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Hello Blizzmoders:

Things are coming faster than I thought, and it seems that patch 1.29 is coming faster and faster. And this can be proof by the news provided by Blizzard staff:
Quote from: Matt Morris, Developer
Our plan is to set up a PTR for Warcraft III, so that we can get early feedback from the community about our changes, and then make the appropriate fixes.

And this is the possible outcome of this announcement:
Quote from: Matt Morris, Developer
May 11

Classic Games has been working hard on Warcraft III. The 1.28 patch didn’t hit all the marks we hold ourselves to. We’ve been making a lot of changes behind the scenes to make future work faster and more reliable.
So things are moving in the "right" direction.... hummm... ok :)

Patching and installation, CD keys, data migration, missing files from MPQs, usernames and file paths with UTF-8 characters, screen modes, order ID’s broke popular non-blizzard maps, and Mac specific issues were fallout from those improvements. We are working hard to address all the issues that you’ve brought to our attention. We appreciate your patience and involvement.
Patience, definitelyis what this community has built in all this years... no problem whatsoever  :D

Improving these classic codebases comes with its share of hazards, and we’re glad to partner with you on the endeavor. The better you communicate needs, wants, or bugs for the game, the more effective we will be at building a better Warcraft III.
It seems that we have to keep in touch with them, and this is showing a real interest, or trusting, in the community creativity skills... isn't it?

As we move forward, there will be quality of life game improvements, editor updates, new map pools, balance tweaks, and more. The recent patch was an important step in paving the way for the bigger ticket items that you all want. Please continue to give us constructive feedback, let us know where we missed, and what you want us to do!

Thank you,

Matt Morris
Lead Designer, Classic Games
Then it's mandatory to keep sticky into Blizzard forums or probably on Hive so they can keep a real feedback from the WC3 community. We'll try to keep up to date this news from Blizzard.

What improvements could be added to the current game? Share with us your opinions.

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