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Warcraft III Maps / (2) In Between
« on: August 15, 2013, 12:03:48 AM »
Version: 1.0.0
Keywords: Melee, Sonofjay
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Single Player
Category: Standard Melee, Altered Melee
Tilesets: Lordaeron Fall, Lordaeron Summer
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 2
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: April 24, 2016, 07:13:24 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: May 21, 2017, 08:26:22 PM by moyack »
In Between by: SonofJay

In Between

The host of many naval war. This group of islands offer lots of strategical points critical on winning a battle.


  • 10 Orange Camps
  • 6 Green Camps
  • 4 Red Camps
  • 4 Extra Goldmine
  • 4 Goblin Shipyard
  • 2 Goblin Shop
  • 2 Marketplace
  • 2 Mercenary Camp
  • 1 Tavern

Nothing much to say. The concept is kinda lame, I wanted something big for 2 players for long battles and I like ship! Yes I like ship! Well I guess its good enough.

Update 3:
-Slightly adjusted Sasquatch's position on the expansion mine.
-Added 4 bunnies. ;)

Update 2:
-Changed pathing of way gates
-Change Makruras camp to Bandit Camp

Update 1:

-Fixed pathing issues
-Removed level 0 barrel
-Added pathing on the way gates
-Changed Sasquatch drop from Level 8 item to random "Artifacts"
-Removed spammed Rock Spires below the islands



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« Created: April 24, 2016, 07:00:55 AM by moyack »
Site News & Updates /
« on: August 04, 2013, 12:35:10 AM »

Site News & Updates /
« on: July 06, 2013, 01:47:38 AM »

General Information / Road to Episode 2.0
« on: July 04, 2013, 08:35:06 AM »
Progress to Episode 2.0 "Death's Revenge"

  • Archer Class - Finished
  • Archer Equipment:

-Hunter's Bow - Finished
-Metallic Bow - Finished
-Bow of the Curse - Finished
-Death's Bow - Not Completed
  • Warrior Class Upgrade:

-Strength 5 -> 10
-Intelligent 5 -> 7
-Damage Base 30 -> 43
-Armor Base 0 -> 2
-Mana Base 250 -> 325
  • New Hero Selection - Almost Finished

-Need to add more basic class informations
  • New Item Type - Accessories

*Pendant of Aviana
-Tooltip - Finished
-Stats/Effect - Working
*Ring of the Wanderer
-Tooltip - Finished
-Stats/Effect - Working
  • Death's Revenge Arc

* The Awakening of the Dead
-Ghoul Spawn - Finished
-Dialoge - Finished
* The Death's Reaper
-Reaper Spawn - Working
-Dialog - Finished
* He Who was Forgotten Seeks Revenge
-Death's Appearance - Working
-Dialog - Working

General Information / CoD 'Version' format
« on: July 04, 2013, 08:31:07 AM »
Typical Warcraft 3 map name their map to this generic approach: MapName v1.0 but Chronicles of Darkness will have different format because of its unique application of Arc on the Game this format is called "Episodes". Now the question is "Why episode?" the Arcs on Chronicles of Darkness will be remove after its successful implementation and when I feel like it to hop in another arc/episode, this is my unique idea of implementing new items and other stuffs since every Arc features items based on the given story.

Well it is something like this, you can also see the future arcs after the Death's Revenge Arc

  • Episode 1.0 - 1.5 - Beta testing
  • Episode 2.0 - - Death's Revenge
  • Episode 3.0 - - The Servants of the One
  • Episode 4.0 - - Thirst for Magic
  • Episode 5.0 - - The Green and The Angry

General Information / New Hero Selection System for version 1.6!!!
« on: June 28, 2013, 02:46:41 AM »
Well the current hero selector I made using Dialog have a bug for Warcraft 1.26a so I'm switching for a more reliable hero selector system made by the Flood.

Here is a screenshot.

Once again the UI is just the UI of my Warcraft 3.

General Information / Archer Class Spotlight!
« on: June 26, 2013, 08:01:25 AM »
Archer Class Spotlight!


