost feature since Warcraft III version 1.24: the ability to play a map directly with just a right click. From this simple idea we've been adding more a more features which were requested in this topic, and now, after several years, we are offering a very stable version with new and interesting features. Let's talk about this:

Multiplayer Emulation:
Taking advantage of Kloader library (credits to kolkoo for this awesome app), we now can run multiple instances of Warcraft III in local way. At first sight is that was not useful, but with this you can use the LAN Game settings to test your map in an equivalent multiplayer environment and thus, checking any possible issues related with desyncs or failures that only were possible to detect with the help of a partner in Bnet.
Important note: Since 1.27 patch, this loader doesn't work directly, so it's is mandatory to revert WC3 version to 1.26. Please use the Patcher Dialog Box to allow this feature.

JNGP Version 2.0.X > Start Multiplayer Emulation...
Warcraft III Patcher
Motivated in running the Multiplayer Emulation Tool in 1.27 patch, This tool was created to set different versions of WC3. It covers several versions, from 1.21 to the current 1.27. This patcher must be set in 1.26 if you want to run the multiplayer emulation, and with the older patches, it could allow running classic maps, just to remember the old days :)

JNGP Version 2.0.X > Change WC3 version...

Fast Map Running
With this feature you can run any map with just a right click. In order to enable this feature you have to open JNGP and uncheck and check the "Enable Shell Extension". Doing this JNGP will reload the new feature.

Right click in a Warcraft III map
Custom Menu Settings
With this you can add custom WC3 tools in JNGP without the need of touching any part of the JNGP code. With this you can run from executables to normal files.

JNGP Version 2.0.X > Set Custom Menu Loader...
Status Information
This dialog box will serve as a way to report any issue, it was designed to get important info about your current JNGP and WC3 settings and it will serve to add more settings according to the evolution of this pack. From this interface, you can post directly and nicely your bug reports (even it open this page to post your issues at once :) )

JNGP Version 2.0.X > Diagnose JNGP Settings...
Set Manually WC3 Path
After receiving a lot of issues related to non detection of Warcraft III path in JNGP, I've set a way where you can define it manually. If you can't set the Path in this way, definitely you don't have WC3 installed or you have something really wrong :P

JNGP Version 2.0.X > Set Manually WC3 Path...

About bug reporting
In order to be organized in the bug reporting process, please use the JNGP Settings dialog box to get your actual settings.

New Features Suggestion
Besides the current new features, you can propose other ones. You can do it in this thread. Please take in mind that Warcraft III and WE itself has its own limitations, and even more JNGP. For that reason we will inform you if the feature requested can be possible or not.


Make sure you are using the latest patch and that your worldedit.exe is not a cracked version.
JNGP requires internet connection for some of its addons.
After extracting the zip to some folder, execute 'NewGen WE.exe' or 'we.bat' The first time you run, JNGP might ask you for the location of Warcraft III.
Once world editor enters there should be a new set of menus in the main world editor window: Extensions, USMWE, Grimoire JassHelper, SharpCraft, Campaign Compiler (Sc Exp.) and JNGP version 2.X.X.

You can configure various hacks for the WE at the Grimoire menu.

Grimoire menu commands
  • Start war3 with: These are options for testmap, you may disable grimoire for war3 so it stops loading war3err during test map, war3err is good for finding your errors but it may be an obstacle when testing performance. If you're using Warcraft versions above 1.21b Grimoire, war3err and japi options won't be available any more in this menu.
  • Enable object editor hack: This allows you to enter custom rawcodes for objects created in the object editor.
  • Enable no limits: If checked removes World Editor limits (doodad/neutral building/etc)
  • Syntax checker options: It is better to keep these options checked for optimal jasshelper compatibility, else world editor's
    syntax may cause you issues or even crashes when enabled.
  • Mute editor sounds: Turns off the startup sound, the undo/redo sound, and the sound that it makes when placing/deleting.
  • Disable first save warning: When a map is saved for the first time or a Grimex tool is used on unsaved maps, a popup will tell you to save your map again. This popup will be disabled with this option.
  • Customize Test Map Settings: Sets the options to load startup settings to the map.
  • Grimoire Documentation: Shows the documentation
  • About Grimoire: Show Grimoire's Credits

JassHelper menu commands
  • Enable JassHelper: If checked jasshelper should be called when you save the map/click testmap
  • Enable Cohadar's JassHelper: Sets Cohadar's version as the default compiler.
  • Enable Vexorian's JassHelper: Sets Vexorian's version as the default compiler.
  • Debug Mode: Sets debug mode, check jasshelper's readme for more information.
  • Disable vJass syntax: You may find that the vJass syntax compiling might take some time from you when editing maps that do not use it, you can disable it so jasshelper just calls Pjass to compile the map.
  • Disable script optimization: Disables jasshelper's script optimization if checked.
  • Show previous errors: It could happen that you got syntax errors and you closed the error window, if you want to check
    them back without compiling the map again, use this option.
Well, there's a lot of discussion about what jasshelper is better, actually is a decision of taste. Vexorian jasshelper is the base work and he finished updating in version 0.2.A.B, then cohadar took the line improving compiling speed and adding new keywords. Check the following example:

