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Warcraft III News / WC3 - New map pool system: PTR 1.29 is coming!!!
« on: August 03, 2017, 08:25:42 AM »

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Hello my fellow Blizzmodders:

In the coming patch is appearing the new balances in some maps, starting with a map called Therenas Stand, a classic and nice melee map. For this I'll let you a nice video from Back2Warcraft.


With the coming PTR, you can now test a new pool system. I can give you an explanation, but Blizzard itself does the job better than me :P

Let's read from Blizzard itself!!!


Classic Games is excited to announce Warcraft III PTR will be live in the coming days. Focus will be on new map pools. The China Joy show match on the updated Terenes Stand between Fly and 120 was the debut of the types of improvements we can't wait to share.

The new map pools will be a mixture of three things – must haves from the current pools, classic maps from older pools, and new ladder version maps. The ladder version maps (LV), are original maps that have undergone significant improvements.

Below is an overview of our objectives and specific lists of changes by pool. So take some time to read up on the new LV maps in the coming days so you will be well prepared when the PTR goes live:

General Improvements & Gameplay Objectives

    Balanced creep camp difficulty progression from early to late game
    Balanced creep drop tables for better item progression from early game to late game
    Item diversity: Varied Level 1 though 6 charged items and Level 1 through 6 permanent items
    Balanced all start locations: total amount and starting distance from lumber, equal amount of spacing, equal size choke points, et cetera
    Balanced expansion distance from start locations
    Decluttered points of interest to reduce visual competition during gameplay
    Retextured map surfaces for better visual clarity - both on screen and mini-map
    Minimized the size of trees and doodads that obstructed player view of points of interest
    Added cliff lines or deep water to edges of the map - removing hard edges (aesthetic choice for immersion)
    Properly placed trees and doodads on the pathing grid: full-cell Medium Grid to half-cell Medium Grid alternate
    Removed the rolling shoreline waves from rolling hills to remove the noise the waves created - remains for cliff shores

List of 1 v 1 maps

    1 v 1 Map Pool (New)

List of 2 v 2 maps

    2 v 2 Map Pool (New)

List of 3 v 3 maps

    3 v 3 Map Pool (New)

List of 4 v 4 maps

    4 v 4 Map Pool (New)

List of FFA maps

    FFA Map Pool (New)


Matt Morris – Lead Designer of Classic Games

Warcraft III News / WC3 Patch 1.28.5 is now live
« on: July 06, 2017, 07:27:36 PM »

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Hello again my dear Blizzmodders!!!

Today, Blizzard offers to the community a new patch with some bug fixes needed so desperately, at least in terms of the modding community.

Hail Warchiefs,

Patch 1.28.5 is live. Our focus is on shoring up the last few significant 1.28 issues:

Bug Fixes

    File paths and user names think more globally in game and World Editor
    World Editor properly imports custom assets again
    Switching between Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne no longer causes a crash

Classic Games

Among all the changes made in this patch, there's one that is very important for modding and is the restoration of the import functionality. Now you can add again custom models, skins and other WC3 resources. Let's hop e they don't keep fixing one thing by screwing up two. According to the few posts from the community, it seems the patching way in this game is moving (at last) in the right direction.

As always, the screen shot for evidence :)

Warcraft III News / WC3 Patch 1.28.4 is running now.
« on: June 20, 2017, 10:33:43 AM »
Warcraft III has been updated to version 1.28.4

Hello Blizzmodders!!

The thing with Warcraft is getting better and better. It was a rare calm and no updates (except the one linked in the related topics section), but this seems to have a good reason: A new patch with some new features.

Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20756885804#post-1

Now, let's analyze the post:

We'll be patching to 1.28.3 at 2PM PDT on June 20th.

The patch focuses on distribution and installation in the continuing effort to promote stability and improve Warcraft III’s pipeline. These changes fix myriad issues introduced from the migration to the modern game launcher.

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Game turn rate adjusted to match LAN settings of 12 turns per second
Ok, Nothing to explain, but the part of the LAN part could be related with this GOOD news, from Back2Warcraft:


The big news is the Battle.net server is now moving at 100ms, compared to the slow 250ms. This is something that was a big issue in terms of playability. 10 points for Blizzard.

  • New installers available for PC and Mac
Ok, great...
  • Consolidated Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne into one game executable and one World Editor
YEAHHHH!!! A real solutions in terms of simplification. Definity +20 points for Blizzard.
  • Toggle added to main menu to switch between Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne
Something great :)
  • Added memory to relaunch the game version that was closed during the prior play session
??? I don't get it this. I'll check it later.

