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Creazy Dwartf Race V1.30 No New Posts Warcraft III Maps

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« Created: December 10, 2022, 12:51:40 AM by Pashafenko036 »
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Creazy Dwartf Race V1.30
on: December 14, 2018, 07:22:13 PM
Version: 1.3.0
Keywords: warcraft war map race game drive crazy car cart shoot custom reforge
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Single Player
Category: Minigame, Arena
Tilesets: Ashenvale, Dungeon, Lordaeron Summer, Village, Village Fall
Players: Minimum players: 1
Maximum players: 10
Rating: 4.75
Warcraft III Map
« Created: December 14, 2018, 07:22:14 PM by Jack-of-Shadow »
« Last Edit: December 22, 2018, 11:17:41 AM by moyack »

Races for survival:

      - Game with people and bots.
      - A lot of bonuses.
      - Completion of items and spells.
      - the destruction of passages.


    - movement - arrows.
    - abilities - QWER ASDF ZXCV

"Bonuses and abilities:"
Air Blow (NEW)
Drop bombs at a random point on the highway. In case of a miss of a bomb stuck in the ground. The slightest touch causes detonation.

Random Bonus (NEW)
For 5 seconds, a rotating cube appears over the hero, offering random abilities.

Double bonus (NEW)
Bonus ability can be used twice.

Clear path (NEW)
Destroys fallen trees in front of you.

Salvation (NEW)
Teleports you to the penultimate player if you have eaten the last time.

Navigator (NEW)
Indicates the direction. Indispensable in the dark and during blinding.

+ 100 hp

The hook that attracts the target of the strike [Manual attachment]

Light ignition, blinding opponents.

Reflects opponents.

Lightning shield
Impresses current nearby creatures.

Goblin Mine
Explodes when approaching. 80 damage.

Automatic targeting to the nearest enemy. 80 damage.

Combustible mixture
Ignites the ground, setting fire to rivals. 15 damage / c.

Attack modifier: Close.
Shells on impact temporarily block control.

Attack modifier: Disarmament.
Seashells on impact temporarily prevent the enemy from using weapons and bonuses.

Attack modifier: Triple damage.
Shot dealt 3-fold damage.

Attack modifier: Slow.
Shells reduce speed when hit.

Within two seconds, the spikes fall to the ground. The opponent with damaged wheels periodically loses control.

+10 to speed. Within 5 seconds

Blows up a huge radius. 150 damage. [Manual application].

Instant movement to the nearest enemy. 3000 distance.

Sticky tape
Within two seconds, sticky mines fall to the ground, reducing speed. - 15%.

Bonus experience
+ 1 point ability.
All abilities of bonuses are available for installation on your transport, divided into 4 categories and improved to 4 levels.

Security [A]
Application on yourself.

Ability neutralizing rivals behind.

Weapons [D]
Ability neutralizing rivals ahead.

Moving [F]
Ability to affect the movement.

Weapon (New)
Increases damage to shells.

+ 10/30/50/70 units

Steam boiler.
Increases maximum speed to 25/35/40/45.

+ 20/40/80/120 units

Acceleration 20/30/40/50 units. consumption hp 2 units / c. Recharge 15 s.

The likelihood of skidding is reduced to 80/60/30/0%. Acceleration increases by 110/120/130/140%.

Mechanics. (New)
10/20/30/40 Resurrection faster by 0.06 per unit.
You can change the graphics settings for better performance.
QualityLow: -ql
QualityHi: -qh

The [Q] key enables / disables the track navigation.

Use hotkeys [Q], [W], [E], [R], [A], , [D], [F], [Z], [X], [C], [V] for quick access to abilities and improvements.

Having received significant damage to the transport lights up losing 2 units. strength per second.

The weather is automatically generated before the race.

The host player can adjust the weather at the start of the race using the [R] key.

Dungeons are quite dangerous, but some of them can help you cut a path or find unique bonuses.

Explosive barrels ignite in a collision, and explode after a few seconds.

