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The Warcraft 3 Project Development Forum
on: April 26, 2013, 01:04:27 AM

Welcome to the Project Development forum! Here, users may post about their upcoming projects for WarCraft III as well as receive feedback from other users, but you must follow the rules below (rules apply to their respective child forums):
  • All content posted must follow the site rules.
  • The moderators and administrators have the rights to delete any post that does not have relevance or contributes to the thread itself. Examples of such are personal conversations, or giving questions/responses such as "when will it be released?" or "awesome project", etc.
  • The main post must contain no less than 100 words, not including BB Code texts, and must contain a proper description. Please do not post threads with titles such as:
    • A have a new map!!!13371!!!
    • awezum dota map
    • new map, need ppl!
    • and such.
  • Images must be at least 640 x 480 or thumbnails in size. Any larger must be attached to the main post itself to prevent cluttering.
  • You may only create new threads regarding your project or any project with you as a member of its development team. Posting about other peoples projects is not allowed unless that user has passed down his/her project unto you or if he/she or the thread itself has been inactive for at least 1 year.
  • Your thread must be about a development of a project in either of the two games - WarCraft III or StarCraft II. Posting about game development outside the Blizzard franchise must be done at the Game Development forum. Any post that is not in its respective forum shall be moved with or without prior notice. Threads which have no relations to project development shall be sent to the Trash Bin.
  • Files attached to the main post must agree to the respective rules of their types. Finished WarCraft III map projects should be uploaded at the WarCraft III Maps section.
  • Posting in this or any of its child forums has the right to be subjected to be criticized and you have the rights as well to criticize the works of others.
  • Linking to external development sites are allowed, but we are no web portal. Linking to the said sites should be kept at minimum and is highly discouraged.
  • Upon the event of a thread having a multitude of posts being out of topic, the original poster/OP has the rights to call the moderators of the forum for a "sweep", which results in the removal of these posts and a warning to its posters. However, if the original poster/OP himself/herself joins this discussion, any proper minded individual of the forums may report it.
  • Provoking of the original poster/OP via posts.

A violation of any of the above rules may or may not result in the following, with or without prior notice:
  • Negative/minus reputation.
  • Temporary or permanent removal of post causing the said violation.
  • A thread which does not follow these rules shall be given 48 hours upon notice to change, and if not, will be deleted.
  • Severe cases may result in either a temporary or a permanent ban.

Helping in the enforcement of these rules grants any of the following, depending on the deed:
  • Positive reputation.
  • An "Upholder" spot, which is a requirement for moderation.
  • A spot at our "BlizzardModding Hall of Fame" (under construction).

Following these rules makes the forum a nicer, happier community. If you do not agree with any of these rules or see points for improvement, feel free to PM the administrator or the original poster with your insights. If not, please do not post in this forum.

But, if you want your thread to shine, consider the following:
  • Have a thread containing just enough for your readers to read and avoid walls of text. A short summary of the primary features, and add the elevator pitch, which is a short paragraph (less than 5 lines) made to convince your readers why your project is worth following and downloading.
  • Incorporate elegant thread design and proper usage of BB Codes. Use images, tables, colored texts, etc. which follow a certain color scheme not made to hurt the eyes of your readers.
  • Tell them what separates your map from the thousands out there. Use the What if... method, where you add a tweak a pre-existing concept to make it seem new. Example: :What if I made an RTS with emphasis on diplomacy", or "What if I made a Japanese-styled RPG?" or even "What if I made a Hero Arena which removes the leveling system?".
  • Last but not the least, make a good map, which has the right to be called a hosted project.

Threads created before the 26th of April 2013 will not be required to meet the above guidelines. However, any post after the said date shall be required to follow these rules. Updating of a thread before the said date shall be required to follow the rules above.

Have a nice day, and follow the proper Blizzmod etiquette.

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