Bug Fixes

  • File paths containing non-Latin characters will now function normally
  • Entering windowed fullscreen will no longer minimize the game
  • Data that escaped the Polish mopaq was found and convinced it is necessary for an optimal gameplay experience

Known Issue

  • Consolidating to one executable breaks existing game shortcuts
Well, something to expect. We're glad to see the improvements applied to the game, and hopefully, this game will rise from the oblivion. What's next?? it seems with this patch there's enough foundations to get a content update in an easy way.

I'll be glad to hear your comments.


Update: Blizzard seems to be updating now to 1.28.4. Bug fixes about some installation issues have been fixed (Source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20756885804?page=6#post-101).

Hello Blizzmoders:

Things are coming faster than I thought, and it seems that patch 1.29 is coming faster and faster. And this can be proof by the news provided by Blizzard staff:
Quote from: Matt Morris, Developer
Our plan is to set up a PTR for Warcraft III, so that we can get early feedback from the community about our changes, and then make the appropriate fixes.

And this is the possible outcome of this announcement:
Quote from: Matt Morris, Developer
May 11

Classic Games has been working hard on Warcraft III. The 1.28 patch didn’t hit all the marks we hold ourselves to. We’ve been making a lot of changes behind the scenes to make future work faster and more reliable.
So things are moving in the "right" direction.... hummm... ok :)

Patching and installation, CD keys, data migration, missing files from MPQs, usernames and file paths with UTF-8 characters, screen modes, order ID’s broke popular non-blizzard maps, and Mac specific issues were fallout from those improvements. We are working hard to address all the issues that you’ve brought to our attention. We appreciate your patience and involvement.
Patience, definitelyis what this community has built in all this years... no problem whatsoever  :D

Improving these classic codebases comes with its share of hazards, and we’re glad to partner with you on the endeavor. The better you communicate needs, wants, or bugs for the game, the more effective we will be at building a better Warcraft III.
It seems that we have to keep in touch with them, and this is showing a real interest, or trusting, in the community creativity skills... isn't it?

As we move forward, there will be quality of life game improvements, editor updates, new map pools, balance tweaks, and more. The recent patch was an important step in paving the way for the bigger ticket items that you all want. Please continue to give us constructive feedback, let us know where we missed, and what you want us to do!

Thank you,

Matt Morris
Lead Designer, Classic Games
Then it's mandatory to keep sticky into Blizzard forums or probably on Hive so they can keep a real feedback from the WC3 community. We'll try to keep up to date this news from Blizzard.

What improvements could be added to the current game? Share with us your opinions.



Blizzard Modding is now BLIZZMOD, OFFICIALLY!!!

Hello my fellow Blizzmoders!!!!

Today I had (at last!!) time to put some work in an idea I've been working since the last year: a new domain, shorter and easy to remind to the community. The outcome is that Blizzardmodding.info will now redirect to its shortened version, blizzmod.info. Secondly, with this domain upgrade, I've updated the site to the latest version of SMF (2.0.14), which brings more security stability and improved performance with an actual and future support to HTTPS and PHP7.

All the settings have been done in terms to do a permanent redirect (301) to the new domain, and this means that your current bookmarks to your site will move into the correct site. Anyways, we recommend you to update your links to the new domain. If you find some pages not loading or any possible issue with this site, feel free to post them here.



Hello Blizzmodders!!

I was wandering into the deep sea of videos called YouTube, and I found a video interview with Pete Stilwell, senior producer of Classic games @Blizzard Entertainment. In this video he talks about the future of the classic games and he mentioned our beloved Warcraft 3. This patching system which is being implemented in WC3 (1.28.X for the people who's still coming to the latest WC3 news) seems to have a clear target: the possibility of better visuals and new game features.

It seems that good news are arising from Blizzard and the game itself is taking a good position, at least in terms of recognizing the WC3 modding / mapping community.

Here it is: the part where he mention WC3...


Original video from Yahoo Esports


What do you think about this interview? please share the news with your friends :)


Warcraft III News / Patch 1.28.2, fixing more stuff... great :D
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:49:35 PM »
Hello Blizzmodders!!

Today has arrived a new patch, with new fixes with unclear description, but... who cares, it's WC3 being updated!!!


Bug Fixes

    Wetlands map added back to the map pool data
    Raise Dead ability no longer desyncs players in a game between Windows and OSX
    WorldEdit’s Test Map function will write unsaved maps to %APPDATA%\Temp
    Aspect ratio checkbox available in Polish again
    Fixed a crash on Mac when displaying the CD Key dialog in the Russian, Polish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese

Known Issues

    If the error, “Something went wrong...” while patching occurs, run “Warcraft III Launcher.exe” within the installation directory to complete the update
    During XP installation, if the error, “Cannot validate version” occurs, run “Warcraft III Launcher.exe” within the installation directory to complete the update
    Tabbing out of the game doesn’t mute game sounds
    The Mac client is having some problems playing audio files that will be addressed in a future patch

Hello fellow Blizzmodders:

WC3 definitely has a new patch, fixing a previous one which brought to the modding community confusion and chaos.

