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Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: May 03, 2013, 11:06:15 PM »
It would be great if someone would do that, i am seriously being pushed here, it was easier even in army as i can remember :/
I sadly had to delete these games, even world of warcraft as source of resources, since its dragging my attention and i cant afford it at this point. About that place on site you are offering, it sounds nice, but i will be able to arrange it's contents once a week or something, so, eh if that's fine proceed me instructions.

Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: April 30, 2013, 08:29:21 PM »
if you decide to edit this map in ways you like the most, please do not forget to copy credit images from description and add credits to blizzard if you like, i have exported many character models from wow.

Now i have deleted my world of warcraft along with wc3 and im not planing of doing this anylonger. So it would be nice if someone take continual of this map into consideration. Thanks everyone.

Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: April 27, 2013, 04:57:03 PM »
So what are requirements for map section? victory/defeat conditions are not well i guess these are not welcome in this kind of map, so its never-ending project that actually has it's first segment completed.

However i am planing to drop it, so i  could post  version that isnt optimized -somewhere-
 if someone would like to continue or edit story

Thanks everyone, best wishes :)

Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: April 23, 2013, 10:23:50 AM »
yes i could agree, i wasnt thinking much of these mountains
But during the last week i was working to make these mountains covered. You will find many places where mountains cant be seen because of fogs, clouds, rocks, trees, shrubs or even some buildings.
There are still some ugly mountain passages before that troll city, but i am slowly changing it all.

Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: April 23, 2013, 01:37:06 AM »

Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: April 18, 2013, 11:58:40 PM »
i dont know why video isnt working in description but here you go links:

[youtube=]Capture the Flag[/youtube]
[youtube=]Lands of Conquest Part I[/youtube]
[youtube=]My Movie[/youtube]
[youtube=]Secrets of Taya - Warden Combat[/youtube]
[youtube=]Curse of Depths - Knight[/youtube]
[youtube=]Secrets of Taya - Warden[/youtube]

Warcraft III Projects / Tears of Ancients
« on: April 15, 2013, 02:53:02 PM »
And yes, i have finally made story for the map

Warcraft III Projects / Tears of Ancients
« on: April 15, 2013, 02:50:25 PM »
I have finished map, it would be good if we could replace this thread with one on real map section. I am not allowed to delete this, so i will wait for respond. New version is much improved and much content is added. There are also several models of judash from this site. I hope i will be allowed to upload map to regular section + i have got nice preview image :)

Warcraft III Maps / Mitula's Seal
« on: April 06, 2013, 05:04:39 PM »
I believe this is not enough and i hope there will be no hard feelings because i tried to do it.
This is somehow matter of importance: Zuka is campaign that starts after and goes trough past to the beginning of the corruption, so mainly the story can be seen in Zuka. Sadly part of Zuka is missing, that is real beginning of her journey, which was "boring" to some people and i had to remove it. You have not missed much tho, there are four maps with not many quests, zuka is regular unit, who found elemental spirits and traveled trough time. So basically by playing Zuka you saw good part of earthsong story and from this description, as i hope you will not need to play earthsong I, i do not like it personally. Because it is huge, something like 35Mb, has many quests but not so well organized as that genre should be, so lets just base on story and skip that part.
There comes Earthsong III, i will upload that map, its also big but it is good i believe.

Warcraft III Maps / Mitula's Seal
« on: April 05, 2013, 11:41:07 AM »
Version: 1.0.0
Keywords: Mitula's, Seal
Play Mode: Single Player
Category: Role Playing (RPG/ORPG)
Tilesets: Ashenvale, Dalaran
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 1
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: April 23, 2016, 08:48:56 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: July 25, 2018, 01:56:57 PM by moyack »
It was really rude of me to leave map described like that, so i came to change it.
First of all, forgive me for description you are about to see because i am writing it based on remains of my memory of making it. It is not very recent map.

