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Jetcraft 0.9.0
on: November 24, 2014, 08:11:48 AM

0.9.0 - 03 March 2014
• Game:
    - Added multiplayer co-op mode.
    - Added multiplayer achievements.
    - Updated game code to support multiple players at once.
    - Snow now reduces the player's movement speed and reduces fall damage as originally intended.
    - Increased jump height slightly.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would spawn at a checkpoint when restarting from the scorescreen.
    - Fixed an issue where the player could retain the properties of the last tile of the previous level.
    - Improved the texttags displayed from items.
    - Built-in levels using JetScript has been updated to use the updated player functions.
    - Touched up old assets.
    - Heavily optimized entity code.
    - General code optimization/maintenance.
    • New Challenge Maps:
        - CGSOURCE (Easy)
        - Rock Avalanche (Medium)
        - Utter Insanity (Insane)
• Editor:
    - Improved level compression algorithm. Custom levels will now be MUCH smaller in filesize.
    - Level loading and saving is now faster.
    - Undoing tile changes is now faster.
    - Implemented a multiplayer emulation option in test games.
    - Interface updates.
    • JetScript:
        - A lot of functions have been changed to support multiple players.
        • New Functions:
            - object EventPlayer()
            - object Player(int index)
            - int PlayerGetIndex(object player)
            - bool PlayerIsPlaying(object player)
            - const int MaxPlayers()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetMaxJetpackVelocity(fixed velocity)
            - fixed PlayerGetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerResetMaxJetpackVelocity()
            - void PlayerSetJetpackFuelConsumption(fixed amount)
            - fixed PlayerGetJetpackFuelConsumption()
            - void PlayerResetJetpackFuelConsumption()
• New Items:
    - Red Bricks (Surface)
    - Dark Stone (Surface)
    - Emitter Pad (Left)
    - Emitter Pad (Right)
    - Emitter Pad (Up)
    - Emitter Pad (Down)
    - Emitter Pads (Horizontal)
    - Emitter Pads (Vertical)
    - Boulder
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