Role: Damage Dealer

Arrow Rain

Shoots an arrow to the sky that splits into 5 + 2 x STR then falls down
damaging enemy units in the target area by 20 + AGI x 0.7 INT.

Type: Point, AoE
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Stringer Arrow

The Archer shoots a arrow that is dipped with poison and is tied to a string
that is only visible when it gets too close to the target. It will stick to the
target 40 + AGI x 0.7 INT initial damage
and starts to deal damage equal to Heroes STR over time. He
will drag the unit forcefully. It will stun the unit if the arrow hits target from
its back. If the spell is casted at night, he will become permanently invisible
throughout the duration, also, the invisibility will wear off once it hits daytime.

Type: Unit Target, Stun

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Basic Instinct

Have 5% chance to use his wild instinct when attacked. The Archer will be able to dodge
an attack and be able to counter dealing 10 + AGI x 0.7 INT damage and stunning the
attacker for 0.5 second. Also deals 15 + STR damage around 200 AoE.

Type: Passive

Impaling Arrow

Shoots a powerful arrow straight forward that damages enemy units by 100 + AGI x 0.7 INT
and knocks them back. Arrow distance is 700 + STR.

Type: Ultimate, Point Target, AoE

Cooldown: 35 seconds

General Information / Warrior Class Spotlight!
« on: June 26, 2013, 03:55:39 AM »
Warrior Class Spotlight!


Role: Tank

Hammer Smash

Shoots an arrow to the sky that splits into 5 + 2 x AGI then falls down damaging
enemy units in the target area by 20 + STR x 0.7 INT.

Type: Instant, AoE
Cooldown: 6 seconds


Attacks ferociously an enemy at close range, dealing 30 + STR  x 0.7 INT damage
and knocking him 300 + AGI back. The target is stunned for 2 seconds.

Type: Unit Target, Stun
Cooldown: 7 seconds


After using any of his techniques, the warrior  feels the fury of battle, attacking faster 
for a while. Such fury vanishes slowly.

Feral Impact

The Warrior jumps to the target point, dealing 120 + STR   x .0.7 INT damage to nearby
units and knocking them down 300 + AGI. The higher the jump the higher the damage.

Type: Ultimate, Target Point
Cooldown: 30 seconds

General Information / CoD Main Info
« on: June 26, 2013, 03:51:34 AM »
Chronicles of Darkness


Chronicles of Darkness tells the untold story of the inglorius battles
between the Companions and the Death Knights originated from my
RPG "The Companions: Ton the Underworld."

Special Features

-RPG like stat system
-Intelligent Protectors
-Intelligent ability formulas
-Item attachments
-Unique terrain


Chronicles of Darkness brings you to a new style of AoS trashing the
generic, numerous numbers of heroes narrowing the options to a limited
classes that has particular expertise but can still cover multiple roles through
the right combination of equipment and stat distribution.

RPG like stat system

When your hero gains a level you'll be give 5 skill points to increase the following stats at
the stat upgrade (F1)

1. Damage: Increase physical damage dealt
2. Armor: Increase physical damage resistance
3. Critical Rate: Increase chance of double damage
4. Bash Rate: Increase chance of stunning target
5. HP: Increase Hit Points
6. Movement Speed: Increase Movement Speed
7. Evasion Rate: Increase chance of evading
8. Spell Damage Reduction: Increase spell resistance
9. STR: Increase Hit Point Regenartion
10. AGI: Increase Attack Speed
11. INT: Increase spell power multiplier, mana and mana regeneration

Intelligent Protectors

Protectors are the unique counter part of the towers of the generic AoS maps.
The Protectors are heroes with a good chunk of HP, Damage and Armor and uses
abilities to protect your bases against waves of enemies.

Item Attachments

Chronicles of Darkness mostly rely on stat upgrades but there are also items in the game
that you can buy. They are equipment like weapons, armors and shields that will
pop-up in your hero when bought.

They are quite expensive for decorations but since stat upgrades rely on skill points
then a chunk of golds for cheese doesn't hurt, besides it also give you some bonuses.