Earthsong II - Mitula's Seal

Rise of dark spirits over northern lands, followed by great raids of centaurs have forces three orcish clans to flee to the lands of Aragnia. Restless centaurs followed them shortly, their armies landed at southern shores of Aragnia. Earthsong clan was lone in these areas, since rockfury went north and skysong clan inhabited central area of that continent. Under merciless strike of centaurs Earthsong clan has fallen, warlord Skabuz and his wife Agai were sent by the chieftain of earthsong clan to escape so they can gather their brethren clans and claim right on their new lands once again. They fought bravely, and with many losses centaur army has been defeated. But their victory didnt last long, dark clouds were still over the world. Soon an army of demons has risen from fortress of nearby fortress of Malaku trolls! Elders of Skysong fell under corruption and with them skysong has been lost, rockfury clan was so well hidden and had no part in combat. The only orcish clan left in the way of trolls was the Earthsong. In the heat of fight, Skabuz sent his wife, Agai, and his baby son Rogan in escort of elder Thazz to search for new home!

This is where Mitula's seal starts.

Several years have passed, Thazz and Agai took care about Rogan, he grew strong and finally went to seek vengeance for his father's grave. But yet, corruption that already has taken huge part of world was well hidden and unknown to Thazz, so Rogan had to search for answers at temple of goddess Mitula. Rogan met Xaru, priestess of Mitula and fell in love, tho that does not matter. During the conversation between Rogan, Xaru and Mitula, dark lord Kazin using magic of ancient tower appears in form of ghost in front of Rogan and threats him with his life.. Rogan ... blinded with rage, asked Mitula where to find him and started looking for his way to the ancient tower. In the way to the ancient tower Rogan met Oracle, defeated voodoo lords of Medani tribe and solved mystery of forgoten Mitula's temple...or was it Aragnia's... sorry.
In the wake of chaos, Rogan met Aragnia (in her elven form) and aware of her role in current  corruption he slaughtered her.
But with death of Aragnia new evil has been born, an evil of unimaginable strength. Spirit of Zeon carried by Aragnia slowly started corruption of Rogan's mind. Just after Kazin's defeat, Mitula has entered room, where they were about to seal the ancient evil. Demon has spoken trough Rogan, so he tried to kill Mitula in place, luckily she escaped. Xaru tried to stop him, but she couldnt match his new strength, again luckily for her, Rogan's still orcish half could not end her life. So Rogan left the anciet tower.

End of Act II

Earthsong III - Rise of Spirits
Hours after Rogan left, Xaru arrives at earthsong refugee encampment.

watch this: es3

Begining of Act III

 - will be uploaded

End of Act III

Now we have Zuka, after everything ends, lands of Taya, lands of Aragnia and northern lands are not having a single living
soul. Well there description at Zuka so i will not start it here, i will just mention that Zuka comes from future but still she does not know who is she actually fighting against, she gets tricked few times.

Thing that makes Zuka important to this map is that Zuka will interfare at moment where Rogan is about to get corrupted by Aragnia's demon. Another important thing to conclude is that Zuka has been setting traps for Rogan, guided by Kazin   who was hiding his true identity until there was no more need for it. Since these two stories are weaved, i decided to upload mitula's seal as well.

Another important thing to note is that texts will not exactly match, i cannot actually remember but if Aragnia is called sister of Mitula or something lets say thats what i wrote in Zuka's description - hiding shameful act of Suna and Mitula.

Once again accept my apologizes because of left map un described  and, forgive me because lack of pictures, i do not have any. I believe i have made crappy sentences also, i will take a moment to look upon what i wrote and fix sense if there is need for it.

Warcraft III Maps / Zuka
« on: April 05, 2013, 10:40:34 AM »
i have attached an image but dont know how to apply it as preview, i am really clumsy with this user interface.

