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WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: March 19, 2017, 01:19:53 PM »
Why the new version has the files being 001 - 022?

Alright, what's up with UMSWE "cannot start plugin" error? Need it to extract some old data.
That's the bad thing with the latest patch, UMSWE doesn't work as it should be. I'm working in this part (very slowly due lack of time), but when I get something, I'll update the pack.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: February 18, 2017, 08:47:32 AM »
I have this issue where I want to "Edit Tileset" under "Extensions" but when I completely make my pick, press OK and have it save the map, I just close the map without saving it again. Then when I open again, no changes are made to terrain available in the map. Can you please tell me a solution to this issue?

This started to happen just recently, and I have no idea why it happens. Thanks in advance. It worked flawlessly before this issue.
Could you please send me your current configuration? You can do it in menu JNGP Version 2.0.X > Diagnose JNGP Settings...

Copy and paste the text. Thanks :)

Site News & Updates / Happy New Year 2017 From Blizzmod!!!
« on: December 31, 2016, 10:50:55 PM »

Hello my fellow Blizzmoders:

I wish to send you a huge wishes and expecting that your projects in the upcoming 2017 will be successful. I hope the best to happen in your life for all of you.

This year in Warcraft III has been a little bit odd, more or less good for us. Appearing a new patch (2 times) in this year is proving that Blizzard Entertainment is thinking in the WC3 community and it has been a great push to continue or advance in new map projects. The big change in the possibility to play larger maps in file size (~128MB) opens possibilities to new ideas.

But the latest patch (1.27b) put us into a new challenge in terms of advanced modding using JNGP, because now the update comes with new features in the editor, something not seen since a long time. I'm working in overcoming this, with the risk of changing the way JNGP always has worked on. It's probably we have to lose some features (USMWE) temporally in order to adapt it into the new conditions offered in the game.

I'll do a last update of JNGP in order to make it functional with the latest patch, but a harder work is being done in order to adapt the current techniques into a more efficient and flexible tool than JNGP itself. Please just stay tuned.

Warcraft III Resources / Warcraftt III old files
« on: December 26, 2016, 01:48:57 PM »
:'(Warcraft III Old files :'(
For those who love to remember

Ok, I've found an archive with files from the old days when Warcraft III was a little baby. Here will be a repository where you can find this files and we'll do our best to keep it safe. For the old times!!! :)

Big files first:

(All the files are compressed in a 7Zip format, please download here in case you don't have it: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html)


Please download following the order. Links offered in this topic must follow this order:
Extract Reign of Chaos Beta in a folder using 7Zip and then overwrite the installer files with the ones offered in the Cracked Installer.

Below you can find the patches for this BETA. Please install them in order indicated (in the order of the attachments).

This is great honestly, i'm waiting for jngp to support this patch so much
I'm deeply working on this. The difference with other patches is that now they messed with World Editor and it implies more work and investigation to do. For that reason I beg some patience :)

By the moment, the community can help me by informing which bugs are present in the current JNGP with the new patch.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: December 17, 2016, 07:19:54 AM »
Ok, this is new for me. It's the first time I saw this bug. Could I see the map and try from my side to check with more precision the issue. You can send me the map link in a message.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: December 16, 2016, 06:24:50 PM »
I hope you fixed these mistakes. They appeared also before WC3 update.
Ahhh, this is not a bug, the situation is that you're trying to open a map made with USMWE without settings the USMWE in WE.

Follow this steps:

  • Open JNGP
  • Without opening any map, select in menu USMWE > Enable USMWE. If it produce an error, just skip it. Probably it will show you a windows message about pathgenerator.exe, just say yes.
  • Close WE and restart it.
  • WE is ready to work with your map. You will know when it changes the Warcraft logo with the UMSWE logo.

I hope it helps.

WC3 Editing Tools / Re: The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0
« on: December 16, 2016, 08:54:25 AM »
With new patch (1.27b) Test Map does not work. Editor saves test map, but does not launch WC3. Windows 8.
Hi PT153:

Thanks for your report. I'm in the process of integrate JNGP to the latest patch. Just keep pending of the update :)

Blizzard has made it again!!! Warcraft III Patch 1.27b is now live!!!

Hello my fellow Blizzmodders:

Blizzard Entertainment is really decided to change the perspectives with Warcraft III, this year we faced the arrival of patch 1.27 after several, several.... and several years without thinking in this community. And now, some months ago we have a new patch in the process. Now we need to say: WOOOWW.

It's great that Blizzard is thinking in us, and the new features were not clear at the beginning of the upgrade process in the BNet servers, but now, they have clarified some of them:

  • Specific Changes & Improvements: Not totally clear... simple phrase that implies the obvious...

  • Bug fixes and General Maintenance: more obviousness.... more blabla....

  • Raised file size limit from 8mb to 128mb: That's a big, big great thing!!!!! For a very long time, one of the most desired wishes in WC3 mapping and modding community was the override of this limitation. In 2003 with the still bipping modems connections thinking in maps bigger than 8MB was a considerable and necessary limitation, but now with LAN connections this thing became into a restriction for greater ideas. This will definitely open opportunities to bigger map projects and raise the development in this platform into a new paradigm. Well done Blizzard  :) !!!

  • Added Script Verify to World Editor: WHAT!!!!!!! let's read again.... WHAAAAAT!!!!!! Yes and definitely yes: they are thinking in jassers (I still can't believe it), they've implemented something like a native PJASS to the editor to check script errors, YAY!!!!..... but... it's a shame it comes too late, and the worst thing is that it only checks the written code in triggers instead of the compiled code. This for vJASSERS is again... USELESS. Nice try Blizzard, we recognize your effort  ;D

    Hmmm, shiny and sparky button...

    But it could help to GUIers to understand JASS in a vanilla way.... hmmm...

  • Custom blp files will no longer crash on Mac: Well, this is something nice to hear from the development team behind WC3, this annoying bug in MAC limited these Apple guys to play custom maps with customs BLPs, crashing the game experience. For this, we just have to say thanks BLizzard  ;)

With this we have to recognize the interest in Blizzard in retake an audience which have been loyal to WC3, a community which has waited for a long time to be heard and this wait is bringing a a good outcome. Big hugs to the WC3 community!!!

The 1.27b patch and JNGP.

Now, what's the coming evolution in the Warcraft III gaming community, I feel the development could arise again, showing new opportunities to old ideas gone for the map size limitations. This brings a new hope and fuel the mapping tradition behind WC3. About JNGP, now I have to put work again to check any incompatibilities or bugs for the new patch. If you find something, please report it in the official thread and help bring the opportunity to make great maps (literally) again!!

Now let's hear your thoughts about this nice moment. Don't forget to share :)

Tutorial Zone / Re: How to [download | install | configure] JNGP
« on: December 11, 2016, 10:12:41 PM »
Updated the tutorial to fits with the latest changes and packing configurations.

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