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on: February 10, 2019, 11:14:14 AM

Welcome to the official page of the Clan wTc.


Who we are?

We are an adept community to Wacraft 3, which develops and host our maps Footmen vs Grunts (FvG) and Hero Push (HP). Our Clan is located in Northrend.

If you wanna join our Clan visit our Channel: Clan wTc on Northrend (Europe)

Staff & Developers

@wTc[JediMaster] - ChieftainwTc[Dragon] - Shaman@wTc[Apocalypse] - ShamanGoMinGo - Shaman@wTc[VenDetTa]  - Shaman@wTc[Zodiac] - Shaman
wTc[Dragon] - Hero PushCompit - Footmen vs GruntsHartog - Retired (HP)

Our Games


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May The Force Be With You! & Have a wormTastic game!