General Help and WC3 Discussion / JNGP 2.0: First previews...
« on: April 05, 2013, 05:06:34 AM »
So using this i could test my maps as its multiplayer ?:)

Offtopic, hey sonofjay long time no see

Warcraft III Projects / Tears of Ancients
« on: April 04, 2013, 01:24:30 AM »
Well that question is hard to answer, since i just started making map without any idea other than making rpg map where there would be two teams with two starting areas playing on less or more equal terrain completing exactly same quests and having possibility of playing pvp as well.

However there was actually something that failed, i was about to make map just for me (singleplayer mode), where i could collect seeds, ores, gems, wood and other resources. Using these resources i would be able to build objects or rise farms with vegetables or animals and some fruit yards, something like farm games. But suddenly it somehow turned into this, i cant really explain those meta phases of my maps but they never - almost never become how i imagined them.

So main idea is still building up. But lets say like this, this is an rpg in which i will try to make gameplay as much customizable as it is possible, so each time you start it up you could play it differently. And here comes pvp aspect, usually you just do quests and bosses in large rpgs, but here you can go to main city and play arena with an enemy team that you have not seen during the game. It is like surprise.

On the end goal will happen to be killing some boss, in some temple or castle or something just like it is usual. So it is just that, nothing really special and unseen...

Just another warcraft 3 map :)

Warcraft III Projects / Tears of Ancients
« on: April 03, 2013, 10:34:31 AM »
Hi!!! Definitely you're a hard worker in terms of map development :)

I'll try your map this Saturday because RL is being hard with me at the moment. One question though, why not use F9 for quest? probably I'm old fashioned :P , but using the classic ways of doing things will help the users to reduce the learning curve in your map.

I hope until Saturday map will be like quadruple in size :) but not file size. F9 eh, i wasnt looking too hard to see option to create quest just for one person using F9, like this you can have your quest your friend can have his quest and so you can do two quests and gain xp separately, also if mob is killed or while you are in 1000 yards you will have your quest completed only if you have it in quest panel. Besides, F9 way requires lot of variables for conditions and lot of quest actions, but like this i am using just 1 hashtable and it is running smoothly. So all in all making new quest is just copy paste, but it requires additional ability and item. Yea you can click on quest to see exact location where quest should be done, or even if you completed quest - quest click will show you location of npc where you can take over the reward (that is cool in case you forget where to go ) :)

Looks awesome. I just want to know, what mechanic are trying to explore?

I am afraid i do not understand that question :/

Warcraft III Projects / Secrets of Taya v1.0
« on: April 02, 2013, 02:34:43 PM »

Few words about story:

After ending of great corruption caused by Aragnia, the balance has finally been restored to the lands of Taya. Along with corruption, pact of peace between forces of Cloverhold and Earthsong clan has faded away. Blinded by hatred proud members of great factions have forgotten about an enemy they have in common. The Malaku, trollish tribe from lands of Taya, heeds call of shadowy spirits and has started preparations for the summoning of dark lord from the depths of forgotten seas. The only aware of situation is Mitula, so she sends signs hoping for the answer.
Chosen heroes from both factions led by signs of goddess are starting an adventure.

Few words about map:

Map is divided in two half, on left side of map is Cloverhold Fortress while on right side is Earthsong Clan. Terrains are less or more equal, quests, items, monsters and story are equally arranged for both factions.
As you start you will have control over your hero, with only one spell (4 for druid) rest of spells as well as their rank improvements are trainable at your class trainer for 50 gold.
Map requires lot of luck, or lot of farming if you are playing it in singleplayer mode. Otherwise it should be fun and medium hard.
During the quest you will fight many angry mobs and bosses, but also you will be able to challenge opposing team in the capture the flag battleground or arena combat.
Aside to this, you will be able to train two professions :

Mining - allows you to collect various ores those can be sold or used for crafting powerful armors
Herbalism - allows you to collect various herbs those can be sold or used for creating useful potions and elixirs

Later in game you will be offered guild invitations, once you join the guild (Order of Strength / Order of Wisdom) you will be granted access to the guild shops and in addition to your old "Egress Stone" you will be able to use new ability to teleport to your guild house. But that is not all, when you join guild you will receive special bonus to your status, and each time you kill monster you will gain additional experience and gold. (Not additional gold in fact just gold, because monsters do not award gold when die)

