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A Review of Real-Time Strategy Game AI
on: February 19, 2015, 11:15:13 AM
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An interesting reading about AI explained though Starcraft AI:

This literature review covers AI techniques
used for real-time strategy video games, focusing
specifically on StarCraft. It finds that the
main areas of current academic research are
in tactical and strategic decision making, plan
recognition, and learning, and it outlines the
research contributions in each of these areas.
The paper then contrasts the use of game AI
in academe and industry, finding the academic
research heavily focused on creating
game-winning agents, while the industry
aims to maximize player enjoyment. It finds
that industry adoption of academic research
is low because it is either inapplicable or too
time-consuming and risky to implement in a
new game, which highlights an area for
potential investigation: bridging the gap
between academe and industry. Finally, the
areas of spatial reasoning, multiscale AI, and
cooperation are found to require future work,
and standardized evaluation methods are proposed
to produce comparable results between

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