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« Created: April 20, 2022, 09:21:16 AM by wTc[RanDom] »
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Hero Push
on: February 17, 2019, 10:35:31 AM
Version: 4.3
Keywords: Hero, Push, wTc, HeroPush, HP, Hero Push
Play Mode: Multiplayer
Category: (AoS) like Dota or LoL
Tilesets: Sunken Ruins
Players: Minimum players: 4
Maximum players: 8
Rating: 5
Warcraft III Map
Changes in 4.3:
- BM of the Blackrock Clan: ulti -> Phoenix Slice (AoE line)
- Betrayer: Dark Energie -> Blade Dance (mobility + AoE dmg)
- Burning Archer: ulti -> Arrow Forge (AoE line)
- Dragonspawn Overseer: ulti -> Azure Strike (AoE 3 cones)
- Fire Lord: ulti -> AoE Soulburn
- Flesh Golem: ulti -> Reconstruction (AoE debuff + mobility)
- Frost Mage: Q Shatter (nuke or AoE combo with Ice Prison)
- Grand Marshal: ulti -> Summon Nozdormu
- High Priest Inner Fire -> Gift of the Naaru (AoE heal)
- Hydralisk ulti -> Needle Shower
- Kabal Courier: main attribute changed to Intelligence
- Naga Myrmidon + Tuskarr Chieftain: W -> Ensnare
- Naga Summoner: ulti -> Fishy Tactics (+ int, extra summons)
- Nerubian Queen: ulti -> The Web (AoE Web)
- Priestess of the Moon: ulti -> Lunar Eclipse (AoE stun)
- Sea Giant: ulti -> Seaquake (AoE dmg)
- Space Marine: Inner Fire -> Fantaicism
- Wendigo Shaman main attribute changed to Agility
- Siphon Soul and Life Drain steal 10 times over 5 seconds
- Most channeled ultimates cast faster (same total damage)
Main units: Added tooltip for Huntress Glaive
Mercenaries: Increased the AoE of Overlord's Terrifying Pressance and damage reduction to 15%
Creeps: Attack speed of Sky Barges +10%, Dark Wizard cost set to 400g and reduced Silence duration on Heroes
- Set the attack rate bonus per upgrade of Frenzy to 8%
- Increased the base magic resistance of Magic Defiance by 5%
Items: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian got new effects
Game Mechanics & more: Reduces magical bonus damage on ethereal units 66%->50% and various other minor balance changes
New stuff in 4.3:
Heroes (total of 99):
Strength (33 total):
Crusader (former Light Prince): Blessing of Kings (AoE buff), Plague of Sins (AoE armor debuff) Divine Shield, Retribution (growable dmg AoE)
Deeplord Revenant: Spawn Fountain, Wrath of the Tides, Whirlpool (AoE + slow), Seaquake (instant AoE)
Agility (33 total): -
Intelligence (33 total):
Elemental Keeper: Summon Lava Spawn, Water Elemental, Lightning Elemental, Malygos
Fel Mage: Demon Bolt (nuke), Infernal Strike (AoE, stun), Advanced Fel Magic (+int, +Q dmg), Fel Ward (Mana Flare Ward)
Fire Revenant: Pyro Blast (nuke), Soul Burn, Holy Fire, Fires of Olympus (AoE heal/dmg)
Shadow Troll Priest (replacing Shadow Ogre Magi): Shadow Nova, Curse of Weakness, Shadow Form (movements speed, no unit collision), Shadow Totem (AoE)
Wizard: Arcane Torrent (AoE), Plasma Pulse (dot + nuke), Summon Spirit Bears, Time Warp (CD reset)
Creeps: -
Mercenaries&Upgrades: -
- 3 new secret item: Gul'dans Gloves, Khadgar's Ring of the Archmages, XXXX
- Added the Black, Green and Red Dragon Roost, which contain various finished items of the Goblin Laboritory recipes
Game Mechanics & more:
- New Quest: Hero Builds
- Split the Hidden & Secret Items Quests in 2 seperate and added more information about secret items
- Known issue: Animate Dead cannot be reverted to it's original form

