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Tutorial Zone / Exporting a Model from Gmax to .MDL
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:42:54 AM »
Category: 3D Modeling Tutorials
« Created: April 04, 2016, 11:19:14 AM by moyack »
Exporting a Model from Gmax to .MDL

This will guide you on how to export models from gmax using dex script for mdl file type.

What you will need:

The Tutorial

Saving the dex script.
  • Download dex script from the site I linked above in What you need part of this tutorial. Save it in the script folder of your gmax directory.

Exporting from Gmax
1. Be sure you have converted the model to editable mesh. If not, the model will not be exported well enough. To convert the model to editable mesh, just select the model, right click it then click Convert TO: > convert to editable mesh.
2. Also, be sure that the model to be exported is selected. In the menu bar, click MAXScript > Run Script so that the Choose Editor File Window appears. Find the Dex Script for gmax. Open it so the window for dex script appears.
3. Write the model name, add animations if there are,then click Print to Listener. After it, close the dex script window.
4. Click MAXScript in the menu bar. Click Max Script listener. The MaxScript Listener Window should appear.
5. Delete the part that says
Code: [Select]
Export Successful! which is found at the bottome of the mdl code and the part that says
Code: [Select]
"'DeX Version: 0.186m
"'DeX Version: 0.186m"
// 'DeX Version: 0.186m
Version {
FormatVersion 800,
Found at the very top of the mdl code.
6. Open a Notepad. Copy and paste all the remaining codes inside the MAXScript Listener Window into the notepad. I recommend using CTRL+A (Select All), CTRL+X (cut) when copying the codes so you will not miss a single letter in it.
7. As soon as everything is copied from the MAXScript Listener to the Note Pad, Close the MAXScript Listener Window as well as the gmax.
8. In the Note pad where you copied the mdl codes, Click File > Save As In the Save as type click All Files. In the File Name Write the model name and add .mdl as its extension. Close the note pad.
9. View the model in model editor or mdlvis if you want.

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