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WC3 Modding News, for the sake of Christmas
on: December 23, 2018, 01:21:41 PM

Hello my fellow WC3modding community!!

Today I've finished with a long list of task regarding this site. The most complicated one was the implementation of the HTTPS protocol and just this "simple" changes implied the change of server, and the update of all the post links to the current new page:

More changes:

But this is not the only change, I've implemented some new features like:
attachments in PM, which will help you in the private discussion of topics with the possibility to add a file to share with. Just to be clear, the attachments in this mode are only visible to the users in the conversation, so linking a file in a public post / topic won't download the file for other users.
Customization theme for hosted projects: Yes, this site will still provide hosting if you need some space for that, but the plus is that it will be really easy to setup the forum presentation. This can be addressed with a PM to @moyack  and we can establish an agreement to set your hompage in a nice and adapted to the project forum.

Examples of this:



And with the hope that the coming year will arrive with good wishes and success in your projects, I want to wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas and an awesome year 2019.

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