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Spell Request
on: July 30, 2013, 06:17:21 AM


Hi needed someone to do a spell for me it's more like a grappling hook
but in different direction  here's the pic:

Two hooks will move diagonal (any angle you prefer or 45 degrees)
and the caster/hero will move forward as the hook will also follow, and inflict damage

  • Spell Name: Adrenaline Dash
  • Target Point Ground
  • those black arrow in the picture is the hook (SFX use The Tip of hook and the chain of the hook
  • two hooks will stop at the nearest doodads or units reach
  • Mana 100 and cooldown 5 seconds
  • Inflict (attack X 10)damage in AOE 150
  • Distance made 750

pls, really need it, to my map... :-[

I already have made the models i need in my map and the only spell left is this one :)
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Spell Request
Reply #1 on: July 30, 2013, 10:26:15 AM

First of all, welcome to Blizzmod Firstlegacy :)

I can help you but I can do it nicely, efficient and higly configurable in vJASS. This will imply to use this pack. I really suggest you this because it comes with nice features like multiplayer emulation, customization and more.

Spell Request
Reply #2 on: September 06, 2013, 04:08:23 AM

That's a bit difficult, but i'll try...

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