Hmm, now that I'm thinking, I didn't post anything about the previous patch.... sorry. Pathc 1.28, for the few people that didnt' get noticed about this change, was the first attempt to upgrade the game into the current blizzard patch system, in which you can have full or partial updates in the file structure of the game. This brought to us some inconveniences, among them, the failure of JNGP in working properly on this.

With this patch, they solved an indirect issue with the orderID in the object editor, this could cause that custom maps could fail or bug in the game.

Now what's the future of JNGP? well, the only way to get it working is to update the system from scratch, Grimoire is old and with this new regular upgrade tendency we have to think in new ways to achieve our improvements adapting them to the new features offered by Blizzard.

I'll be working on the new version of JNGP, but the progress is very slow. I just want to get this working properly and when I get something stable enough, I'll offer the new tool to the public. Thanks for understanding.

In the meanwhile, let's see the information.

And, I took the risk to offer an introductory video about how to upgrade to this mess called upgrading WC3 to patch 1.28. You will hear my terrific voice and all (including my impressions about the patch). Please bear with my bad English.



Site News & Updates / Happy New Year 2017 From Blizzmod!!!
« on: December 31, 2016, 10:50:55 PM »

Hello my fellow Blizzmoders:

I wish to send you a huge wishes and expecting that your projects in the upcoming 2017 will be successful. I hope the best to happen in your life for all of you.

This year in Warcraft III has been a little bit odd, more or less good for us. Appearing a new patch (2 times) in this year is proving that Blizzard Entertainment is thinking in the WC3 community and it has been a great push to continue or advance in new map projects. The big change in the possibility to play larger maps in file size (~128MB) opens possibilities to new ideas.

But the latest patch (1.27b) put us into a new challenge in terms of advanced modding using JNGP, because now the update comes with new features in the editor, something not seen since a long time. I'm working in overcoming this, with the risk of changing the way JNGP always has worked on. It's probably we have to lose some features (USMWE) temporally in order to adapt it into the new conditions offered in the game.

I'll do a last update of JNGP in order to make it functional with the latest patch, but a harder work is being done in order to adapt the current techniques into a more efficient and flexible tool than JNGP itself. Please just stay tuned.

Warcraft III Resources / Warcraftt III old files
« on: December 26, 2016, 01:48:57 PM »
:'(Warcraft III Old files :'(
For those who love to remember

Ok, I've found an archive with files from the old days when Warcraft III was a little baby. Here will be a repository where you can find this files and we'll do our best to keep it safe. For the old times!!! :)

Big files first:

(All the files are compressed in a 7Zip format, please download here in case you don't have it: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html)


Please download following the order. Links offered in this topic must follow this order:
Extract Reign of Chaos Beta in a folder using 7Zip and then overwrite the installer files with the ones offered in the Cracked Installer.

Below you can find the patches for this BETA. Please install them in order indicated (in the order of the attachments).

Blizzard has made it again!!! Warcraft III Patch 1.27b is now live!!!

Hello my fellow Blizzmodders:

Blizzard Entertainment is really decided to change the perspectives with Warcraft III, this year we faced the arrival of patch 1.27 after several, several.... and several years without thinking in this community. And now, some months ago we have a new patch in the process. Now we need to say: WOOOWW.

It's great that Blizzard is thinking in us, and the new features were not clear at the beginning of the upgrade process in the BNet servers, but now, they have clarified some of them:

  • Specific Changes & Improvements: Not totally clear... simple phrase that implies the obvious...

  • Bug fixes and General Maintenance: more obviousness.... more blabla....

  • Raised file size limit from 8mb to 128mb: That's a big, big great thing!!!!! For a very long time, one of the most desired wishes in WC3 mapping and modding community was the override of this limitation. In 2003 with the still bipping modems connections thinking in maps bigger than 8MB was a considerable and necessary limitation, but now with LAN connections this thing became into a restriction for greater ideas. This will definitely open opportunities to bigger map projects and raise the development in this platform into a new paradigm. Well done Blizzard  :) !!!

