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• Game:
    - Fixed an issue where the gameplay UI buttons would display during the scorescreen.
• Editor:
    • JetScript:
        • New Events:
            - Mouse Button Pressed
            - Mouse Button Released
        • New Functions:
            - void InitializeMouseTracker()
            - fixed MouseGetX()
            - fixed MouseGetY()
            - bool MouseButtonIsPressed(int WhichButton)
            - const int MouseButtonLeft()
            - const int MouseButtonRight()
            - const int MouseButtonMiddle()
            - const int MouseButtonX1()
            - const int MouseButtonX2()
            - const int EventMouseButton()

• Game:
    - Added a exit button to the main menu.
• Editor:
    • JetScript:
        - GameShowInterface will no longer affect the interface buttons.

• Game:
    - Fixed an issue where the jetpack effect and sound could get stuck.
    - Holding down the 'climb down' (S) button while jumping now causes the player to go directly into flight.
    - The Challenge section has been implemented.
    • New challenge maps:
        - The Drop Challenge (Mod)
        - Asteroids (Mod)
        - Classic One (Easy)
        - Tower of Bricks (Easy)
        - Classic Two (Medium)
        - Metallic Ice (Medium)
        - Don't Touch the Floor! (Medium)
        - Space Castle (Medium)
        - Classic Five (Hard)
        - Rocket Cages (Hard)
        - Terrible Terrible Level (Hard)
        - Classic Six (Hard)
• Editor:
    - Further improved interface graphics.
    • JetScript:
        - Scripts with Key Pressed events will now execute even though user control is turned off.
        - PlayerMoveInstantly will no longer reset the camera if it's detached.
        - TimeFormat will now return the correct value.
        - Scripts can no longer run during the score screen.
        - Fixed an issue with array variables of type fixed sometimes causing a error.
        • New Functions:
            - int PlayerGetScore()
            - int PlayerGetScoreMultiplier()
            - const int KeyLeft()
            - const int KeyRight()
            - const int KeyUp()
            - const int KeyDown()
            - const int KeySprint()
            - const int KeyJump()
            - const int KeyUse()
            - const fixed MapCenterX()
            - const fixed MapCenterY()
            - fixed MapBoundCycleX(fixed X)
            - fixed MapBoundCycleY(fixed Y)
            - void GameSetMusic(int MusicId)
            - int GameGetMusic()
            - void EntitySetModel(int Entity, string Model, int Variation)
• New items:
    - Checkpoint
    - Entity Teleporter

• Game:
    - Banks will now be generated even though the user didn't save any custom level.
• Editor:
    - Improved interface graphics.
    - Fixed an issue where importing code into the currently opened script wouldn't update the interface.
    - Fixed an issue where the undo history didn't reset when opening the editor.
    - Fixed an issue where a lot of editor messages could cause a class instance overflow.
    • JetScript:
        - Scripts can now be rearranged.
        - TileGetMaxRows() and TileGetMaxCollumns() are now constants.
        - Added a resize keyword for arrays.
        • New functions:
            - void PlayerModelDisplay(bool DoDisplay)
            - void GameShowInterface(bool Show)
            - const fixed MapBoundMinX()
            - const fixed MapBoundMinY()
            - const fixed MapBoundMaxX()
            - const fixed MapBoundMaxY()
            - bool PointIsInsideMapBounds(fixed X, fixed Y)

• Game:
    - Players will now be able to jump from ladders.
• Editor:
    - Improved the map save and load functions.
    - Level name is now capped at 80 characters to prevent levels with long names from breaking the save code.
    - Maps will now be sorted by time since last save.
    - Lighting levels has been improved.
    • JetScript:
        - Fixed an issue with the event handler that caused only one script to run per event.
        - Fixed an issue with the editor indention not working if a parenthesis was next to the keyword.
        - Script event execution is now much faster.
        - LineBreak() and Quote() are now constant functions.
        - Added PlayerIsOnLadder() function.
        - Added exit, continue and break.
        - Added script importer/exporter.
• New items:
    - Torch
    - Torch (left)
    - Torch (right)
    - Torch (ground)

Initial release
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