Unique terrain

Well designed terrain for a AoS map is hard to find in this mediocority and fortunately
Chronicles of Darkness is one of those hard to find maps! Set in the RUINS of a fictional
place called Ak'duar Ruis, originated from the lore of my RPG "The Companions: To the Underworld". I give you a eye please terrain that still retains the Warcraftish feeling but
while being fresh and hot.

Warcraft III Maps / Chronicles of Darkness
« on: June 24, 2013, 10:35:55 PM »
Version: 1.5
Keywords: Chronicles of Darkness, Redness and Whiteness, sonofjay, CoD
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Co-op (Cooperative)
Category: (AoS) like Dota or LoL, Role Playing (RPG/ORPG)
Tilesets: Dalaran Ruins, Lordaeron Fall
Players: Minimum players: 2
Maximum players: 10
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: April 29, 2016, 08:15:17 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: April 29, 2016, 09:58:24 AM by moyack »

Chronicles of Darkness

by: SonofJay

The official forum are still undergoing to some changes, we're using the old forum of Chaos Arena which we dropped a long time ago. The Banners and The Affiliation icon will be changed by Moyack soon. Also the contents of the sections are still empty and will be filled in the future.

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« Created: April 29, 2016, 08:11:10 AM by moyack »
Workers Corner / Buddy Approve Icon
« on: June 24, 2013, 09:02:40 PM »
Hey Moyack, just wondering if you can change the approve icon to a check icon cause the below image is kinda hard to spot if you're just using the buddy system for the first time and also because check is more appropriate <3

Site News & Updates /
« on: June 24, 2013, 11:36:16 AM »

Warcraft III Projects / A Dwarf's Tale
« on: March 17, 2013, 12:17:00 PM »

Warcraft III Maps / ChaosArena v1 1a opti
« on: March 17, 2013, 08:33:12 AM »
Version: 1.1
Keywords: Chaos, Arena, AoS
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Co-op (Cooperative)
Category: (AoS) like Dota or LoL, Arena
Tilesets: Dungeon
Players: Minimum players: 2
Maximum players: 10
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: May 01, 2016, 09:46:38 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: July 25, 2018, 11:20:06 AM by moyack »


The Legit v1.1a
-Map should not crash now if you die.
-Camera system (Top view, use scroll to move it up and down).
-5 new items.
-Hotkey is now QWER.
-Some minor fixes.

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« Created: May 01, 2016, 09:42:17 AM by moyack »
Warcraft III Maps / (4)Green Season
« on: March 17, 2013, 08:12:36 AM »
Version: 1.0.0
Keywords: Green, Season, sonofjay, SIRTech.
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Single Player
Category: Standard Melee, Altered Melee
Tilesets: Village Fall
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 4
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: May 07, 2016, 09:29:36 AM by moyack »
« Last Edit: May 21, 2017, 08:27:07 PM by moyack »
Map Info

Map size: 128x128
Playable area: 116x116

Map Description:
Spring is coming after the cold breeze of winter.This forest witnessed a lot of long and strategic battle. Use the hills as a advantage and control the gold mine on the middle to get the upperhand. But beware on zepplins flying around the area.

  • 8 Goldmines
  • 2 Red Creeps
  • 10 Orange Creeps
  • 8 Green Creeps
  • 4 Goblin Merchant
  • 2 Golbin Laboratory
  • 1 Tavern

Nan0(Not sure about this)

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« Created: May 07, 2016, 09:27:00 AM by moyack »
Tavern / Hows your New Year celebration guys?
« on: January 01, 2013, 05:33:20 AM »
Hows your New Year celebration guys?

Me, I went to a lot of friend's house to eat. Then on my way home, a drunk guy is mocking on the street just outside the house where they're drinking, (un)fortunately no one got hurt.

Tavern / Funny Joke
« on: December 29, 2012, 01:06:23 AM »
Found this joke this morning and until now I still keep laughing on it!

A lawyer and a blonde are sitting next to each other on a flight from L.A. To New York. The lawyer asks if she would like to play a fun game. The blonde is tired and just wants to take a nap, so she politely declines And rolls over to the window to catch a few winks.