The fact already mentioned about gold awards, does it's job. Nice addition to low drop rates is no gold from monsters. So you will have to use your professions to craft items or potions, or sell materials for gold in order to train spells or buy something of equipment. Monsters have good chance to drop sellable junk (armor scraps, bolts of cloth, spider silk and such items)

Quest system, quest system is pretty dynamic and interesting, its not using F9 standard menu, but on other side this is allowing you to complete collection quests before you even acquire specific quest. To complete quest, or make a progress at it, you will have to be in 1000 yards from dying monster (mainly). Quest items will be dropped by monsters only if someone nearby has quest in progress, with exception of "Scrolls of Magic" quest, because those scrolls can be used for sale.


Here are many screenshots so you can see map better:

"Shrine of Mitula"

"Snowy mountain"

"Earthsong side - new"

"Cloverhold side - new"



Please report bugs, also if you find yourself missing in credit list please let me know.

2013 -  April - 3

 - Added ores and herbs to snowy mountain.
 - Forced Fallen priests to cast hex (snowy mountain).
- I have imported just  and expanded terrain, size jumped for 0.5Mb :/

- Luckily now i can  say that terrain is 80% done, in these 80% dungeons and pvp areas are  not included those things are on 10%. One town is missing in north on  both sides, there will be some guilds to join those are going to provide  discounts on various items and also give you some passive bonuses but   that will make you hated with other guilds in town. I think two guilds  will be fine, maybe three... But eh, i am afraid to exceed limit size,  since i am not familiar to multi player i dont know what limit is at  all, something like 6Mb? Im close to that. Doodads are eating so much  space, never felt it til now. So if size stuck, i am going to recreate  terrain, that will be painful..

2013 -  April - 5

- Filled new terrain with troll mobs (Malaku troll, Malaku warlord, Malaku frostwitch, Malaku witchdoctor, Malaku high priest).
- Added new quest
- Added two new items to drop from 10 -20 mob level range
- Crediting peekay and deloring for their work (Many Peekay's icons are used)
- Added new quest Curse of Depths II, comes after Curse of Depths acquired from banished shaman.
- Slight changes in terrain.
- Fixed damage of knight's charge ability.

2013 -  April - 6

- Expanded terrain, added two new friendly cities (one for both sides)
- Added spiders mobs behind troll city(spider, venom spitter, giant spider, broodmother).
- Added three new items to drop from spiders.
- Added new herb and new ore (sell price 20gold)
- Added new spells to dreadlord and frostwitch mobs
- Small changes to existing terrain
- Slight spell fixes
- Added chain lightning to gnoll overseers
- Added two more summoning stones
- Added more items
- Added two guilds to join in next city, guild membership provides (5 strength and 5 agility or intellect bonuses + extra experience and gold when you kill monster)
- Added new mastery and critical strike elixirs

- Weaken scorpions :
      warrior's hp reduced by 75
      earthborer's hp reduced by 50, basic attack damage by 10, shadow strike initial damage by 30
      Overlord's health reduced by 150
- Repositioned scorpions in front of cloverhold, so you will be able to farm 4 level 1 mobs to get items for further progress.
- Added new quest that comes as chain after completion of fading strength.
- Added jars with chance of nice drop

2013 -  April - 7

- Slight changes to knight's abilities
- New quest
- Opened northern area
- Knight's abilities will no longer ignore pathing blockers.
- Terrain - following regions have been changed:
         - Cloverhold starting area
         - Cloverhold gnoll area
         - Cloverhold crossing (onward to trolls)
         - Malaku fortress (Cloverhold side)
         - Spiders zone widen, now you can find spiders earlier
- Used Frankster's model for priestess that reduced size by 100 lovely kbs
2013 -  April - 8