- - - - - - Changes in 4.1: Heroes:
- Fire Lord game crashes FIXED
- Removed Centaur Khan from the Hero Pool
- Reduced the stun duration of Freezing Potion
- Changed the scaling of Sleep
- Reduced the duration of Chemical War Fare
- Increased the mana cost of Lightning Shield and Norish
- Set maximum stack of Shell Cracker to 4
- Dancing Shadows creates 2 on all Levels, increased cooldown
Main units:
- Buffed Crushing Wave of Naga Royal Guards
- Kobold Geomancer -1 armor, +50 life points
- Draenei Darkslayer use Fan of Knives insteat of Immolation (controllables do not cast automatically!)
- Improved Immolation and Infernal Shot of Infernal Dragons
- Buffed the splash damage of tier 2 Ships
- Adjusted upgrade costs for summons, mechanical units and War Mill spawn upgrades
- Buffed the damage over time of Orb of Venom and Chitin Blades
- Wand of Necromancy now spawns 2 smaller Skeletons per kill (->dispel is more effective), it also requires Claws of Attack and grants more intelligence (less powerful on agility heroes)
- Reduced the lifesteal of Mask of Death and Weapon of the Dragonslayer
Game Mechanics & more:
- Instead of the Hero Soul refund, you get 10 Hero Souls per game
- Uncontrollable units are controlled by the AI
- The playable map area size has been increased. Reminder: If units try to cross the outer black line, they die

- - - - - - New stuff in 4.1:
Heroes (total of 96):
Strength: Wendigo Shaman, Stonemaul Leader, Wildkin, Shadow Ogre Magi, Mud Golem, Tauren Commander, Ancient Protector, Naga Royal Guard
Agility: Arachanthid Overlord, Kabal Courier, Mortar Team, Faerie Dragon, Daughter of Cenarius
Intelligence: Ancestral Shaman, Archdruid
- The Summoning Stone is now available with 16 unique hero creeps
- Obsidian Statue Contract, each controllable unit can be turned into Destroyer Form for 475g
- Gnoll Brute Contract, can be upgraded to the Gnoll Overseer contract
- Replaced the Power Upgrade with 4 new upgrades for Creeps and Summons
- Secret Items: Crown/Scalelegguards of the Dragonslayer
- Added multiple Hidden Items, recipes and tooltips can be found in the Quest Log
- Charm of the Wind can now be upgraded to Fury of the Wind
- Added the Apprentice Staff (required for the new wands!)
- The Staff of Blessings recipe is now the recipe of the Magic Wands, which can create 6 additional new powerful staffs, tooltips are in the new Quest Magic Wands
Game Mechanics & more:
- Added cinematic Intro and Outro and reduced loading time
- Heroes are unique now (no more duplicates in and across teams) and Single Draft will now offer 2 heroes of each attribute
- Limited each kind of upgraded Fountain to 4
- Writing on a lore for Hero Push, preview is in the Quest Log and inside more information about a win reward mechanic!
- On defeat, you receive a Shade of Observation to watch the game

- - - - - - Changes in 4.0:
- Fixed Faceless Ultimate
- Skill replacements:
- Satyr Shadowdancers Blood Fury -> Shadow
- Space Orcs Headshot -> Flag Cannons (fix AoE dmg per attack)
- Blackrock BM's ulti Bladestorm (temporary);
- Voidwalkers Devour Magic -> Nether Echo (bouncing attack) + changed main attribute to agility
- Light Prince Shockwave -> Avenging Wrath
- Buffed Burning Presence and Holy Fire
- Queen of Sufferings Vampire is now a passive lifesteal only (Orb effect)
- The Admirals ultimate now summons units based on your current main base
- Meele Heroes were granted an additional point of armor
- Fixed/Balanced hero base and level bonus stats
Main units:
- Buffed Pulverize of Tauren and Magnataur Destroyers
- Undead Sky Portal spawns Frost Wyrms (Frost Attack)
- Orc Sky Portal spawns Wyvern Riders (Multishot)
- Balance improvements:
- Buffed Infernal Fire of Infernal Juggernauts
- Overlords Cleaving Attack +5% and +15 AoE
- Adjusted the stats and abilities of Gnolls, Statues and Destroyers (during beta)
- Improved the AI behind Immolation usage
- The costs for upgrading mercenary spawns now include a roughly 40% cost refund of the base unit cost
- Slightly reduced the attack and movement speed of Satyr Assasins
- Lowered all ship costs, Sky Barge costs 1150 now
- Adjusted upgrade costs for summons and mechanical units
- Changed magic resistance of summons back to 3% per upgrade
- Auto Repair Systems now also benefit mechanical mercenary units
- Advancted Rituals now reduces the respawn time of your Hero by 20s
- Fortification improves Resistance Aura
- Cost of Runic Armor was set to 15000
- Changed some item positions, also across the shops!
- Adjusted the cost of various items
- Worker Token was removed
- Buffed the potion abilities of Crown of Vitality/Wisdom
- Reduced the splash damage of Orb of Fire and Searing Blade
Game Mechanics & more:
- Adjusted cost, armor and health of certain buildings
- Ethereal units take 66% extra magic and spell damage (50% before)
- 1 point of strength increases the life regeneration by 0.18(0.15 before)
- Single Draft let's you choose between 6 heroes
- In a future update the Single Draft Tavern will always show 2 heroes of each primary attribute
- Initial maximum merc count = 4
- Reduced the bounty for early game hero kills