The lawyer persists. He explains how the game works. "I ask you a Question, and if you don't know the answer, you pay me, and vice- Versa." Again, the blonde politely declines and tries to get some sleep. The lawyer figures that since his opponent is a blonde he will easily Win the match, so he makes another offer. "If you don't know the Answer, you pay me only $5, but if I don't know the answer, I will pay you $500."

The blonde figures there will be no end to this torment unless she Plays, so she agrees. The lawyer asks, "What's the distance from the Earth to the moon?"

The blonde reaches in to her purse, pulls out a five-dollar bill, and Hands it to the lawyer Then she asks the lawyer "What goes up a hill With three legs, and comes down with four?"

The lawyer is puzzled. He uses his laptop to search for references. He Taps into the air-phone with his modem and searches the Net and the Library of Congress. Frustrated, he sends emails to his coworkers and Friends. No luck. After an hour, he gives up.

He wakes the blonde and hands her $500
The blonde politely takes the $500 and turns away to get back to sleep.
The lawyer, who is going nuts trying to figure it out, wakes the blonde and asks,"Well, so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?"

The blonde reaches into her purse, hands the lawyer $5, and goes back to sleep.

Blonde rocks lawyer shocks

Warcraft III Maps / OotF Arena
« on: December 24, 2012, 09:48:28 AM »
Version: 1.6
Keywords: Oak of the Firefly, Arena, OotF, sonofjay
Play Mode: Single Player
Category: Arena
Tilesets: Dungeon
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 12
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
« Created: April 28, 2016, 10:02:11 PM by moyack »
« Last Edit: July 01, 2017, 07:59:07 AM by moyack »
Hello guys, sonofjay here again bringing you a project of mine, which is currently on beta. As far as i'm concerned it is 100% stable with no bugs at all since its just a mini project of mine. Anyway enough of the small talk.

[ Invalid YouTube link ]

Oak of the Firefly: Arena

Oak of the Firefly Arena is a free-for-all brawl type arena. All players are given the same
hero with same spells which means technique, timing and instincts are your only advantage to others.
The objective of the game is to be the first one to reach the set Kill Requirements its either team up with other
players to bring down the toughest opponent or simply kill steal from others without getting a scratch.

Experience a fast pace brawl with other players in a mysterious, dark and hellish terrain which is
designed by me and worked for hours just to deliver the best possible terrain for everyone to experience.


Fast paced actionA beautiful designed terrain
Cool spells which is implemented for strategical purposesKnockback other players when hitting/damaging them(Currently turned off)

-Fast Paced Action

Being fast paced doesn't mean that the game is just spam spell here spam there and boom you win. Not here, the definition of fast pace for OotF is that thinking your moves fast but using the right move at the right time. Since you don't want your ulti to be deflect by your enemy right?(Yes everyone have a default spell to neglect any damage for 1 second) So think first but be quick.

-A beautiful designed terrain

Probably the best point of OotF, I spent hours to simply create the best terrain that I can produce for everyone's enjoyment, beautiful and attractive (and a friend of mine said its looks a whole different game), but just enough to not distract you for the main goal. To win.

-Cool spells which is implemented for strategical purposes

One might probably ask me, 'why does everyone have the same spell, isn't that boring?' my answer is no, hell no since I really think of what kind of spells will perfectly fit to this type of game, spells that serves its total purpose, 'to be strategical for the whole game but not boring'. Actually it is better to see it for yourself.

-Knockback other players when hitting/damaging them(Currently turned off)

Actually will you believe that this is the core system of the game? It also boost all the spell by adding the knockback effect. And it doesn't only knockback one unit, it knockback every unit that it collide with! Of course it also add a realistic feeling since enemy get knockback everytime you hit them.(normal attack or a spell).


The Future of OotF

Q: What will be the the future of OotF Arena?

A: Well i'm looking for a long term project and OotF Arena might be the one, since Chaos Arena is a big bust(but I'm still fixing all the bugs) looks like OotF will be updated for time to time since its a easy to handle project with its simplicity. From the gameplay, terrain.. it just that all the ideas clicked and worked perfectly.

