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Media Gallery system now on
on: June 26, 2019, 10:51:21 PM

Hello my dear community:

After some time improving the site under the ground, in the process of implementing the upload resource system produced a derivative code that allows you to manage a kind of media gallery dependent 100% of the forum structure and codification.

This gallery system is an interface to show all the files that you and the community uploads here. It offers filtering by images or files (or all of them), search files by keywords, search your files following this filters and if you want to comment you just have to go to the topic and message to quote them and promote the discussion of the topic.

I hope this system will ease to access your files and know what others publish.

Please use this topic to give suggestions and improvements about this gallery, and of course, please enjoy it :D
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Re: Media Gallery system now on
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Information updated


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