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JetCraft 0.6.0
on: August 01, 2013, 09:50:58 AM

JetCraft Beta version 0.6.0 has been released!
Head over to the beta page to download it.

What's new in 0.6.0:
• Game:
    - Fixed an issue where the jetpack effect and sound could get stuck.
    - Holding down the 'climb down' (S) button while jumping now causes the player to go directly into flight.
    - The Challenge section has been implemented.
    • New challenge maps:
        - The Drop Challenge (Mod)
        - Asteroids (Mod)
        - Classic One (Easy)
        - Tower of Bricks (Easy)
        - Classic Two (Medium)
        - Metallic Ice (Medium)
        - Don't Touch the Floor! (Medium)
        - Space Castle (Medium)
        - Classic Five (Hard)
        - Rocket Cages (Hard)
        - Terrible Terrible Level (Hard)
        - Classic Six (Hard)
• Editor:
    - Further improved interface graphics.
    • JetScript:
        - Scripts with Key Pressed events will now execute even though user control is turned off.
        - PlayerMoveInstantly will no longer reset the camera if it's detached.
        - TimeFormat will now return the correct value.
        - Scripts can no longer run during the score screen.
        - Fixed an issue with array variables of type fixed sometimes causing a error.
        • New Functions:
            - int PlayerGetScore()
            - int PlayerGetScoreMultiplier()
            - const int KeyLeft()
            - const int KeyRight()
            - const int KeyUp()
            - const int KeyDown()
            - const int KeySprint()
            - const int KeyJump()
            - const int KeyUse()
            - const fixed MapCenterX()
            - const fixed MapCenterY()
            - fixed MapBoundCycleX(fixed X)
            - fixed MapBoundCycleY(fixed Y)
            - void GameSetMusic(int MusicId)
            - int GameGetMusic()
            - void EntitySetModel(int Entity, string Model, int Variation)
• New items:
    - Checkpoint
    - Entity Teleporter

JetCraft Beta has been uploaded to America, Europe and Korea/Taiwan regions.
Though, I would still recommend downloading and playing the game offline.


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