Version 1.1 is currently available on Hiveworkshop, but i'm gonna upload it here sometime tomorrow. Since that 1.1 have no bugs with 5 multiplayer test and tons by myself. It looks like 2.0 will be the next version and will be the 3rd patch for the terrain that will open another area. Items shops will also become available with interesting items with it etc.

Since everything is set and all I need to do is add content OotF Arena is moving on the right direction.

Well there is something that I can't handle myself and its making a intelligent AI, I wonder if the community can help me with it.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Your Site Director, SonofJay

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« Created: April 24, 2016, 10:50:55 PM by moyack »
Site News & Updates / Merry Christmas Everyone!
« on: December 24, 2012, 12:00:09 AM »

I wanna greet everyone who is part of the BlizzMod family a Merry Christmas, we surely is a small family but seeing how strong we are always make me think. "How does a small community like this able to survive? Including the fact that we're supporting a dying game called 'Warcraft 3' " Well the answer is that we have a very dedicated leader which name is Moyack. I really love working with this guy, he is friendly, funny, and always open to suggestions by everyone. It looks like we're the boss here and Moyack is doing everything for us to feel comfortable. And I still don't know why i hold a position like this while doing nothing.

Anyway enough of the small talk, I wish everyone a joyful holiday and lets keep rolling after the break.

-BlizzMod Family

Storytelling & Writing / A Star Has Fallen
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:18:00 AM »
Hey guys, just finished another piece of rap lyrics titled "A Star Has Fallen"

The style I used on this one is not my usual style since the chorus is not rapped, the intro chorus was sang on a acoustic way, then the second and the last chorus is on more of a scream. All I really need to do now, is buy a fucking mic then record this shit. Anyway, this one have no beat yet, if someone can point me a good beat maker that is free then I'll be really thankful. Oh well, it might be a little bit weird and out of tune if you're just reading it but meh, wait till I can record it.  :P


When a star has fallen from the sky
That day I wish that I could fly
I drew a gun and look up high

I just feel that I just fuck my life.
And the things that we had done
On our life will forever be part of our life

Verse 1:

All the things, everything that I did was
My choice, my decision that I think was
Not funny, not corny cause all I did was
To decide, no biggie cause I think was
Everything will be easy like I dream it was
But for once, I got a feeling that I just bust
What I can I do? its choice that I can't take back
Pull the trigger with a finger then live our life
Face everything with a faith
All the game that he throw that we call fate
Gotta say its tough but I'm okay
Need to face it, on this phrases then flow with the pace


When a star has fallen from the sky
That day I wish that I could fly
I drew a gun and look up high

I just feel that I just fuck my life.
And the things that we had done
On our life will forever be part of our life (x2)

Verse 2:

From my heart, its a start, of a brand new life
I won't fail, I even dare that you fuck my life
But i'll tell you I don't care cuz i'll live my life
To the fullest, to the best that I can live up
Its a test that I set so I'll do my best
I'm a fool but i have goal so i can't be fool
Its a promise, its decided so I can't give up
So to the rest, do your best and don't fuck up
Grab your dream, you'll be redeem and may become free


When a star has fallen from the sky
That day I wish that I could fly
I drew a gun and look up high

I just feel that I just fuck my life.
And the things that we had done
On our life will forever be part of our life (x2)

Performance time on practice with the planned timing is total of 2:53.

Tutorial Zone / How to import custom UI
« on: November 25, 2012, 03:56:04 AM »
Category: General Mapping Tutorials
« Created: April 04, 2016, 11:16:06 AM by moyack »
For multiplayer maps you can change the path of the imported files to this:

Inventory Cover: UI\Console\*race*\*race*UITile-InventoryCover.blp
Time Indicator Frame: UI\Console\*race*\*race*UITile-TimeIndicatorFrame.blp
Tile 1: UI\Console\*race*\*race*UITile1.blp
Tile 2: UI\Console\*race*\*race*UITile2.blp
Tile 3: UI\Console\*race*\*race*UITile3.blp
Tile 4: UI\Console\*race*\*race*UITile4.blp
Cursor: UI\Cursor\*race*Cursor.blp
Inventory Slotfiller: UI\Widgets\Console\*race*\*race*-inventory-slotfiller.blp
Cinematic Border: UI\Widgets\EscMenu\*race*\*race*-cinematic-border.blp
Spell Area of Effect: ReplaceableTextures\Selection\SpellAreaOfEffect_*race*.blp*
Options Menu Border: UI\Widgets\EscMenu\*race*\*race*-options-menu-border.blp
*: In the SpellAreaOfEffect the night elves are a bit diffrent as
it is "ReplaceableTextures\Selection\SpellAreaOfEffect_NE.blp"

For singleplayer/campaign map:

If you are making a singleplayer map or campaign you can take a shortcut by changing the game's interface on your map. First open the map in question then click the advanced button in the upper part of the World Editor next to tools. Choose "Game Interface", the fifth alternative from the top. Scroll down untill you get to the part where everything starts with "Image -" look for "Image - Cinematic Border". Check the little box in the upper left corner that says "Use Custom Game Interface". Now dubble-click the cinematic border line and change the path via the imported section. Do the same with the other imported files. To give you a challange you get to find out where to
put what on your own.

Tutorial Zone / Tileset Paths
« on: November 25, 2012, 03:55:02 AM »
Category: General Mapping Tutorials
« Created: April 04, 2016, 10:25:29 PM by moyack »

Ashenvale Tileset
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_Rcok.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_Rcok.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_GrassLumpy.blp Rough grassland: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_GrassLumpy.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_Vines.blp Vines: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_Vines.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_DirtGrass.blp Grassland soil color: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_DirtGrass.blp
TerrainArt\Ashenvale\Ashen_Leaves.blp Leaves: TerrainArt \ Ashenvale \ Ashen_Leaves.blp

TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_Pebbles.blp Stones to: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_Pebbles.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_DirtGrass.blp Grassland soil color: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_DirtGrass.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_Desert.blp Desert: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_Desert.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_DesertDark.blp Dark desert: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_DesertDark.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_Rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_Rock.blp
TerrainArt\Barrens\Barrens_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Barrens \ Barrens_Grass.blp

City Scape
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_BlackMarble.blp Black marble: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_BlackMarble.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_BrickTiles.blp Brick: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_BrickTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_SquareTiles.blp Square terrain: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_SquareTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_RoundTiles.blp Round terrain: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_RoundTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_GrassTrim.blp Formation of grassland: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_GrassTrim.blp
TerrainArt\Cityscape\City_WhiteMarble.blp White marble: TerrainArt \ Cityscape \ City_WhiteMarble.blp

Dalaran Tileset
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_BlackMarble.blp Black marble: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_BlackMarble.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_BrickTiles.blp Brick: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_BrickTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_SquareTiles.blp Square terrain: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_SquareTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_RoundTiles.blp Round terrain: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_RoundTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_GrassTrim.blp Formation of the grass: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_GrassTrim.blp
TerrainArt\Dalaran\Dalaran_WhiteMarble.blp White marble: TerrainArt \ Dalaran \ Dalaran_WhiteMarble.blp

Dungeon Tileset
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_Brick.blp Brick: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_Brick.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_RedStones.blp Red Stone: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_RedStones.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_LavaCracks.blp Lava fragments: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_LavaCracks.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_Lava.blp Volcanic rocks: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_Lava.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_DarkRocks.blp Dark rock: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_DarkRocks.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_GreyStones.blp Gray stones: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_GreyStones.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon\Cave_SquareTiles.blp Square terrain: TerrainArt \ Dungeon \ Cave_SquareTiles.blp

Lordaeron Summer Tileset
TerrainArt\LordaeronSummer\Lords_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ LordaeronSummer \ Lords_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronSummer\Lords_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ LordaeronSummer \ Lords_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronSummer\Lords_DirtGrass.blp Grassland soil color: TerrainArt \ LordaeronSummer \ Lords_DirtGrass.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronSummer\Lords_Rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ LordaeronSummer \ Lords_Rock.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronSummer\Lords_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ LordaeronSummer \ Lords_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronSummer\Lords_GrassDark.blp Dark grass: TerrainArt \ LordaeronSummer \ Lords_GrassDark.blp

