Power of Corruption

An altered melee game for Warcraft III TFT expansion

Power of Corruption - Credits

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Power of Corruption - Credits
« on: April 12, 2011, 08:34:58 PM »
This project wouldn't have existed without the companion of many members of the Warcraft III community. Here's a list of the people who has contributed with resource (by making them) and ideas (by proposing or giving feedback)
  • The original Staff:
    This is the staff behind of this game
    • Moyack: Main map developer.
    • Av3n: Ideas, Spells, AI and suggestions
    • Tarrasque: Modelling & suggestions
    • JetFangInferno: Suggestions & FX design
    • Archmage Owenalacaster: AI development
    • THE_END: Comments, support and Skins
  • Models - Skins - Spells
    This mod uses a lot of custom resources from the most known WC3 modding sites, credits to the respective authors for all the invaluable work and love put on them. I hope this map makes honor to them.
    • AndrewOverload519
    • Armel
    • Av3n
    • Cookie
    • D.O.G
    • DonDustin
    • Frankster
    • Grendel
    • Gottfrei
    • Tarrasque
    • JetFangInferno
    • Judash137
    • MasterHaosis
    • Mephestrial
    • Peekay
    • Pheonix-IV
    • Sellenisko & 67Chrome
    • sPy
    • THE_END
    • Whitehorn
    • WyrWuulfe
    • Ujimasa Hojo
  • Script & suggestions
    • Av3n (Your valuable help with items, abilities and other stuff)
    • RedDragon (Abilities help and other stuff)
    • Tarrasque (Your models and feedback were very useful)
    • JetFangInferno (For his suggestions and FX development)
    • GaDDeN (he has been a great helper with this project)
    • Kyrbi0: Abilities and some other ideas
    • Tim. (Thanks for his comments and for directing WC3C <3
    • Veev. For his help in grammar
    • Archmage Owenalacaster. For his help with the AI improvement.
    • Vexorian. For TimedLoop script
    • Earth-Fury for Board script.
    • WC3C community (for all the feedback received)
    • Jualin (Caster abilities ideas)
    • Raq_Thao
    • Sevion
    • Whitehorn (Naga Imperial Warrior abilities)
    • Zantetsuken@Azeroth (Veev)
  • Icons
    Some of this icons are as is, others were modified in borders and/or recolored in some cases, but they are based on the original work of the following authors:
    • CrazzyRussian
    • FrIkY
    • Handclaw
    • M0rbid
    • neo1989
    • NFWar
    • TDR (R.I.P.)
    • TripleDotta
  • Other Credits
    • Vexorian: For your excellent WC3mapoptimizer. This map was reduced and protected with wc3optimizer 5.0
    • RedDragon: A great supporter, thanks a lot.
    • scumedit.net (R.I.P.): I have an special gratitude with this clan for its support and bugs comments.
    • PitzerMike: (safety dance :P) For keeping alive JNGP. This map has been developed in Jass New Generation Pack (5b)
    • WC3Campaigns.net: For all the great support and the first hosting of this project.
    • This map has been compiled using Jass Helper version 0.9.J.0. (required for 1.24 patch and the known shit...) Credits to the respective authors.
    • Cohadar (For improving JassHelper and keep it alive)
    • Pipedream (Grimoire is too sexy)
    • Zoxc
    • RedDragon: Ideas and suggestions
    • Red-Bones-Ghoul: Ideas and suggestions (Lord of Darkness abilities)
    • Blade.dk (his war stomp spell making tutorial opens my mind to the JASS world)
    • Blizzard: For creating patch 1.29 and fuck the WC3 modding community
If there are any person which I haven't mentioned or missed, please let me know and I'll add to this glorious list.

Big hugs!!!
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