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My brother and I both have PS3's and we play in different rooms, I continuely have to move it back and forth and its gets old. Is there a way to transfer the game save data to his offline. I tried using a usb, and putting it on the PS3. However, it says "invaild save data" "You cannot use this data becuase you are not the original owner" what do I do or can I do to use the save data on his PS3 offline?

Re: How to transfer ps3 data to another ps3 offline?
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You need a flash drive to move datas from a ps3 to another ps3,

First start up the game on your PS3 so it can install and create its save section.

After that's done, exit out of the game and transfer over your profile and game save(s) from the flash drive, overwriting the data (the game will create a new profile and save file, and you want to replace that with your save data).

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