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Hello guys, sonofjay here again bringing you a project of mine, which is currently on beta. As far as i'm concerned it is 100% stable with no bugs at all since its just a mini project of mine. Anyway enough of the small talk.

Oak of the Firefly: Arena

Oak of the Firefly Arena is a free-for-all brawl type arena. All players are given the same
hero with same spells which means technique, timing and instincts are your only advantage to others.
The objective of the game is to be the first one to reach the set Kill Requirements its either team up with other
players to bring down the toughest opponent or simply kill steal from others without getting a scratch.

Experience a fast pace brawl with other players in a mysterious, dark and hellish terrain which is
designed by me and worked for hours just to deliver the best possible terrain for everyone to experience.


Fast paced actionA beautiful designed terrainCool spells which is implemented for strategical purposesKnockback other players when hitting/damaging them(Currently turned off)
-Fast Paced Action

Being fast paced doesn't mean that the game is just spam spell here spam there and boom you win. Not here, the definition of fast pace for OotF is that thinking your moves fast but using the right move at the right time. Since you don't want your ulti to be deflect by your enemy right?(Yes everyone have a default spell to neglect any damage for 1 second) So think first but be quick.

-A beautiful designed terrain

Probably the best point of OotF, I spent hours to simply create the best terrain that I can produce for everyone's enjoyment, beautiful and attractive (and a friend of mine said its looks a whole different game), but just enough to not distract you for the main goal. To win.

-Cool spells which is implemented for strategical purposes

One might probably ask me, 'why does everyone have the same spell, isn't that boring?' my answer is no, hell no since I really think of what kind of spells will perfectly fit to this type of game, spells that serves its total purpose, 'to be strategical for the whole game but not boring'. Actually it is better to see it for yourself.

-Knockback other players when hitting/damaging them(Currently turned off)

Actually will you believe that this is the core system of the game? It also boost all the spell by adding the knockback effect. And it doesn't only knockback one unit, it knockback every unit that it collide with! Of course it also add a realistic feeling since enemy get knockback everytime you hit them.(normal attack or a spell).

The Future of OotF

Q: What will be the the future of OotF Arena?

A: Well i'm looking for a long term project and OotF Arena might be the one, since Chaos Arena is a big bust(but I'm still fixing all the bugs) looks like OotF will be updated for time to time since its a easy to handle project with its simplicity. From the gameplay, terrain.. it just that all the ideas clicked and worked perfectly.

Version 1.1 is currently available on Hiveworkshop, but i'm gonna upload it here sometime tomorrow. Since that 1.1 have no bugs with 5 multiplayer test and tons by myself. It looks like 2.0 will be the next version and will be the 3rd patch for the terrain that will open another area. Items shops will also become available with interesting items with it etc.

Since everything is set and all I need to do is add content OotF Arena is moving on the right direction.

Well there is something that I can't handle myself and its making a intelligent AI, I wonder if the community can help me with it.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Your Site Director, SonofJay

Added download link. Anyway guys, can you see the screenshots on the gallery section?


New VERSION is out! 1.2 now have AI SUPPORT!(Took me 2 hours to make the AI)

I still do not get why its called Oak of the Firefly.

Bloodelf/Sin'Dorei knows the reason, don't want to spoil something so lets just enjoy OotF: Arena. :D

Updated the download link: <link removed>


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