- Started working on earthsong terrain changes
- Reduced map file size
- Small fixes of abilities applied

2013 -  April - 13

- Removed lag spike at hero selection part
- Changed style of performing many abilities
- Added new class druid (hopefully forms will not be bugged)
- Added new status Focus
- Several spells have been changed in order to benefit bonuses from Focus status in stead of spell power (All spells that benefit from custom status are marked, and i wrote exact status from which spell will benefit in power)
- Added new quest (The Arachnophobia)
- Added several new items to low level zone, and crafting items to professions.
- Added portrait to druid's bear form

2013 -  April - 15

- Release of version 1.0
- Usage of Judash - Khil 's models

I have tried to make system that will be doing something like save/load, and i made something. It is not something great, but it can make gameplay slightly easier. That code can handle potions/scraps/ores/herbs... items those are equipped (items those are not equipped will be lost), professions, hero level and hero type. That is it :( Spells and nonequipped items will be lost, so you will have to train them again). I have tried to cleanse all bugs i found, or people who were playing with me. Hopefully you will enjoy this map until next update.

- Updated save/load code, it will handle abilities as well as their ranks.


Following spells now should be MPI:
- Relentless Storm
- Shadow Trance (shadowMark effect)
- Surge of Spirits (Absorb effect)
- Inner Spirit

Damage of Relentless Storm spell reduced to 30/60/90 per second, and duration reduced to 3.5 seconds.
New terrain applied at Malaku fortress (Earthsong Side)

Hero Classes9
Custom status7 (Critical strike, Evasion, Spirit, Swiftness, Spell power, Focus, Mastery)
Permanent Elixir3
Monster Type6 (gnolls scorpions trolls undeads spiders boss)
Summoning Stones4

Here is situation, i was playing map today on the garena. And i concluded that players do not like quests, mobs, farming and .... They like pvp.

So i have made today one extra battleground, and fixed capture the flag one, where goal is to gather 500 resources. I believe you have already played wow, well this is same thing as arathi basin.

Following pictures will explain battleground precisely:
Lands of Conquest

Tauren DruidEarthsong
Earthbender - OrcEarthsong
Earthbender -DwarfCloverhold
Night Elf DruidCloverhold

Please read updates!

Here are some videos to bring game play closer to you:
(Note that on some i am using cheats, because i am terrible player and i cannot play this alone, however i have tried to not kill monsters until they cast their spells so you can see all of it.)

Boring Videos
"Earthsong - Druid"

[youtube=]My Movie[/youtube]

"Cloverhold - Knight"
[youtube=]Curse of Depths - Knight[/youtube]
"Earthsong - Warden"
[youtube=]Secrets of Taya - Warden[/youtube]
[youtube=]Secrets of Taya - Warden Combat[/youtube]

Thanks to PKCrafty now you can see some of battlegrounds before downloading

"Lands of Conquest"
[youtube=]Lands of Conquest Part I[/youtube]

"Capture the Flag"
[youtube=]Capture the Flag[/youtube]

Thank you for playing my maps.

Now it is that moment, i have uploaded unprotected version of map. As i said i am tired of it :/

There is one important thing to notice, i have increased ranks of all abilities to 10. But tooltips are fine just for first 10 abilities that i edited, after that i just did fast copy paste and auto fill levels, so you might see some weird stuff :D

 Edit at will!

Good luck

Warcraft III Maps / Zuka
« on: March 24, 2013, 04:21:02 PM »
Fixed some abilities, marked vendors and added description to all quests when you click quest in quest box.
And please, tell me what version of  [hide][/hide] tag i have to use to hide pictures since i tried like 4-5 nothing worked out.

