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Blizzard Modding is now BLIZZMOD, OFFICIALLY!!!

Hello my fellow Blizzmoders!!!!

Today I had (at last!!) time to put some work in an idea I've been working since the last year: a new domain, shorter and easy to remind to the community. The outcome is that Blizzardmodding.info will now redirect to its shortened version, blizzmod.info. Secondly, with this domain upgrade, I've updated the site to the latest version of SMF (2.0.14), which brings more security stability and improved performance with an actual and future support to HTTPS and PHP7.

All the settings have been done in terms to do a permanent redirect (301) to the new domain, and this means that your current bookmarks to your site will move into the correct site. Anyways, we recommend you to update your links to the new domain. If you find some pages not loading or any possible issue with this site, feel free to post them here.



Hello Blizzmodders!!

I was wandering into the deep sea of videos called YouTube, and I found a video interview with Pete Stilwell, senior producer of Classic games @Blizzard Entertainment. In this video he talks about the future of the classic games and he mentioned our beloved Warcraft 3. This patching system which is being implemented in WC3 (1.28.X for the people who's still coming to the latest WC3 news) seems to have a clear target: the possibility of better visuals and new game features.

It seems that good news are arising from Blizzard and the game itself is taking a good position, at least in terms of recognizing the WC3 modding / mapping community.

Here it is: the part where he mention WC3...

Original video from Yahoo Esports

What do you think about this interview? please share the news with your friends :)


Warcraft III News / Re: Patch 1.28.2, fixing more stuff... great :D
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:35:54 AM »
More comments from the Lead designer of Classic games (including of course WC3):


Classic Games has been working hard on Warcraft III. The 1.28 patch didn’t hit all the marks we hold ourselves to. We’ve been making a lot of changes behind the scenes to make future work faster and more reliable.

Patching and installation, CD keys, data migration, missing files from MPQs, usernames and file paths with UTF-8 characters, screen modes, order ID’s broke popular non-blizzard maps, and Mac specific issues were fallout from those improvements. We are working hard to address all the issues that you’ve brought to our attention. We appreciate your patience and involvement.

Improving these classic codebases comes with its share of hazards, and we’re glad to partner with you on the endeavor. The better you communicate needs, wants, or bugs for the game, the more effective we will be at building a better Warcraft III.

As we move forward, there will be quality of life game improvements, editor updates, new map pools, balance tweaks, and more. The recent patch was an important step in paving the way for the bigger ticket items that you all want. Please continue to give us constructive feedback, let us know where we missed, and what you want us to do!

Thank you,

Matt Morris
Lead Designer, Classic Games

Warcraft III News / Patch 1.28.2, fixing more stuff... great :D
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:49:35 PM »
Hello Blizzmodders!!

Today has arrived a new patch, with new fixes with unclear description, but... who cares, it's WC3 being updated!!!


Bug Fixes

    Wetlands map added back to the map pool data
    Raise Dead ability no longer desyncs players in a game between Windows and OSX
    WorldEdit’s Test Map function will write unsaved maps to %APPDATA%\Temp
    Aspect ratio checkbox available in Polish again
    Fixed a crash on Mac when displaying the CD Key dialog in the Russian, Polish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese

Known Issues

    If the error, “Something went wrong...” while patching occurs, run “Warcraft III Launcher.exe” within the installation directory to complete the update
    During XP installation, if the error, “Cannot validate version” occurs, run “Warcraft III Launcher.exe” within the installation directory to complete the update
    Tabbing out of the game doesn’t mute game sounds
    The Mac client is having some problems playing audio files that will be addressed in a future patch

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: UnrealLoader [Universal kLoader]
« on: May 09, 2017, 08:12:44 AM »
Ok, Tested with patch 1.28.1 and it only loads one WC3 session and some dialogs.

EDIT: Screenshot added, and it doesn't work with the patch 1.28.2

Hello fellow Blizzmodders:

WC3 definitely has a new patch, fixing a previous one which brought to the modding community confusion and chaos.

Hmm, now that I'm thinking, I didn't post anything about the previous patch.... sorry. Pathc 1.28, for the few people that didnt' get noticed about this change, was the first attempt to upgrade the game into the current blizzard patch system, in which you can have full or partial updates in the file structure of the game. This brought to us some inconveniences, among them, the failure of JNGP in working properly on this.

With this patch, they solved an indirect issue with the orderID in the object editor, this could cause that custom maps could fail or bug in the game.

Now what's the future of JNGP? well, the only way to get it working is to update the system from scratch, Grimoire is old and with this new regular upgrade tendency we have to think in new ways to achieve our improvements adapting them to the new features offered by Blizzard.

I'll be working on the new version of JNGP, but the progress is very slow. I just want to get this working properly and when I get something stable enough, I'll offer the new tool to the public. Thanks for understanding.

In the meanwhile, let's see the information.

And, I took the risk to offer an introductory video about how to upgrade to this mess called upgrading WC3 to patch 1.28. You will hear my terrific voice and all (including my impressions about the patch). Please bear with my bad English.


WC3 Editing Tools / Re: UnrealLoader [Universal kLoader]
« on: April 11, 2017, 04:05:09 PM »
Just to let you know that this mod doesn't work on patch 1.28. We're awaiting the upcoming patch to check a proper fix.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: April 11, 2017, 03:58:16 PM »
Thanks PT153 for your report. In fact I'm in the process to put some *bad* news about the new patch. By the moment, this upgrade generates conflict with some orderID (something fatal) and they're doing changes in the WC3 update system so they can make things "better" and more fluently in terms of adding new features in the game.

I've talked with some people near to the Blizzard development team, and I've received information about they're planning a new update soonish (a matter of weeks). So the conclusion is: we have to wait for the next patch, and if anyone want to mod with JNGP, please keep in patch 1.27b or 1.26a. Doing some changes in JNGP with an upcoming patch 1.29 or more in a short time, would be a waste of time.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:19:53 PM »
Why the new version has the files being 001 - 022?

Alright, what's up with UMSWE "cannot start plugin" error? Need it to extract some old data.
That's the bad thing with the latest patch, UMSWE doesn't work as it should be. I'm working in this part (very slowly due lack of time), but when I get something, I'll update the pack.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: February 18, 2017, 08:47:32 AM »
I have this issue where I want to "Edit Tileset" under "Extensions" but when I completely make my pick, press OK and have it save the map, I just close the map without saving it again. Then when I open again, no changes are made to terrain available in the map. Can you please tell me a solution to this issue?

This started to happen just recently, and I have no idea why it happens. Thanks in advance. It worked flawlessly before this issue.
Could you please send me your current configuration? You can do it in menu JNGP Version 2.0.X > Diagnose JNGP Settings...

Copy and paste the text. Thanks :)

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