Lordaeron Autumn Tileset
TerrainArt\LordaeronFall\Lordf_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ LordaeronFall \ Lordf_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronFall\Lordf_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ LordaeronFall \ Lordf_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronFall\Lordf_DirtGrass.blp Grassland soil color: TerrainArt \ LordaeronFall \ Lordf_DirtGrass.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronFall\Lordf_Rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ LordaeronFall \ Lordf_Rock.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronFall\Lordf_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ LordaeronFall \ Lordf_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronFall\Lordf_GrassDark.blp Dark grass: TerrainArt \ LordaeronFall \ Lordf_GrassDark.blp

Lordaeron Winter Tileset
TerrainArt\LordaeronWinter\Lordw_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ LordaeronWinter \ Lordw_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronWinter\Lordw_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ LordaeronWinter \ Lordw_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronWinter\Lordw_SnowGrass.blp Snow grass: TerrainArt \ LordaeronWinter \ Lordw_SnowGrass.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronWinter\Lordw_Rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ LordaeronWinter \ Lordw_Rock.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronWinter\Lordw_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ LordaeronWinter \ Lordw_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\LordaeronWinter\Lordw_Snow.blp Snow: TerrainArt \ LordaeronWinter \ Lordw_Snow.blp

Northend Tileset
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_dirtdark.blp Black: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_dirtdark.blp
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_rock.blp
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_ice.blp Ice: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_ice.blp
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_Snow.blp Snow: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_Snow.blp
TerrainArt\Northrend\North_SnowRock.blp Snow stone: TerrainArt \ Northrend \ North_SnowRock.blp

Village Tileset
TerrainArt\Village\Village_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_Crops.blp Crops: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_Crops.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_CobblePath.blp Cobblestone road: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_CobblePath.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_StonePath.blp Stone path: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_StonePath.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_GrassShort.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_GrassShort.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_Rocks.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_Rocks.blp
TerrainArt\Village\Village_GrassThick.blp Thick grass: TerrainArt \ Village \ Village_GrassThick.blp

