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Blizzmodding Updates
on: October 03, 2013, 07:04:59 AM

Blizzmod Updates

Hello fellow Blizzmoders!!!

Probably you have seen low activity, but I'm working hard in the improvement of several things here. Let's see what we've done thus far.

New Mobile interface
At the beginning there was a nice mobile interface provided by my hosting service but I've received several comments about issues logging on that interface. For that reason, I've implemented a system in the same page that detects and sets a theme that fits much better in mobile devices. It's of course in process of improvement, but now you can post and check easily new posts in this site. I'll be adding later support to other section like the media place. I'll be glad to receive feedback here.

Meanwhile.... some screenshots:

Submit posts, tutorials and Resources... and don't forget to rate and RATE MORE!!!
Yes, posting your ideas, tutorials and resources and comment them here will make they appear more and more in search engines, thanks to the hard work in the process of optimizing this site to be Search engine friendly. If you rate your posts, you'll be contributing in the appearing of them in Google search results. Post here, invite friends to comment, and don't' forget to RATE whenever you can!!!

What we will get after this? our posts will look like this:

More improvements will come including a link to Blizzmodding in each result (I hope to get it possible soon). But meanwhile... we'll talk about the latest addition...

Social Pages
The second strategy to increase visibility of our site is using social networks. We're going to focus in Facebook and Google+ mainly because they offer the best option in search increasing procedures. We've started with a Facebook page for easiness and because I know it's very normal in any internet user to have a Facebook account. This page could be used as a way to receive updates of new posts about this site. in an easy way.

Let's invite people to join in our ranks!!! share and spread the word about this site and I hope we can make it more like your home :)

HUGS!!! :D
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