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Title: Split Earth
Post by: radamantus on June 19, 2013, 08:07:53 AM
The Caster blows the earth with massive force,creating a huge fissure which travels towards the targeted point.After 1 second,the part of the fissure explodes,stunning enemy units within 500 radius around it and releasing fragments of lava scattered around fissure which deals damage.
|cffffcc00Level 1|r - 2000 range,stuns for 2 seconds,releases 6 fragments per spot,deals 10 damage per fragment.
|cffffcc00Level 2|r - 2500 range,stuns for 2.5 seconds,releases 8 fragments per spot,deals 17.5 damage per fragment.
|cffffcc00Level 3|r - 3000 range,stuns for 3 seconds,releases 10 fragments per spot,deals 25 damage per fragment

To Import:
Copy the dummies,spell,triggers and variables
Title: Split Earth
Post by: moyack on June 19, 2013, 08:08:23 AM
Please add the triggers in the first post and add some formatting to make it look spectacular :D