  • Added Script Verify to World Editor: WHAT!!!!!!! let's read again.... WHAAAAAT!!!!!! Yes and definitely yes: they are thinking in jassers (I still can't believe it), they've implemented something like a native PJASS to the editor to check script errors, YAY!!!!..... but... it's a shame it comes too late, and the worst thing is that it only checks the written code in triggers instead of the compiled code. This for vJASSERS is again... USELESS. Nice try Blizzard, we recognize your effort  ;D

    Hmmm, shiny and sparky button...

    But it could help to GUIers to understand JASS in a vanilla way.... hmmm...

  • Custom blp files will no longer crash on Mac: Well, this is something nice to hear from the development team behind WC3, this annoying bug in MAC limited these Apple guys to play custom maps with customs BLPs, crashing the game experience. For this, we just have to say thanks BLizzard  ;)

With this we have to recognize the interest in Blizzard in retake an audience which have been loyal to WC3, a community which has waited for a long time to be heard and this wait is bringing a a good outcome. Big hugs to the WC3 community!!!

The 1.27b patch and JNGP.

Now, what's the coming evolution in the Warcraft III gaming community, I feel the development could arise again, showing new opportunities to old ideas gone for the map size limitations. This brings a new hope and fuel the mapping tradition behind WC3. About JNGP, now I have to put work again to check any incompatibilities or bugs for the new patch. If you find something, please report it in the official thread and help bring the opportunity to make great maps (literally) again!!

Now let's hear your thoughts about this nice moment. Don't forget to share :)

Site News & Updates / Jass New Gen Pack (JNGP) has been upgraded!!
« on: May 21, 2016, 05:53:37 PM »
JNGP 2.0.9 is live!!!!
"JNGP 2.0.9"
Fellow WC3 modders & mappers:

It's an honor to announce the release of the new version of JNGP: 2.0.9. With this new pack, I've added the most recent mods for WE and other features that will help you in the mapping process.

Among the main features added in this version, we can find the new WC3 patcher, which allows to set your WC3 installation in any version different from 1.27, this is needed to allow multiplayer emulation to work properly.

Some tools has been updated to the latest version:

With this new updates and features, I hope the community continue in this funny hobby and I'm really expectating that you enjoy this new pack.

As always... BIG HUGSSS!!!!!


Teaser Trailer



At long last, the event that all the Warcraft III community has been waiting for, is now taking shape!!! The first official trailer is coming live TODAY at 11:00AM as a part of the Blizzcon opening ceremony. Meanwhile... enjoy the teaser trailer. By the Horde!!!!!

Site News & Updates / Blizzard modding has been restored.... mostly
« on: November 17, 2014, 08:31:24 AM »
Blizzmod 2.0... On the run.

Hi fellow members:

As you may noticed, the site was in a hard upgrading process. This was done mainly because the site was generating serious issues with the hosted projects pages and the main cause was an outdated version of the subforums page against the new version of the forum software.

Changing this was a real pain in the ass and I have to take the hard decision of doing a total reinstall of the forum software. :)

This meant a lot of work and unfortunately I had a big loss: All the post, attachments and members after October 2013 were lost. This made me feel very sad. :(

If you subscribed to this forum in 2014, you should register again. :( sorry.

What improvements come? Well, now with the fresh installation comes new features:
  • A blog system,
  • a new page design which will be adapted gradually for better experience...
  • And more...

    I'll be pending for bugs in the forum page. If you find one (or many) please let me know and I'll fix them as soon as possible.

    BIG HUGS!!!! as always, and my apologies for any inconvenience.

    Things to make right now:
  • Setting the code highlightning
  • implementing again the custom bbcode

Gaming Zone / HeartStone Beta... anyone is there??
« on: October 09, 2013, 07:24:01 PM »

Today, I just received an e-mail inviting me to participate in the Beta testing of HeartStone!!!
I just wanted to know if somebody in this community has received the same invitation. I hope so, I just don't want to play alone :(

HuGs!!!!! :D

Site News & Updates / Blizzmodding Updates
« on: October 03, 2013, 07:04:59 AM »
Blizzmod Updates

Hello fellow Blizzmoders!!!

Probably you have seen low activity, but I'm working hard in the improvement of several things here. Let's see what we've done thus far.

New Mobile interface
At the beginning there was a nice mobile interface provided by my hosting service but I've received several comments about issues logging on that interface. For that reason, I've implemented a system in the same page that detects and sets a theme that fits much better in mobile devices. It's of course in process of improvement, but now you can post and check easily new posts in this site. I'll be adding later support to other section like the media place. I'll be glad to receive feedback here.

Meanwhile.... some screenshots:

Submit posts, tutorials and Resources... and don't forget to rate and RATE MORE!!!
Yes, posting your ideas, tutorials and resources and comment them here will make they appear more and more in search engines, thanks to the hard work in the process of optimizing this site to be Search engine friendly. If you rate your posts, you'll be contributing in the appearing of them in Google search results. Post here, invite friends to comment, and don't' forget to RATE whenever you can!!!

