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Help newb trying to create hotkey mod tool No New Posts General Help and WC3 Discussion

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Help newb trying to create hotkey mod tool
on: May 29, 2017, 07:40:58 PM

Is there anybody that can help me? I use Autohotkey to rearrange some of the hotkeys in WC3 that were never added to Customhotkeys.txt it lets me swap the inventory items and Grouping keys and more, you can find my tutorial/guide for those here https://redd.it/69p3nv

I am wondering if it is possible to make autohotkey auto-detect units within the game and auto-select or auto-group them? Like Im thinking if AHK can detect unit attack types like melee or range, or siege or air, that we could preset our unit groups without the need of constantly pressing Ctrl + # and newly trained units will automatically be added to our Ctrl Groups

I was able to find an AHK script called ImageSearch which detects images on the screen and auto-selects them, but the basic script which does sort of work just not very well especially with animated units (at least from the limited testing I have done so far) but there are more advanced scripts that I know are capable of doing what I am trynig to do, its just a bit beyond my knowledge in programming.

Im also trying to learn hexediting via cheatengine, the beginner tutorials show how to change the HP of a unit or the food supply, but not how to detect a units attack type. Somebody on another forum told me AHK can work together with cheatengine but I really have no idea how.

Any help? contact me @ reddit please thanks
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Re: Help newb trying to create hotkey mod tool
Reply #1 on: May 30, 2017, 10:24:41 AM


I've done some research about your needs, and I feel that you have to give me some introduction into the topic of hard WC3 melee playing.

I'm really interested in helping you but I would need some basic guidance from your part :)

I have not dealt properly in the part of catching the EXE functionality, but we could get an alternative solution to you needs.