If you correctly calculate the time, you can destroy the opponents pursuing you.

Peasants are constantly losing their kegs.

Most bonus abilities are available for installation on your vehicle, divided into 4 categories and improved to 4 levels.

Turbines consume a lot of energy, but they allow you to speed up to the maximum in the shortest possible time.

Time to return to the track depends on the level of mechanics. At the finish line, the return is instant.

Mechanics also increase the regeneration rate by 0.06.

Maximum speed can be increased by improving the steam boiler.

Improving the wheels of transport will reduce the acceleration time to maximum speed.

Improved armor will significantly reduce the damage received by transport.

Installation of major improvements: turbines, wheels, armor and engine, affect the appearance of transport.

Attack modifiers, such as: Closure, Triple damage, Slowdown and Disarmament,
impose their effects when shells hit the enemy.
Each modifier when turned on is displayed by a light on the front of the transport case.

Hook Maneuvering allows for a few seconds to attract the point of impact.
It is very convenient on turns and huge spaces, however it is worth aiming at trees or stones so that the hook could catch

If you are stuck or off the track. You can quickly return using the [Z] button.

The lighting charge blinds all opponents for a while.
However, using it in dungeons will have no effect.

Teleport allows you to instantly move to the nearest opponent in front.

Dynamite is a very powerful weapon that affects a huge area.
In time, the activated detonator is able to destroy several enemies at once.

Spikes damage wheels.
Transport such damage periodically loses control

Random Bonus is displayed above the transport in the form of a rotating cube.
Have time to hold [R] to get the desired bonus

Upon reaching the finish line, the first player starts the countdown.
During this time, other players may try to intercept the victory or take second and third places.

Dark water indicates greater depth.
Be careful, if the transport gets stuck in a muddy bottom, you will have to use liquidation.

The hook has more advantages over other accelerating abilities.
However, for its successful use requires a more open area.

Sometimes you can cut the path even in the most non-obvious places.

Tangential collisions cause less damage than frontal ones and do not interrupt movement.

Sticky spider cocoons burst in a collision, greatly slowing down the transport.

Shooting from guns wears transport taking 3 units. strength

The shield blocks the hit of shells and some abilities.

The yellow plus sign in the upper left corner is an indicator of accumulated experience points,
which you can spend on improvements.

Do not stop using the fuel mixture, otherwise you can light up yourself.

All traps set by you, act on both rivals and on you

Four types of active abilities can be installed on the transport:
Guard, Trap, Cannon, Movement.
Use the keys [A], , [D], [F].

The card supports bots, both in single player mode and in multiplayer.
Bots can be put into slots in the standard battle mode.

Leading player marked with a gold cup in the record table and a golden crown over transport

The choice of abilities to install opens on the keys [A], , [D], [F].

To further improve or select additional upgrades, use the [V] key

Permeability depends on the soil: water, grass and slopes reduce speed.

When using the Illuminant charge at night, use the navigator [Q].

In the PitStop area. You can repair the transport. And get a random bonus.
Also, having accumulated 5 experience points, you can get a free improvement of Mechanics +10. (experience points are saved)

Sandy road will help not to go astray. You can also use the navigator [Q].

The table of records can be minimized by pressing the [ESC] key.
"Version 1.30 [complete 100%
The track and visual:
 Significantly reworked the route.
 The track is more detailed.
 Fix missing colliders.
 Redesigned lighting.
 Added dungeons.
 Pedestal reworked.
 Added random weather (Day, Foggy Day, Night, Foggy Night)
 Bonuses are now dropped from the air. The model is replaced by a box.
 Transportation after death is landed by helicopter.
 Secret paths are now initially blocked by fallen trees.
 Fixed a bug with the destruction of the bridge.

 Fixed many memory leaks.
 Guide points replaced by destructible objects
 Added graphics settings via the chat panel. Reduces visibility. Reduces the granularity of the environment. (- ql, - qh)
 Lightweight periodic triggers.