What we will get after this? our posts will look like this:

More improvements will come including a link to Blizzmodding in each result (I hope to get it possible soon). But meanwhile... we'll talk about the latest addition...

Social Pages
The second strategy to increase visibility of our site is using social networks. We're going to focus in Facebook and Google+ mainly because they offer the best option in search increasing procedures. We've started with a Facebook page for easiness and because I know it's very normal in any internet user to have a Facebook account. This page could be used as a way to receive updates of new posts about this site. in an easy way.

Let's invite people to join in our ranks!!! share and spread the word about this site and I hope we can make it more like your home :)

HUGS!!! :D

Game Development / [TUTORIAL] How to take a screenshot in Android devices
« on: September 27, 2013, 11:10:00 AM »
How to take a screenshot in Android devices

Now that I have serious interest in learning about movile devices and now that this site supports a mobile version, I want to teach you how to take an screenshot from your ANDROID mobile device.

The Easy Way
If you have Android 4.0 and up, there's a default (and built in) way to do it: just press at the same time the POWER and VOLUME DOWN button at the same time for 1 second. it will show a bordered snapshot and it will notify you about the new screenshot taken.

The Hard Way
If you have an older version of Android, you would need to check if your phone / tablet have a special way to take the screenshot. If by no means you can't do it with your device, you'd need an app to take screenshots. There are several ones which implies rooting your android, but there's now a nice way to do it without taking any risks: Screenshot Ultimate

Are You Rooted?? (You're a Bad Guy :D ): an alternate way
If you read about rooting Android, and you actually did it (or it comes rooted), then you can use  a tool like Capture Screen, which works too in this kind of androids.

Are There Other Options?
Actually, yes. Most of them you have to pay for them, but I personally think that a simple task like this should be achieved free (and Android from 4.0 supports that idea). This suggested apps promote additional features like screenshots when you shake your device, or controlling where the screenshots are saved, etc. It's just a decision of taste selecting and/or using this kind of tools.

Final Words
I hope this tutorial serves as a start point to debug. Sorry if it looks as a simple thing, but, as strange as it sounds, there are people who don't know how to do it. Let's expect more from this topic. Cheers :D

Game Development / What mobile OS do you have??
« on: September 04, 2013, 04:43:44 PM »
The title says it all. My question, more about which is better, is why did you choose a smartphone / tablet with that OS, or if it wasn't a real reason to select a mobile device.

Thanks :)

Hi guys!!!

After reading this post, I've checked the site and I was able to get what it seems to be most of the files related to this mod.

There's a lot of stuff in models, skins, icons and even sounds. What I want to do is to upload them here, but I have an issue and it's the permission to do so. I've sent a PM to Ryuthedragon, but it seems he's dissapointed with Hive and abandoned the site.

With this situation, I just want to ask: anybody knows how to contact Dmitry Rommel directly? My plan B will be to upload all the stuff here and provide a huge disclaimer with the credits of this project, with a resemblance about what it was and its authors.

Comments are really appreciated.

JetScript / Jetscript BBcode testing
« on: July 15, 2013, 08:31:43 AM »
I'll reserve this thread to test and debug the new Jetscript highlightning. Please fill this topic with code examples to see how it works.

The BBcode is as follows:

[code=jetscript]<Please insert your code here>[/code]

And the result:

Code: JetScript  [Select]
  1. <Please insert your code here>

JetScript / Tutorial about jetscript??
« on: July 13, 2013, 12:19:14 PM »
I was wondering... is there a Tutorial about how to use Jetscript and a connection with the usage of block?

Bug Report and Suggestion / about Class list
« on: June 26, 2013, 07:15:17 AM »

I want to suggest that you create a topic per class so in the news section of this page it shows every class you add.

Warcraft III Spells and Systems / Death Carrier
« on: June 19, 2013, 09:01:21 AM »
Categories: Target Ground, vJASS
Rating: 5
Warcraft III spell resource
« Created: June 26, 2017, 08:37:06 AM by moyack »

Related Topics or Resources

Death Carrier
By moyack. 2009.

Requires: Check related topics

A deadly mark moves randomly over the enemies in an area of effect, jumping 5 times over them before exploding and dealing damage to the nearest enemies to the explosion.
Level 1 - The explosion deals 100 damage.
Level 2 - The explosion deals 170 damage.
Level 3 - The explosion deals 240 damage.

How to install:

  • Open the test map.
  • Add TimerUtils to your map if you haven't it installed. (Could it be possible??).
  • Copy the trigger, the ability and the effect used in this spell into you map.
  • Voila!! spell installed.

