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WC3 Patch 1.30.2 New Update
on: November 16, 2018, 08:50:32 PM


Yes, new patch, new balance, new problems. As usual  :)

Quote from: Pete Stilwell
Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

We continue to roll improvements to the PTR. Please join us in testing the experience.

Please reinstall PTR if you do not have 10609:


Added kick and ban to player menu
Limited color menu to selectable colors
For arranged forces, changing player color will change player slot in game list
Host player will have ‘*’ next to name
Player latency is shown on right side of player list
Improved peer-to-peer map transfer to not lag host or client and have much faster download speed
Game lobby is hosted in the cloud in closest supported data center to host
Host is able to leave game without game ending
PTR servers in EU

Game will no longer slowdown/crash after running for hours
Jass Mouse Event IDs reverted to pre-1.30.2 order
Custom game list filter now works with spaces
Cloud Downloads no longer crawl at Tortuga speed

Ban option in player menu only kicks the player (use ban chat command for now)
The glaive thrower damage isn’t applied to the Vorpal Blades upgrade

!ban [name|slot]
!unban [name|slot]
!hold [name]
!holds [name] [slot]
!swap [x] [y]
!kick [name|slot]
Player Commands:

!mute [name|slot]
!unmute [name|slot]
Edit: A server hot fix has been deployed to fix the two reported crashes.


Hero Balance Changes

Brilliance Aura

Level 3 mana regeneration increased from 1.75 to 2.00 per second
Blood Mage

Reduced casting delay from 1.33 to .9 on all levels
Keeper of the Grove
Force of Nature

Treant damage reduced from 16 to 15
Entangling Roots

Level 2: Duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds
Level 3: Duration reduced from 7 to 6 seconds
Base Stats

+1 Intelligence
Pit Lord
Base Stats

+1 Agility
Human Balance Changes

Base Stats

Mana regeneration increased from .67 to .72
Spell Breaker
Tech Tree

Control Magic now requires Keep instead of Castle
Control Magic

Control Magic mana requirement reduced from 45% of enemy HP to 35% of enemy HP
Cannon Tower
Base Stats

Build time reduced from 75 to 65

Gold cost reduced from 200 to 150

Night Elf Balance Changes

Base Stats

Decreased base damage from 16 to 15 (17-19 to 16-18)

Is a upgrade again. 100/100 cost, 20 second research, on Ancient of War, requires Hunters Hall, no longer requires Tree of Ages
Duration increased from 3 minutes to 5 minutes
Druid of the Talon
Base Stats

Gold cost reduced from 150 to 145
Glaive Thrower
Base Stats

Base damage decreased from 50 to 44
Orc Balance Changes

Tauren Totem
Base Stats

HP reduced from 1200 to 900
Undead Balance Changes

Base Stats

Movement speed reduced from 250 to 235

Wand of Lightning Shield

Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds
This reduces total damage from 400 to 200

Well, according to Back2Warcraft, the feature "Game lobby is hosted in the cloud in closest supported data center to host" could bring some issues in the pairing of players which could be continents away...

Quote from: Back2Warcraft
We are alarmed by the new patch released on the PTR.

It is now impossible to select a server location when a game is created, bnet automatically picks the server closest to the game host

When Lucifer will face Foggy in the future, how is that going to work?

IF hosting on Battle.net for Warcraft III: Reforged (and SD) doesnt change, it's basically impossible to run tournaments outside of NetEase (China).

We must let Blizzard know that this CANNOT happen!


It seems that there's some issues with the pregistering, mainly with the fact that they're not getting linked with your classic CD keys. Here's the news link:

Quote from: Pete Stilwell
Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

You made announcing Reforged at BlizzCon an incredible moment. Thank you.

The team poured themselves into getting The Culling ready, and we’ve been blown away with the sentiment and positivity around this game we all love. We’re excited to see the lively discussion on this shiny new forum - thanks to Web & Mobile for making it available!

There is much to discuss.

Right now, we are addressing the snag with pre-purchase not awarding access to classic Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. We expect to have a solution in your hands by December 1st with 1.30.2.

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