 Bots no longer get stuck in obstacles.
 Improved interaction with workarounds.
 Improved upgrading and use of abilities
 Added generation of random names for bots.

Management and Interface:
 Mirror replaced by Compass (Q)
 Improved panel chorus-to transport. Added display of damage, acceleration, mechanics and hero level. Added descriptions.
 Removed black stripe in place of hidden hp bar.
 Opponents are now displayed in color on the minimap.
 Changed the location of the upgrade buttons [V], turbine [W] and return to the track [Z].
 Added tips while waiting after death.
 New loading screen.
 Added display of HP when taking damage.
 Added notification when entering a new circle.
 Added display of the player's position next to the name.
 Fixed ability descriptions
 Added command: -cn [Camera Normalized]. Pulls the camera out of the ground after the bug with screwing up the game.
 Added command: -bs [BurningSun].
 Added random tips button [X].
 The highscore table can now be scrolled by pressing [ESC].

Balance and Abilities:
 New bonus: "Clear the way." Destroys fallen trees in front of you.
 New bonus: "Double bonus". The bonus ability can be used twice.
 New Bonus: "Random Bonus". For 5 seconds, a rotating cube appears over the hero, offering random abilities.
 New bonus: Air Strike. Drop bombs at a random point on the highway. In the event of a miss bomb stuck in the ground. The slightest touch causes detonation.
 New bonus: "Salvation". Teleports you to the penultimate player if you are the last to eat.
 New improvement: Guns. Additional damage from shells + 10/20/30/40
 New improvement: Mechanics. + 10/20/30/40. Resurrection faster at 0.06 per unit. Chance to teach additional experience + 0.1%. per unit
 Spikes: increased model size.
 Rektektur icons: Acceleration, Thorns, Rocket. All improvements are now displayed as active button.
 The resurrection time is now 3 seconds (mechanics reduces the interval).
 Shells now spawn right from the guns, without additional offsets.
 Projectile damage type changed to "Normal"
 The initial acceleration is doubled.
 Backward speed increased to 5 units.
 The number of experience points for killing is reduced from 2 to 1.
 Transport initial strength increased from 100 to 150
 Added Burning. Having received significant damage to the transport lights up losing 2 units. strength per second.
 Fixed damage when confronted with obstacles and vehicles.
 Changed the global ability "Explosion" (all explosions). Damage reduced from 500 to 250 and divided into all units in the area.
 Removed replays when issuing bonuses.
 Added anti-cheat.
 Death takes away all experience points.
 The shield now blocks all negative effects, not just damage. Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds.

Obstacles and Objects:
 Added cocoons. (40% slowdown in a collision).
 Added fallen trees. (prepad) Deleted by the explosion of barrels and some abilities.
 Added ents. (caste slowdown)
 Peasants added slowdown. ( 20% )
 Water reduces speed.
 Grass slows down.
 Slopes reduce speed. (before the slopes reduced acceleration.)
 Added PitStop zones. (Stop for 1 sec. Recover HP. Buff acceleration. Random bonus.)
 + Having 5 experience points, you can get a free improvement of Mechanics + 10. (Experience points are saved.)



Special thanks to:
   * Blizzard Entertainment
   * Various editors: Jass New Gen Pack, MdlVis, War3 Model Editor, Blp Lab
   * XGM site and community
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Re: Creazy Dwartf Race V1.30
Reply #1 on: December 15, 2018, 09:53:27 AM

Hi @Jack-of-Shadow !! and welcome to WC3Modding.info  :XD:

I just wanna say this map looks very nice and extremely polished. This night I'll give a try for a further opinion :D

BTW, I did some small changes in your posts so it can show properly in the main page and when your share it on social networks,

Re: Creazy Dwartf Race V1.30
Reply #2 on: December 16, 2018, 10:11:30 AM

Thank you very much, I could not understand why the preview is not displayed.
The translation in the CDR_Eng version is inaccurate, since I used the autotranslator, but I hope that it will be at least understandable. Notify me of critical text errors. And I can fix them in the future.


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