Warcraft III Maps / Zuka
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:57:40 AM »
Ill get some glows and effects for shops, but quests are in spell book + you can click on it to see where you need to go. Later you will be able to see quest status on clicks like: Herbs collected x/5

:D fawk that was testing trigger, i am lazy to cast that spell so i made it autocast, it will be removed

Warcraft III Maps / Zuka
« on: March 24, 2013, 03:53:29 AM »
Oh sorry no that part is for the end, it will not be skipable, thats time when you stand up from computer :D i havent hide it, but later i will put that to the end of game.
And cinematic, i said do not watch this :)

Warcraft III Maps / Zuka
« on: March 23, 2013, 06:32:41 PM »
You have asked for it :D

Warcraft III Maps / Zuka
« on: March 23, 2013, 04:14:57 PM »
Version: 1.0.0
Keywords: Zuka
Play Mode: Single Player
Category: Campaign
Tilesets: Barrens
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 1
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: May 01, 2016, 09:35:36 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: July 25, 2018, 02:01:48 PM by moyack »
Following list contains names of people who created models those are used in creation of this campaign. Though that is just small part of what is inside, many models are created by me or exported from wow mpq i have also exported several tiles and sound tracks, in addition to those i have downloaded and converted musical tracks made by audiomachine from youtube.

   MiniMage, Radagast   , Teaspoon, Carrington2k, Peekay, Takakenji,   hortaxman, robot-dude, Goo, SweetOblivion, BananaHUNT, Golden-Drake, Suselishe, Power, 00110000, Ampharos_222   , Elenai, Archangel678, Paladon, Frankster, Dark Hunter135, Sellenisko, HappyTauren, UgoUgo


