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The Tales of Raviganion template
on: July 09, 2012, 08:24:27 AM

The Tales of Raviganion

The Tales of Raviganion is a melee modification that replaces all the original Warcraft 3 races with new ones: Humans are replaced with Wood Elfs, Orcs with Trolls, Undead with Chaos and Night Elfs with Swamp Dwellers. It comes with dozens of new models, skins, advanced AI, and support so you can easily play it multiplayer. The mod also has shipyards and ships for all races. It is a melee mod which means it overrides map data in normal melee maps. This means that you can select any melee map and play this mod on it. The mod originally started out as a small map right after the released of Warcraft 3 named New Race Mod. The races draw inspiration from many game worlds such as those found in Heroes of Might and Magic, Warhammer and many others, to give the mod world a rich feeling. The Tales of Raviganion was made to give normal Warcraft 3 player a new fresh feeling to melee gameplay. It is one of the biggest released Warcraft 3 mods so far. No longer updated. For more info please visit the mods website.

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