Code: jass
  1. // while unit has some buff do some healing
  2. while GetUnitAbilityLevel(whichUnit, 'Bhea') > 0
  3.     call SetWidgetLife(whichUnit, GetWidgetLife(whichUnit) + 10.)
  4.     call TriggerSleepAction(0.1)
  5. endwhile
  7. // print out numbers from 1 to 10 with for loop
  8. for i = 1 to 10
  9.     call BJDebugMsg(I2S(i))
  10. endfor
  12. // print only 1 2 3
  13. for i = 1 to 10
  14.     call BJDebugMsg(I2S(i))
  15.     if i == 3 then
  16.         break
  17.     endif
  18. endfor
  20. // print out numbers from 10 downto 1
  21. for i = 10 downto 1
  22.     call BJDebugMsg(I2S(i))
  23. endfor
  25. // kill all units in a group
  26. for enumUnit in someGroup
  27.     call KillUnit(enumUnit)
  28. endfor
  29. // WARNING: groups are empty after for loop

The decision is yours. Just select your favorite compiler in the JassHelper menu. Just remember if you use Cohadar's custom keywords, and change to Vexorian version, this one won't compile your map properly.

Extensions menu commands

Now it is possible to use some of PitzerMike's extensions from this menu interface instead of from the map script. One pretty useful thing here are the shell extensions which make it so a double click on a map opens it in the NewGen editor and not the normal editor, and adds context menu items to run them in Warcraft. A detailed explanation can be found in the separate Grimex documentation.

TESH integration

In this version, we've added the new TESH 2.0, developed by Looking_for_help. Inspired in the previous work by SFilip, and other modifications, this version is now developed in C++ and gives a new step in features and look & feel.
This will highlight your JASS-code in the trigger editor and assist you while typing your code. Just check the image above to give an idea how nice is now coding vJASS in JNGP.

UMSWE 5 integration

UMSWE 5 combines the best of UMSWE 4, WE Unlimited and some smaller spin-off projects. In the UMSWE menu you'll find several menu items that can be used to configure UMSWE.
More details on how to use UMSWE and its features can be found in the UMSWE manual.

  • This is an uncompress and run pack for those who don't want to mess with single file preparation and stuff.
  • The plan is to update this package whenever one of its parts is updated or a new feature is implemented.
  • To uninstall just remove the files in the folder "jassnewgenpack5d".
  • NewGen WE.exe and NewGen Warcraft.exe can be given usual worldedit.exe/war3.exe arguments and and pass them (you can make a file associations for w3x/w3m etc use this custom editor)
  • In case something goes wrong, jasshelper automatically saves last 26 input maps in the backups folder. So you can restore a backup (it should be useful to sort the contents by date)


My antivirus software reports viruses, is this package infected?
No, no and definitely NOOO!!!, some antivirus tools just think it is due to the nature of this tool, that works by injecting its own code into the process of the WE. Most tools allow to setup an exception for such cases, some have to be turned off though (like Kaspersky, see below).
Here's a list of tools that have been reported to cause trouble with NewGen:
  • Avira Antivirus detects several of the files as trojans, you can choose ignore for the reports and whitelist those files later to fix the problem.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus also gives false alarm and it's not possible to effectively whitelist NewGen. You need to turn Kaspersky off to use NewGen (see several questions below).
  • EZ Antivirus silently quarantines some files breaking the editor completely. You need to turn it off before even downloading the pack, but then you should be able to whitelist NewGen, once it's installed.
  • Avast Antivirus reports false viruses. It is possible to whitelist NewGen in its configuration though.
  • AVG reports false viruses and may silently delete required files. You can whitelisting JNGP.
  • F-secure reports several false viruses but you can make it ignore the NewGen files.
Check the forums if you have trouble with your antivirus software and NewGen.

I don't know how and where this must be installed and how to run it?

Just extract all files from the downloaded archive to a directory of your choice. Preferably don't install it directly into the Warcraft III directory. To use it, simply start NewGen WE.exe and NewGen Warcraft.exe.

Which operating systems are supported?

This pack works on Windows 2000 and XP testedly, Windows Vista and Windows 7 also seems to work according to user reports. For Windows 7 is common to set the executable to run as administrator. Older versions and Unix systems or Macintosh are not supported, however parts of this pack can work on other systems if used from the command line.