Asz i should say.. Once upon a time, in world of warrior's and mages, a witch has been born! Her parents named her Sarah, pleased to have beautiful daughter they sent her to learn magics in lands of high elven lord Suna. As time was passing, she started to have visions, something has been troubling her soul. She was asking for help, but when it was heard of her visions she has been called a witch and banished from lands of the elves! Young Sarah, looking for vengeance and following her visions has been brought to the peak of mount regal! And so she started a summoning spell, with goal to summon lesser demon just to torment her teacher's mind for short time, she summoned the greatest evil ever known! As it was her destiny to bring Zeon to that world, she has been first host of horrifying spirit.
Summoning of Zeon has been disturbed goddess Mitula and god Volcanon, they have summoned lord Suna to the Vulcanon's palace and told him what has happened! Touched by the moment Suna falls in love with Mitula, but she slaps him and threats of summoning other elven lord instead of him! Force of great heroes has been made and with help of Mitula and Volcanon Zeon has been sealed within Ancient Tower in lands of Taya, Taya is old goddess mother of Mitula and Volcanon. Volcanon used all of his energy to summon emerald dragons who will enchant seal so that it can never be broken, after what he collapsed! Centuries were passing in peace, Lord Suna has risen his magical powers and became almost powerful as Mitula, so he has been granted premission to visit her temple and watch over Ancient Tower, until the day when they both fell in love and elven girl has been born, they named her Aragnia but since such act should never happen they decided to keep it as secret and after a while to present Aragnia as high priestess of Mitula! Soon after their relation has been torn apart and they have never seen each other again!
Aragnia was raised by both, but she was spending most of her time with Suna in his fortress! Aragnia liked to read about historical events and so she found out about Zeon, and power that can overcomes any on her world! Unhappy of her hidden origins and fact that she is forbidden to call her self a goddess, she starts a venture to release the darkest demon of all and use his power to rule the world on her own!
She travels to the ancient tower and tricks watcher with blinding magic, kills her afterwards and breaks the seal! Aragnia felt enhancement of her powers, but yet after so many years sealed demon was weak and Aragnia needed to collect sources of great power to gain full strength of demon! Only reliable source of power were held by two trollish tribes Meddani and (i damn forgot other name). Aware of trollish history and their dark past she knew that there could be found more than just sources of power, and so she took control over minds of trollish shamans and used them to summon dark voodoo lord kazin who will protect her until she gains full strength!
But that was not all, during her voyage centaurs, gnolls, fulborgs and many other creatures and wild beasts felt dark presence and fell under corruption or died instantly if were weaker! Therefor corrupted centaurs have risen over northern lands and chased three orcish clans to the lands of Aragnia. Lands of Aragnia is an ancient continent that never had some specific name until birth of Aragnia.
There orcs faced corrupted trolls and things to be worse they have been followed by hordes of centaurs! Heroes have risen among orcs! High Warlord Skabuz and his wife Agai have led forces and stopped centaur invasion once and for all times! But voodoo magic was growing rapidly, no one really had clue what should have been done! So Skabuz went to see oracle, where he has learned part of the prophecy! His first two kids Skazz and Agnia were the only hope that world had, and they had to be sealed. Orcale has summoned Mitula and all five of them went to the temple and locked down those two rising spirits! Several years after, Skabuz got another son who has been named Rogan! That was year of rising darkness, (yea i got it) Skysong clan fell under voodoo magic of Malaku shamans, Earthsong clan has been on the edge of extinction when Skabuz sent her wife Agai in escort of Elder Thazz to search new home for their son! Rogan grew fast seeking vengeance for death of his father he discovers voodoo corruption and mystery of Aragnia! Enraged Rogan kills Meddani voodoo lord, fallen leaders of Skysong and meets the oracle! There she points him to the Ancient tower, in heart of tower he found dark voodoo lord Kazin and slaughtered him on justice of god! But there was not only Kazin, Aragnia was hidding inside of tower! Rogan found her and with few merciless slices of his blade Aragnia let her soul seek for peace! But spirit of Zeon has been left behind!
Rogan was more than powerful enough to be host for dark spirit, but his mind was weaker and he fell under will of Zeon!!! Upon his return to Earthsong refugee camp, no one survived! Even his mother Agai and Thazz the elder, everyone have been slaughtered! Dumba, the goblin trapper, and Xaru priestess of Mitula went to release already forgoten children of Skabuzz, as it was Agai's wish on death!
Once kids have been freed they went to lands of Aragnia where little skazz was training to be both powerful and wise warrior! Time was not on their side, Rogan's corruption has been spreading like wast all around the world, everything was in jeopardy and every second some beast or humanoid were taking demon forms! Few years after Skazz reaches sacred point on lands of Taya, the Mitula's Sancutary, from where he strikes Ancient Tower! Fight with his fallen brother was more than a combat, world was trembling as they jump on each other, and finally Skazz overpowered Rogan! Upon landing lethal strike it was not only Rogan who was dying, but it was zeon itself! A surge of darkness that cannot be described has been released! That shatterning wave sunken lands of Taya into the ocean, northrern lands as well as lands of Aragnia fell under corruption as long as they are wide! The only part that has evaded corruption was part behind mountain of spirits on lands of Aragnia!
Place that has been inhabited by Rockfury orcish clan, who were only clan to feel north, because of search of ores. Beside them there are small dwarven village, several human encampents and remains of taurens.
Direhoof Taurens were peacefull tribe, who came to offer their help in war against Rogan. But they could not speak orcish language, so Rockfury has made war against them, and when Skazz was passing trough Rockfury fortress, he has been given task to kill all taurens he can find and so he did...
During the days of war goblin Razza who was friend of everyone, had cousin, daughter of Margaret and Patak. Zuka was cute little girl, he couldnt risk her life to be lost or to be doomed to work as stripper in his brothel. Then he sent her to be cared by the elders of Rockfury!
Soon after that war ended and world was lost!
Twenty years later, only world that exists is behind mountain of spirits! Young Zuka starts her journey!
Visions of tauren guides her to the shrine, where she communes with ancestral spirits. Once she learned that her uncle is as dead as rotten potato she starts crying!
But the spirits have had actually chosen Zuka to change flew of history! Zuka searches for Den of Elements, to find time traveling passages those will connect her with years passed and so she can prevent greatest disaster ever known!
Trough rift of times Zuka gains blessing of various spirit, so you can play up to 3 classes :)

Small changes applied

I hope you will have fun playing my campaign.


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