Jass New Gen Pack (JNGP) has been upgraded!!

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Jass New Gen Pack (JNGP) has been upgraded!!
on: May 21, 2016, 05:53:37 PM

JNGP 2.0.9 is live!!!!
"JNGP 2.0.9"
Fellow WC3 modders & mappers:

It's an honor to announce the release of the new version of JNGP: 2.0.9. With this new pack, I've added the most recent mods for WE and other features that will help you in the mapping process.

Among the main features added in this version, we can find the new WC3 patcher, which allows to set your WC3 installation in any version different from 1.27, this is needed to allow multiplayer emulation to work properly.

Some tools has been updated to the latest version:

With this new updates and features, I hope the community continue in this funny hobby and I'm really expectating that you enjoy this new pack.

As always... BIG HUGSSS!!!!!
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Re: Jass New Gen Pack (JNGP) has been upgraded!!
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Where is the download?


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