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Discord Integration with the site.
on: October 23, 2018, 02:51:52 PM

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Hello my dear WC3 modders!!

Here I'm testing the new feature implemented in the site which is an integration with Discord channel. Now (in theory) when you create a topic, or reply to a topic or a new member gets registered, this will be known through the chat.

Of course, there could be adjustments in the functionality, and I hope this could help us in get more integrated the site with the chat.

As always, any comments and suggestions are welcome.


Discord Formatting:

Discord uses Markdown, a system which allows the user to make feel nice the text shared in this platform  O0O

This is the code:
  • Italic: _text in italic
  • Bold: **text in bold**
  • Italic & bold: ***text bold and italic***
  • Code: `Text in code`

Multiline Code:
Code: Text
  1. ```This is a multiline
  2. text code...```

For a complete tutorial, please check this link: https://wc3modding.info/5617/markdown-text-101-for-discord/
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