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Footmen vs Grunts No New Posts Warcraft III Maps

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« Created: April 19, 2020, 08:34:14 PM by wTc[JediMaster] »
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Footmen vs Grunts
on: February 10, 2019, 06:45:36 PM
Version: 5.4c RF
Keywords: Footmen, grunts, battle, clan wTc, wTc
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Co-op (Cooperative)
Category: (AoS) like Dota or LoL, Defense, Mass Control
Tilesets: Cityscape
Players: Minimum players: 6
Maximum players: 10
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
Version 5.4c 14/03-20

Fixed armor bug of Ghoul and Grunts hero
Archer hero: Poison: Damage 50+75 -> 50+50, increased duration on units by 1 sec
Archer hero: Attack range reduced
Unit Battle XP: Melee units gain less xp (same as ranged now)
Unit Battle XP: Hit points bonus reduced from 3% to 2%/level
Archimondis: Animated dead: Number of units 6+6 -> 12+0, added attack speed bonus 50%+50%, duration 15+5 -> 20+0
Removed all hotkeys in the tooltips
Draenei Demolisher: Old models was in deleted in Reforged, now Orc catapult tinted blue
Fixed tooltips
Evasion: Level 8: 60%->50%
Pocket Factory: Less Bounty
Sentry: Less Bounty
Item Scope: Costs 200gold
Assassin: Fixed missed attacks
Item Scourge Bone Chimes: 15% Lifesteal
Added Statistics via upload to https://wc3stats.com/
Added Discord Link in Map description
Huntress: Bounces 3->4, Damage loss 50%->40%
Ice Block: Cooldown: 75 -> 120s
Battle roar (fixed damage): 5+5 -> 7+7
Stats: Result, Gain%, Feed%, Hero kills, Hero death, Unit Kills, Unit Deaths, Heroes used, Units trained, Mode (regular or dg/sg/si), Score (feed/gain ratio)


12/05-19 Version 5.2
Updated Terrain
Enabled Demon Race (again)
New Loading Screen.

(Wednesday, 06 February 2019 19:21)
Changelog 5.04 and 5.05:

Shaman Purge: Range 700->1000
Copter: + True Sight
Lalulo: Ultimate: added 10% chance to suicide
Demon Lord: Death Strike
Rabbit: Bash -> Hit
Inner Fire/Bloodlust: Duration 90->60s, Mana costs: 40+0 -> 40+10
Kick command: Cooldown 180 -> 60s
Immolation, Lvl 8: 230 -> 120 dmg
Marines -> Space Marines + Immunity
Draenei Demolisher: Faster CD
Life Drain, Mana Siphon: DMG-/MP-
Scout: Same behaviour as Spirit Wolves, disappears when casted again
Selling Heros: Gold-, the next new hero will get a XP boost
Talisman of Life: 500HP/500g
Amulets of Int/Agi/Str: +15/10/12
Brigand/Raider/Skeleton Orc: 1800->1400g, 1800/1800/1750->1400/1400/1350hp
Hidden Wall bug: Fixed
Zeppelin: Send Items: Decreased range, +Mana costs
Added Random Hero Shop
Frost Wyrm: Freeze 5s -> 0.5s on buildings
Pandaren Elemental: Level 3+4: AS: 1.5 -> 2.0, HP: 5000->4000/7000->5500, MS: 300
Sapper: Start Stock Delay: 180s->300s
Sniper: No minimum attack range, MS: 220->320
Removed Sheep from Random Heroes
(Fix) Armor of Gods: added +200DMG
(Fix) Double hero bounty
Towers: Added attack damage to towers in the back


5 beta:
I am sorry but I cannot provide all changes, because I forgot them or never wrote them down. Since it took so long for this update and lost some of my notes...
This version has big changes, but I hope they make the map better/different.

