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Warcraft III Resource Submission Rules

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Warcraft III Resource Submission Rules
on: May 14, 2013, 08:39:53 AM

    Blizzard Modding Information Center
    Warcraft III Submission Rules

    Updated 14/05/2013

    The purpose of this submission rules is to help people to promote properly their resources and at the same time establish a nice and coherent protocol in presentation, which will help in the reading, rating and promotion of such resources.

    We'll be announcing updates in the rules via this topic and/or News section. If you have suggestions or comments about this rules, please use this topic.

    Map Submission Rules
    • The map must follow the site rules.
    • Maps should have a concise and proper description and title explaining the mechanics of the map as well as having a list of people who helped contribute in the map. Screenshots, version history, and other media are highly encouraged.
    • Maps should have a thumbnail. In order to accomplish this requirement , you must set as your first attachment an image file that represents properly the resource. After this, you can attach more images and the resource itself.
    • The map should be in a proper state. It should be free of any game-breaking bugs, leak-free, and should be at a playable state. Demos, alpha/pre-alpha versions of maps should be posted at the WarCraft III Projects section.
    • All maps which are not developed by the uploader should be presented with a permission from its original author.
    • Maps with a rating of 2 or below shall be removed within two weeks after notifying the author of its state (Avoid bad content). This may be due to a number of reasons, such as being of low originality or having multiple bugs or leaks.
    • Maps should be at least under 8 MB for multiplayer maps, and with no limit for singleplayer ones.
    • If your submission requires the downloads of files other than a .w3m, .w3x, or a .w3n file, the file must be hosted at a reliable hosting service, preferably our pastebin.
    • Resources must be free of malware or any harmful content.
    • Contest material/s which are submitted at the time frame of the contest shall not be rated and shall only be rated prior to the release of the contests results.
    • A map using resources (such as 3D Models, Textures) outside of the Blizzard franchise are not allowed to be uploaded since it violates copyright law.
    • A map must have the DISBTN versions of icons and must contain basic information about the map at the Quest Log.
    • A map must have a proper type and category, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5.
    • Additionally, BlizzardModding info has the rights to promote your map, allowing us to freely update/delete/distribute it inside this site and its affiliates and child sites. In any case where we decide any action in your map, the author will be notified. The original uploader of the map still has the rights to its IP.

    All of this takes effect after 14/05/13. Any map that has been uploaded before that time is not required to follow the rules. However, if you update that map after the posting of these rules, you are then required to comply with them.
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