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LegionTD map(s) - artist help wanted
on: January 07, 2015, 01:00:11 PM


My name is von Oberstain, and I'm a, shall we say, representative of the LegionTD team.

This post is a help request for few variants of this rather popular WC3 map. If you're interested, please read on!

1. Legal stuff
Isn't Lisk creator of LegionTD War?

Yes, all the way till LegionTD War 1.5c Editor version. At this moment, he left map open for interested map-makers, and left the project. He returned once more to release 1.6b, which is the last 'official' version. From that moment on, a variety of map-makers were included in map development. At this time, all major variants of map are passed over from the original authors to the current team, which we do have in writing, usually in form of PMs or Skype logs. Namely:

a) LegionTD War 1.5c Editor is open map - but we also do have Lisk authorization in writing [not maintained]
b) LegionTD 2.0-2.7 X3 - created by eGze, and rights and map source are passed properly to our team [still maintained, by Saucer]
c) LegionTD MEGA - created by HuanAK, rights passed exclusively to our team [still maintained and in active development]
d) LegionTD UE/Pro - created by me, based on eGze 2.7 X3 [still maintained and in active development, by me]
e) LegionTD Revo - created by Kongk, based on mine LegionTD UE [in active development, by Kongk]

All maps, except LegionTD War 1.5c Editor version are closed source, mainly due to blatant abuse and installing cheats.

Confusing? Rather! But what is important, is that we have all the permissions needed.

Having said that, on to more interesting stuff!

2. Why so many versions?
Is there a place for all of them?

Many popular maps have different versions. Yes, there is enough place for all. Maps are hosted on bnet all the time.

3. Where do I fit in?
You said that the maps are closed!

Firstly, let me reiterate that Legion community is one of the most loyal and numerous in the world of custom WC3 maps. Maps are hosted regularly and filled quickly. It is easily one of the 10 most popular custom maps at this time (and during last 6-7 years).

Though the map code is closed, you can help in various ways, if your work fit in one of the following categories:
a) Models - most of the units have original Blizzard models (and there are hundreds of units, increasing)
b) Icons - lots of units with lots of abilities need lots of icons
c) Effects - we could surely use more eye-candies
d) Triggers - we have always the place for a good triggerer, though we mostly write the stuff ourselves
e) Graphic or web designer - we do have a site in development, and could use all kinds of stuff, big and little alike
f) Other - recommend yourself, and we'll see

4. What do I get?
Prizes, prizes, prizes!

A chance to work on a large, popular and long-lasting project. Contributors are, and will be listed in 'Thanks to' section of the map, as well as the site (in progress). Major contributors can get a name listed on the loading screen, upon request (currently, none of the team members is listed, and I work on this project for more than 4 years - so this is a kind of a big deal). Want something else? Ask and we'll consider anything reasonable request.

No money was, is or will be involved - ever. We all work for free, and have no aspirations towards being paid or 'donated'. Just to be clear.

4. How can I contribute?
Please, in the form of an example this time

a) Say you made a nice, low-poly model ~150kb, using ingame textures only. The model has a weapon.

This model is usable for map - if it's good, it will be in.

b) Say you modified your model from example a) to have alternate versions, typically another kind of weapon or glow or effects (this is not my cup of tea, and it shows). Say there are 2-4 alternates, all in one model ~200kb

This model is perfect for the map - all units in the map have upgrades, so having different flavours of the same unit is actually more useful than having two or more separate models.

c) Icons and other stuff - self-explanatory, we need icons (for example) all the times, and some we use doesn't fit the purpose well. Same goes for other stuff listed.

5. I'm not convinced
This is a complete waste of time!

Well - you don't have to contribute. We are actually rather looking for people who would participate without special requests - just as we all do.

6. I'm a Grammar-Nazi
And you're sentenced to death, for your numerous mistakes!

And I'm not a native speaker. So I don't care. But your 'talents' still can help, since none of us is. Native speaker, that is.

7. I know Legion and want to participate in map-development
Gimme the open-map!

Sorry. Not at first, and perhaps not at all. We had bad experiences in the past. But these doors aren't completely closed - when I joined, there were eGze and me; then just me; then Saucer and me; now Saucer, Kongk and me - things can change... Anyhow, we'll consider any good suggestion.

However, nothing so drastic stands between you and, say, "Lord Chancellor Lead Artist and Achbishop of Bath and Wales" title - except skill requirements, of course.

8. Is there something else happening?
It's an old map, after all...

You'll be surprised!

As you may or may not know, bnet is currently pretty much ruled by bot hosted games. Luckily, we do have a master network programmer, who improved Ghost++ code to such extent, that our bots will rule them all! But, thing is, they will be used exclusively for Legion-games. It's a work in progress, but nearly finished

There is also a ranking system - again, to overshadow all others - work in progress...

And other things...

9. I'm completely overwhelmed by your charm and wit!
How do I join?

Well, start by sending me a PM here. Or reply to this post. Whatever you like. It'll probably end with a series of talks over Skype - it's how we communicate between ourselves. Skype is a requirement.

von Oberstain

[To admins/moderators]
1. This may not be the right subforum for this post. Feel free to move it where it belongs.
2. Map download - I'll submit maps (last finished Pro, current MEGA 3.5 beta, and the current Revo beta) if needed.
3. 'Hosted project' - as I said, we already do have a forum, and are making a better one. This can be sister-forum - LegionTD players are numerous, but generally not too proficient in the skills we currently need. Just take note that the hosting our maps can increase forum traffic drastically, before deciding for or against.[/font]

Re: LegionTD map(s) - artist help wanted
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[Reserved by von Oberstain, if a need arises]

Re: LegionTD map(s) - artist help wanted
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[Reserved by von Oberstain, if a need arises]

Re: LegionTD map(s) - artist help wanted
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Hi von_Oberstain :)

By the moment, this is the right place to start the idea, and with this, we can work in a hosted project so it can bring more interest to your map. Let me know what would you like to have :D


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