When I use the test map button, Warcraft III will start but return to the main menu instead of loading a map?

This can happen when your map uses vJASS code and you hit the test map button when the map is unsaved (*-symbol is shown in the title bar) or the map has been saved-as directly before testing the map. Simply save your map before every test-run, so that it's fully compiled.

Windowed and OpenGL mode work fine with the test map button, but why is the test ai button not affected?

You can work around it with the menu command Grimoire\Test map configuration. It offers the same settings as the test ai configuration but works with the normal test map button.

A popup keeps telling me that i should save my map again, especially when working in the campaign editor, how to deal with it?

For the first time a map is saved this is normal, because the path of the map isn't known until then. When you're editing maps from a campaign, however the path cannot be found because those maps are stored inside the campaign.
A workaround is saving a local copy of that map in the maps folder and working with that copy, then when the map is finished re-import it into the campaign.
You can also turn off the popup via the Grimoire\Disable first save warning menu item, in case you want to make basic edits to maps that don't use vJASS features.
Another possible reason are non-standard-ansi characters in the path of your map. On Windows systems of other languages like Russian or Chinese this can be the problem. Copy the map to a directory that contains only standard ansi characters to fix it.

Whenever i start the NewGen WE I'm told that it can't find my Warcraft directory or I need to select it in a browser dialog everytime. What's wrong?

The browse for directory dialog is normal if it's the frist time you are starting the NewGen pack.
If the browser pops up every time, one possible reason could be the lack of admin privileges on the machine. Another possible reason for this is non-standard-ansi characters in your Warcraft installation path, like already described in the previous
If all fails you can hardcode the path into findpath.lua by removing the -- from the line --path=C:\\Warcraft III" and changing the path there.

Whenever i start the NewGen WE I'm told that an instance is already running, I need to insert the CD or to turn off Kaspersky. What's wrong?

Well, as the message already suggests, an instance of the editor may already be running. If this is not the case another cause for this popup may be that you're using a patch prior to version 1.21b and do not have the Warcraft CD in your CD drive.
Some antivirus tools like Kaspersky antivirus also cause this popup. You need to disable those tools before running NewGen.
If you have Kaspersky Antivirus installed, follow these steps to get it working:

  • Remove your current NewGen installation.
  • Redownload the NewGen pack and extract it to a directory of your choice.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Turn off Kaspersky (right-click in systemtray -> Exit) before running NewGen.
  • Start the NewGen WE.
Make sure you never try to run NewGen when Kaspersky is on, because it will permanently block it until you restart your computer.

When i start the NewGen WE, the Grimoire menus never appear, or only appear the first time that i start NewGen. The WE acts like a completely unmodded, normal WE, what's wrong?

  • Make sure you have patched your Warcraft installation to version 1.21. (is it possible to have it in a version prior to this??)
  • Make sure you're not using a cracked WE. Mount the TFT mini image in daemon tools instead of using a crack if you must. Although some people have successfully used NewGen with a cracked WE it is not recommended.
  • If you're using Vista/Win7, try it under Windows XP, maybe it's a Vista/Win7 problem.
  • A virus might be the root of the problem too, make sure your computer is clean.
  • Finally anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software can be causing the problem by blocking the changes that Grimoire makes to the WE. Try disabling such software temporarily.

The trigger editor gets random crashes or I get a message about an invalid pointer or similar in tesh.dll?

The old syntax highlighter (Sfilip version) had problems with Window Blinds and maybe other window mods. There's no report with the new TESH so we expect no problems at all. Just in case, set an exception for the WE in Window Blinds or disable the tool while you're using NewGen.

  • Grimoire: Bryan Steinbach aka PipeDream
  • JassHelper: Vexorian, Cohadar
  • UMSWE: the UMSWE team
  • PJASS: Rudi Cilibrasi (first versions), PitzerMike & Deaod (updates)
  • GrimEx: Pitzermike
  • TESH: SFilip, Van Damm
  • Colorizer: Risc
  • ScorpioT1000: Campaign builder
  • Icon: Mc!
  • Moyack: JNGP 2.X.X compilation
  • PurgeandFire: Suggestions about the development of the new JNGP 2.X.X.


  • Please try first the official installation instructions, which are up to date
  • In order to use this pack, you need to have Warcraft 3 installed with the Frozen Throne expansion.
  • Now that you have downloaded the compressed file, you would need to open with the proper program: 7zip. If you don't' have it in your computer, please download it here.
  • Now that you've downloaded and uncompressed the file in a convenient place in your PC, just search the following executable: "NewGen WE.exe"
  • It's advisable that you create a direct access to this program if you're an avid WC3 modder :D

And.... that's all. If you have any issue with this installer please post a comment/post/ here.

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