###Changes regarding spawn units and upgrades:
Rearranged all units and upgrade position, some upgrades changes the building
Spawned units: REMOVED Spellbreaker, Spirit Walker and Banshee (not related to Possession bug, I just read about it afterwards)
Shaman: Purge: -> AoE Purge (Replacement for Walker)
Shaman: Bloodlust: 15%+5% for AS and MS (MS was less than AS before)
Necromancer: More HP, Mana, Mana regen through upgrades. +2 def.
Skeleton Mastery: Also adds 30% magic damage reduction to Necro+Skeletons.
Skeleton Longlivity: 100+100 -> 100+200 HP (+applicable to Orc Skeleton)
Cripple: +Range, -Mana costs (Replacement for Banshee)
Knight: New upgrade: Galopp
Fel Orc Raider: New upgrade: Slam
Destroyer: Devour Magic: ->500 summon damage (replacement for Walker)
Gargs: Added Stone Form upgrade
Artillery upgrade: Moved to Tower
Improved Bows: 300->400g
Devotion Aura (Bandit Lord): 9->8 def, 300->600g
Renuncation Aura (Abo): ->600g
Summon upgrade: 100+150->200+200, also increases hit points of summons
Shaman & Priests: Changed upgrade system of Inner Fire/Bloodlust. First level is available by default.
Increased many upgrade costs in the Upgrade Center

Added Battle XP system: If one unit-type kills a enemy unit, it gains xp based on the level of the killed units. Leveling up gives damage and hp. It is valid for all units of this unit-type -> all Footman get the upgrade not just the killer.

Hero bounty: Hero bounty depends now more on the hero level and less on the Gain of the Owner: 100.00 + (Level * 20.00) + (1% * Gain) for normal heroes
Bounty: Heroes gain 25% less bounty for killing units compared to unit-unit-kills. Hero-hero-kills are not affected.
XP rate: Increased XP rate for all heroes
Endurance Aura: +1%/level
Archimondis: Nerfed hero stats, hp and damage. Nerfed Chain Lightning, Replaced Bash by Animated Dead. We will see how this figures out. Buffed Spirit Beast. Idea is to make Archi != Win
Furion: Changed
Blink: +CD, -Range, +Mana
Rabbit: Some nice changes, lets see how he works out
Wizard: 6k->12k gold and 0->3k wood costs. medium->high hero bounty. Buffed negative auras a little bit.
Phoenix: Nerfed
New hero: Warlock (3k g, 600 w)
Pocket Factory: Kaboom reduced AoE
Strength: 1=35->25hp
Max Hero Level: 40->50

XP tomes at Bladebane: 300->500 XP
Demon Race: working on it
Stone: Removed True Sight
Base: Added Speed Aura
Bladebane Armors: 50->40 Str Bonus, 50->30 Agi Bonus
Coral Blades droppable
Added new mode: Noob Gold 2


Version 4.f:
Mana flare: It can be canceled, but you have to actively cancel it by clicking on the skill again. Added tooltip hint.
Cloak of Immolation: 35->25 dmg
Summon Tentacle Unit Count 3+0.5 -> 3+0
Reworked Summon Bounty System: 3*unit level + HP/80 if Resistance Skin/Immune/Mechanical/Air * 1.5 (For "small"/"mass" summons, unit level does not correspond to ability level: e.g. Serpent Wards, Tentacles, Reef Elements, Skeletons)
Flame Strike Ultimate: Increased Duration
True Sight Stone: AoE 1800->500
True Sight Summon Owl: 1800->900
Sentry Ward Rune: Duration: Unlimited->300s
Ghost Invisibility: Additional 0.25+0.25 MS increase
Bladebane Armors: 50->40 Str Bonus, 50->30 Agi Bonus
Coral Blades droppable
Added -icon command
Lizard Rage
Harpy: Ultimate: CD 0s, Duration: 1.5+0->1.5+.5
Added No Startcreep Mode
Added -share # command. (-fullshare # already exists)


Changelog 4.0f
(Sunday, 22 March 2015 19:50)
Changes @ max level
Bloodlust 30% -> 25%
Inner Fire 25% -> 20%
War Drums 40% -> 30%
Roar 50% -> 35%
Trueshot + Command Aura 45% -> 40%, Items 15% -> 10%
Devotion Aura Bandit Lords 11 -> 9, Item 8 -> 6
Renunciation Aura Abos -9 -> -8
Unholy Aura 80% -> 55%, Item 25% -> 20%, Naga 15% -> 20%
Endurance Aura 25%/45% -> 24%/32%
Death Tower Aura -12 -> -10
Frost Tower Aura -25% AS+MS -> -15% AS -10% MS
Sapper increased size by 20%

Furion 15k -> 25k
Archi 12k -> 20k

Noob Gold 30m -> 45m
I improved the mass commands. Units should move smarter now.
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by Compit

Best Footmen Vs Grunts Version ever . . . !

https://wc3stats.com/fvg Leaderboard
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May The Force Be With You! & Have a wormTastic game!


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