Lordaeron Winter Tileset
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_Crops.blp Crops: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_Crops.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_CobblePath.blp Cobblestone road: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_CobblePath.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_StonePath.blp Stone path: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_StonePath.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_GrassShort.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_GrassShort.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_Rocks.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_Rocks.blp
TerrainArt\VillageFall\VillageFall_GrassThick.blp Thick grass: TerrainArt \ VillageFall \ VillageFall_GrassThick.blp
- Underground --
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GDirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GDirt.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GBrick.blp Brick: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GBrick.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GRedStones.blp Red Stone: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GRedStones.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GLavaCracks.blp Ice: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GLavaCracks.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GLava.blp Ice: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GLava.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GDrakRocks.blp Dark-colored stones: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GDrakRocks.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GGreyStones.blp Gray stones: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GGreyStones.blp
TerrainArt\Dungeon2\GSquareTiles.blp Square terrain: TerrainArt \ Dungeon2 \ GSquareTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_Poison.blp Pollution in the ground: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_Poison.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_Rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_Rock.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_Vines.blp Vines: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_Vines.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\Felwood\Felwood_Leaves.blp Leaves: TerrainArt \ Felwood \ Felwood_Leaves.blp
- Dalara sites --
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_BlackMarble.blp Black marble: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_BlackMarble.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_BrickTiles.blp Brick: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_BrickTiles.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_SquareTiles.blp Square terrain: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_SquareTiles.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_RoundTiles.blp Round terrain: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_RoundTiles.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_GrassTrim.blp Formation of the grass: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_GrassTrim.blp
TerrainArt\DalaranRuins\DRuins_WhiteMarble.blp White marble: TerrainArt \ DalaranRuins \ DRuins_WhiteMarble.blp
- Black Castle --
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_DirtLight.blp Pallens soil: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_DirtLight.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_RoughDirt.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_RoughDirt.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_FlatStones.blp Hiraishi: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_FlatStones.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_SmallBricks.blp Small blocks: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_SmallBricks.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_LargeBricks.blp Large blocks: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_LargeBricks.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_SquareTiles.blp Square terrain: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_SquareTiles.blp
TerrainArt\BlackCitadel\Citadel_DarkTiles.blp Dark terrain: TerrainArt \ BlackCitadel \ Citadel_DarkTiles.blp
- The Frozen Throne --
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_DarkIce.blp Black Ice: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_DarkIce.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_BlackBricks.blp Black brick: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_BlackBricks.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_RuneBricks.blp Nordic text engraved brick: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_RuneBricks.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_TiledBricks.blp Brick tile: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_TiledBricks.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_Ice.blp Ice: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_Ice.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_BlackSquares.blp Black square: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_BlackSquares.blp
TerrainArt\Icecrown\Ice_Snow.blp Snow: TerrainArt \ Icecrown \ Ice_Snow.blp
- The edge of the land --
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_DirtLight.blp Pallens soil: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_DirtLight.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_RoughDirt.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_RoughDirt.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_DirtCracks.blp Pulverizer: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_DirtCracks.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_FlatStones.blp Hiraishi: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_FlatStones.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_Rock.blp Rock: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_Rock.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_FlatStonesLight.blp Hiraishi pallens: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_FlatStonesLight.blp
TerrainArt\Outland\Outland_Abyss.blp Abyss: TerrainArt \ Outland \ Outland_Abyss.blp
- Destruction of monuments --
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_Dirt.blp Soil: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_Dirt.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_DirtRough.blp Eliminate soil: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_DirtRough.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_DirtGrass.blp Grassland soil color: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_DirtGrass.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_SmallBricks.blp Small blocks: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_SmallBricks.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_Sand.blp Sandy: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_Sand.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_LargeBricks.blp Large blocks: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_LargeBricks.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_RoundTiles.blp Round terrain: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_RoundTiles.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_Grass.blp Grassland: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_Grass.blp
TerrainArt\Ruins\Ruins_GrassDark.blp Dark grass: TerrainArt \ Ruins \ Ruins_GrassDark.blp

Warcraft III Projects / Vampire's Realm
« on: November 24, 2012, 08:14:15 AM »

Map Info:

Author: SonofJay
Map type: Offensive
Players: 4 max
Map size: 7-8mb

SonofJay - Lead Terrainer, Lead designer, object editor.
Valkemiere - Lead Spell Maker
J0k3r - Helper: Coder
BuyYou - Helper: Bug Fixing
Toma - Helper: Animator
Kisuke Uruhara - Helper: Modeler
Everyone can be a beta tester.


Vampire's Realm is the first part of my 3 part project series for Warcraft 3, Realm.
The first part is about a Vampire Lord and his minion slaughtering a whole village.
The King of Altervan sent 4 heroes to terminate this threat.


The gameplay will be similar to Blizzard's Diablo 3, means it focus really on mass killing of units with your spells and acquiring items to help you on the way.

For more info and screenshots just check this thread.

Site News & Updates / Site new feature: Blog!
« on: August 24, 2012, 05:07:14 AM »

Since BlizzMod want to be socialize as possible, we presents to you a new Site Feature a BLOG! Yup you heard it right!

For those who don't know what a Blog is, a Blog is a form of discussion or information that usually posted on the internet, it can be any kiind of discussions like music, fashion, gaming, food, hobbies etc.

On a Blog, you can post consecutively as you want but post must contain a good amount of information.

You can make your blog thread here in our gaming zone(place holder):

You can also find the blogs here:

This feature is still on test but we still hope you guys enjoy this new feature! We will try to improve it as the time pass by!

If you guys have ideas to improve it feel free to post it here!

Gaming Zone / SonofJay's Blog!
« on: August 24, 2012, 04:55:03 AM »
Hi its me your one of your Site Director, SonofJay and welcome to my blogging thread!

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