Code: jass  [Select]
  1. // Death Carrier (hmm probably the name is not the best but meh...)
  2. // By moyack. 2009.
  3. // Made for the spell contest No 13 (for the bad luck maybe??)
  5. // Requires TimerUtils.
  8. library DeathCarrier initializer init requires TimerUtils
  10. // Configuration part...
  11. globals
  12. private constant integer SpellID = 'A000'
  13. private constant real dt = 0.5 //
  14. endglobals
  16. private constant function Damage takes integer lvl returns real
  17. return 100. + 70. * (lvl - 1)
  18. endfunction
  20. private constant function AOE takes integer lvl returns real
  21. return 500. // I left it in this way so it can be configurable to a variable area
  22. endfunction
  24. private constant function Jumps takes integer lvl returns integer
  25. return 5 // sets the number of times the maks jumps on units before explode
  26. endfunction
  27. // end configuration part...
  29. private function GetEnemies takes nothing returns boolean
  30. return GetWidgetLife(GetFilterUnit()) > 0.405 and IsUnitEnemy(GetFilterUnit(), GetOwningPlayer(bj_groupRandomCurrentPick))
  31. endfunction
  33. private struct data
  34. group g
  35. unit c
  36. integer counter = 0
  38. private method onDestroy takes nothing returns nothing
  39. call GroupClear(.g)
  40. set .c = null
  41. endmethod
  43. private static method PickRandomUnit takes nothing returns nothing
  44. set bj_groupRandomConsidered = bj_groupRandomConsidered + 1
  45. if GetWidgetLife(GetEnumUnit()) > 0.405 and GetRandomInt(1,bj_groupRandomConsidered) == 1 then
  46. set bj_groupRandomCurrentPick = GetEnumUnit()
  47. endif
  48. endmethod
  50. private static method DealDamage takes nothing returns nothing
  51. call UnitDamageTarget(GetEnumUnit(), GetEnumUnit(), Damage(GetUnitAbilityLevel(bj_groupRandomCurrentPick, SpellID)), true, true, ATTACK_TYPE_SIEGE, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, WEAPON_TYPE_ROCK_HEAVY_BASH)
  52. call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(GetAbilityEffectById(SpellID, EFFECT_TYPE_SPECIAL, 2), GetEnumUnit(), "chest"))
  53. endmethod
  55. static method effect takes nothing returns nothing
  56. local data d = data( GetTimerData(GetExpiredTimer()) )
  57. local real x
  58. local real y
  59. set bj_groupRandomConsidered = 0
  60. set bj_groupRandomCurrentPick = null
  61. call ForGroup(d.g, function data.PickRandomUnit)
  62. if bj_groupRandomCurrentPick == null then
  63. call d.destroy()
  64. call ReleaseTimer(GetExpiredTimer())
  65. return
  66. endif
  67. call DestroyEffect(AddSpellEffectTargetById(SpellID, EFFECT_TYPE_SPECIAL, bj_groupRandomCurrentPick, "overhead"))
  68. set d.counter = d.counter + 1
  69. if d.counter > Jumps(GetUnitAbilityLevel(d.c, SpellID)) then
  70. set x = GetUnitX(bj_groupRandomCurrentPick)
  71. set y = GetUnitY(bj_groupRandomCurrentPick)
  72. call GroupClear(d.g)
  73. call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(GetAbilityEffectById(SpellID, EFFECT_TYPE_SPECIAL, 1), x, y))
  74. set bj_groupRandomCurrentPick = d.c
  75. call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(d.g, x, y, 0.5*AOE(GetUnitAbilityLevel(d.c, SpellID)), Condition(function GetEnemies))
  76. call ForGroup(d.g, function data.DealDamage)
  77. call d.destroy()
  78. call ReleaseTimer(GetExpiredTimer())
  79. else
  80. call UnitDamageTarget(d.c, bj_groupRandomCurrentPick, GetRandomReal(0, Damage(GetUnitAbilityLevel(d.c, SpellID))), true, false, ATTACK_TYPE_SIEGE, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, WEAPON_TYPE_ROCK_HEAVY_BASH)
  81. endif
  82. endmethod
  84. static method Start takes unit c, location l returns nothing
  85. local data d = data.allocate()
  86. local timer t = NewTimer()
  87. if d.g == null then
  88. set d.g = CreateGroup()
  89. endif
  90. set d.c = c
  91. set bj_groupRandomCurrentPick = c
  92. call GroupEnumUnitsInRangeOfLoc(d.g, l, AOE(GetUnitAbilityLevel(c, SpellID)), Condition(function GetEnemies))
  93. call SetTimerData(t, integer(d))
  94. call TimerStart(t, dt, true, function data.effect)
  95. set l = null
  96. set t = null
  97. endmethod
  98. endstruct
  100. private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
  101. return GetSpellAbilityId() == SpellID
  102. endfunction
  104. private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing
  105. call data.Start(GetTriggerUnit(), GetSpellTargetLoc())
  106. endfunction
  108. //===========================================================================
  109. private function init takes nothing returns nothing
  110. local trigger t = CreateTrigger( )
  111. call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ( t, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT )
  112. call TriggerAddCondition( t, Condition( function Conditions ) )
  113. call TriggerAddAction( t, function Actions )
  114. set t = null
  115. endfunction
  117. endlibrary

