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Jetcraft 0.7.0
on: November 24, 2014, 07:44:26 AM

0.7.0 - 25 December 2013
• Game:
    - Reduced drowning sequence duration.
• Editor:
    - Added a new pop-up help interface (WIP).
    - Improved interface graphics.
    - Added a new background model.
    - Spike tiles can now turn into projectiles when activated by a trigger.
    - Highlighted tiles will now be selected after pasting.
    - Undo and redo is now a lot faster.
    - Added selection changes to the undo history.
    - Increased maximum undo history length to 512.
    - Entity tiles can no longer repeat outside map bounds.
    • JetScript:
        - Updated to JetScript 2.0 →
            - Improved engine speed and efficiency.
            - Scripts can now be compiled inside the editor to check for errors.
            - New and better scripting tools and user interface.
            - Added syntax highlighting.
            - Increased maximum script lines from 32 to 99.
            - Arrays are now dynamic.
            - Added support for array initialization.
            - Added 'until', 'do while', 'do until', 'repeat' and 'for' loops.
            - Added a 'for x in y' loop for arrays.
            - Added a 'do' block for generic code grouping.
            - Added a new 'object' type (object pointer).
            - Added multi-line comments.
            - Added a native JetScript missile system.
            - \n and \" can now be used in strings.
            - Added and reworked tons of functions.
            - Undo/redo functions now work inside the JetScript Editor.
            - Script debugging is now on by default.
• New Items:
    - Trigger Relay Random
    - Metal Lamp
    - Wall Lever Red
    - Wall Lever Green
    - Wall Lever Blue
    - Bat


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