(2/2/2009) Removed the timer from the struct, now it's managed via local variables.
(11/3/2009) Now every jump deals a random damage to the jumping unit.

Average Score
« Created: June 27, 2016, 12:18:57 PM by moyack »
Warcraft III Resources / Warcraft III Resource Submission Rules
« on: May 14, 2013, 08:39:53 AM »
    Blizzard Modding Information Center
    Warcraft III Submission Rules

    Updated 14/05/2013

    The purpose of this submission rules is to help people to promote properly their resources and at the same time establish a nice and coherent protocol in presentation, which will help in the reading, rating and promotion of such resources.

    We'll be announcing updates in the rules via this topic and/or News section. If you have suggestions or comments about this rules, please use this topic.

    Map Submission Rules
    • The map must follow the site rules.
    • Maps should have a concise and proper description and title explaining the mechanics of the map as well as having a list of people who helped contribute in the map. Screenshots, version history, and other media are highly encouraged.
    • Maps should have a thumbnail. In order to accomplish this requirement , you must set as your first attachment an image file that represents properly the resource. After this, you can attach more images and the resource itself.
    • The map should be in a proper state. It should be free of any game-breaking bugs, leak-free, and should be at a playable state. Demos, alpha/pre-alpha versions of maps should be posted at the WarCraft III Projects section.
    • All maps which are not developed by the uploader should be presented with a permission from its original author.
    • Maps with a rating of 2 or below shall be removed within two weeks after notifying the author of its state (Avoid bad content). This may be due to a number of reasons, such as being of low originality or having multiple bugs or leaks.
    • Maps should be at least under 8 MB for multiplayer maps, and with no limit for singleplayer ones.
    • If your submission requires the downloads of files other than a .w3m, .w3x, or a .w3n file, the file must be hosted at a reliable hosting service, preferably our pastebin.
    • Resources must be free of malware or any harmful content.
    • Contest material/s which are submitted at the time frame of the contest shall not be rated and shall only be rated prior to the release of the contests results.
    • A map using resources (such as 3D Models, Textures) outside of the Blizzard franchise are not allowed to be uploaded since it violates copyright law.
    • A map must have the DISBTN versions of icons and must contain basic information about the map at the Quest Log.
    • A map must have a proper type and category, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5.
    • Additionally, BlizzardModding info has the rights to promote your map, allowing us to freely update/delete/distribute it inside this site and its affiliates and child sites. In any case where we decide any action in your map, the author will be notified. The original uploader of the map still has the rights to its IP.

    All of this takes effect after 14/05/13. Any map that has been uploaded before that time is not required to follow the rules. However, if you update that map after the posting of these rules, you are then required to comply with them.

    Warcraft III Spells and Systems / Evil Extirpation
    « on: May 13, 2013, 01:01:13 PM »
    Evil Extirpation.
    By Moyack


    The Evil Messenger extirpates from the land itself all the power of Evil, luring from the void ancient spirits of Evil. Each of them would attack enemy units and, in the process, the evil from nearby enemy units is extracted from themselves, dealing some additional damage.

    Level 1 - Deals additional 5 damage, lasts 15 seconds.
    Level 2 - Deals additional 8 damage, lasts 20 seconds.
    Level 3 - Deals additional 11 damage, lasts 25 seconds.




    Spell Code.

    Code: jass  [Select]
    1. /* ==================================================
    2.    ||           EVIL EXTIRPATION SPELL             ||
    3.    ||                By moyackx                    ||
    4.    ||               Version 1.0.                   ||
    5.    ||                   2013                       ||
    6.    ||         For the Zephyr Contest #10:          ||
    7.    ||         What lies on the other side          ||
    8.    ==================================================
    10.    Description:
    11.    ------------
    12.    The Evil Messenger extirpates from the land itself
    13.    all the power of Evil, luring from the void ancient
    14.    spirits of Evil. Each of them would attack enemy
    15.    units and, in the process, the evil from nearby enemy
    16.    units is extracted from themselves, dealing some
    17.    additional damage.
    19.    How To install:
    20.    ---------------
    21.    1. Copy & paste the "Evil Extirpation" ability, buff
    22.       and effect in your map
    23.    2. Copy this code in your map.
    24.    3. Edit the CONFIGURATION PART with the new Ability
    25.       (ABIL) and unit type summoned (SAUMMON) array.
    26.       Adjust the other values too. Don't forget to set
    27.       the ward classification to the summoned units, that
    28.       will improve the eyecandy.
    29.    4. Enjoy :D
    31.    Don't forget this code requires Alloc2 to run
    32.    properly. This code is in this test map or you can
    33.    download it here:
    34.    [url]http://wc3jass.com/5012/snippet-allocloop-aka-alloc-2/[/url]
    35. */
    37. library EvilExtirpation initializer init requires Alloc
    39. globals
    40.     private constant integer ABIL = 'A000' // the Ability rawcode
    41.     private constant real    DT   = 0.3    // Sets the periodic Check Frecuency
    42.     private constant real    AOE  = 700.   // Spell Area of Effect
    43.     private constant real    MAXH = 2000.  // Maximum Height flight for spirit units
    44.     private constant real    HRATE= 200.   // Sets the elevation rate
    45.     private constant real    DDUR = 2.5    // Sets the duration of spirits
    46.     private constant boolean ALOC = false  // Defines if we apply locust ability to the spirits
    48.     private          integer array SUMMON // the spirit unit type array.
    49. endglobals
    51. private function SetSummons takes nothing returns nothing
    52.     /* Here, you can set all the unit types your spell
    53.        will have per level. If your maps has more spell
    54.        levels, simply add  more in this code...
    55.     */
    56.     set SUMMON[1] = 'n001'
    57.     set SUMMON[2] = 'n002'
    58.     set SUMMON[3] = 'n003'
    59. endfunction
    62. private struct data extends array
    63.     static timer T = CreateTimer()
    64.     static integer I = 0
    65.     unit caster
    66.     integer order
    68.     implement AllocLoop
    70.     method destroy takes nothing returns nothing
    71.         set .caster = null
    72.         set thistype.I = thistype.I - 1
    73.         if thistype.I == 0 then
    74.             call PauseTimer(thistype.T)
    75.         endif
    76.         call .deallocate()
    77.     endmethod
    79.     static method Loop takes nothing returns nothing
    80.         local unit u
    81.         implement loop
    82.             set u = CreateUnit(GetOwningPlayer(this.caster), SUMMON[GetUnitAbilityLevel(this.caster, ABIL)], GetUnitX(this.caster) + GetRandomReal(-AOE, AOE), GetUnitY(this.caster) + GetRandomReal(-AOE, AOE), GetRandomReal(0, 360))
    83.             call UnitAddType(u, UNIT_TYPE_SUMMONED) // so the summoned unit can have the effects from some dispelling spells...
    84.             call DestroyEffect(AddSpellEffectById(ABIL, EFFECT_TYPE_TARGET, GetUnitX(u), GetUnitY(u)))
    85.             call UnitAddAbility(u, 'Arav') // Add the storm Crow Form ability, to make it fly...
    86.             call SetUnitFlyHeight(u, MAXH, HRATE)
    87.             call UnitApplyTimedLife(u, 0, DDUR)
    88.             if ALOC then
    89.                 call UnitAddAbility(u, 'Aloc')
    90.             endif
    91.             if this.order != GetUnitCurrentOrder(this.caster) then
    92.                 call this.destroy()
    93.             endif
    94.         implement endloop
    95.         set u = null
    96.     endmethod
    98.     static method Start takes unit c returns thistype
    99.         local thistype this = thistype.allocate()
    100.         set this.caster = c
    101.         set this.order = GetUnitCurrentOrder(c)
    102.         set thistype.I = thistype.I + 1
    103.         if thistype.I == 1 then
    104.             call TimerStart(thistype.T, DT, true, function thistype.Loop)
    105.         endif
    106.         return this
    107.     endmethod
    108. endstruct
    110. private function DoEffect takes nothing returns boolean
    111.     if GetSpellAbilityId() == ABIL then
    112.         call data.Start(GetTriggerUnit())
    113.     endif
    114.     return false
    115. endfunction
    117. private function init takes nothing returns nothing
    118.     local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
    119.     call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(t, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT)
    120.     call TriggerAddCondition(t, Condition(function DoEffect))
    121.     set t = null
    122.     call SetSummons()
    123. endfunction
    125. endlibrary

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