To adress Illusions with Phoenix Staff i reduced the range of the Staff and decreased the number of images (they deal more dmg now and take less)
- Changed various (problematic) Heroes base dps such as Frost Troll Warlord, Dark Ranger ...
- Due to Reforged removing the Space Orc model, we now have a Space Marine
- Buffed Archer of Elunes ultimate. total +50 range more and it reduces the cooldown of Arcane Missles by 15 - 30 - 50% (before 10 20 30)
- Adjusted the cost of the Arcane Spellbook, it's researches and all summon upgrades
- Since summons felt too weak against dispel, Mark of the talon now grants 4% resistance per lvl
- Increased the Dispel Magic cast range of Troll Mage
- Since autospawn units are computer controlled now, this means that on the score screen only kills of your hero and controlables will count
- Increased the damage of Impale by about 10%
- Adressed the resizing of certain models as well as possible, so that they are not too big or too small on both graphics (i might have to force HD graphics at some point)
- Added a fire visual effect to the Burning Archer, since the Reforged model doesn't have any

- - - - - - New stuff in 4.0:

Heroes (total of 97):
Strength: Wendigo Shaman, Stonemaul Leader, Wildkin, Shadow Ogre Magi, Mud Golem, Tauren Commander,
Ancient Protector, Naga Royal Guard
Agility: Arachanthid Overlord, Kabal Courier, Mortar Team, Faerie Dragon, Daugther of Cenarius
Intelligence: Ancestral Shaman, Archdruid
- The Summoning Stone is now available with 16 hero creeps (beta versions)
Mercenaries & Upgrades:
- Obsidian Statue Contract, each controllable unit can be turned into Destroyer Form for 475g
- Gnoll Brute Contract, can be upgraded to the Gnoll Overseer contract
- Replaced the Power Upgrade with 4 new upgrades for Creeps and Summons
- Added a Resistant Skin upgrade for organic Creep Camp units
- Abilities of Essence of Aszune and Heart of Deathwing were moved to Spellbooks so they can be deactivated
- Secret Items: Crown/Scale Legguards of the Dragonslayer
- Added multiple Hidden Items, recipes and tooltips can be found in the Quest Log section Items
- Charm of the Wind can now be upgraded to Fury of the Wind
- Added the Apprentice Staff and Orb of Darkness
- The Staff of Blessings recipe is now the Recipe of the Magic Wands and can create 6 additional new powerful staffs, tooltips can be found in the new Quest Magic Wands (note Wand of Necromancy and The Stormbringer provide Orb effects)
Game Mechanics & more:
- Summoning Stone units are unique, when they die you get a Hero Soul refund (more information in the Quest and building)
- Each kind of upgraded Fountain can only be constructed 4 times
- All offensive ships have an individual limit of 12
- Added a timer for Ship Factory and Summoning stone
- Added more map informations in new Quests/updated old ones
- Writing on a lore for Hero Push, preview is in the questlog and inside more information about a win reward mechanic!
- Fixed/Clarified as many tooltips as possible, if you find something text me via discord please!
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« Last Edit: February 10, 2023, 11:44:40 AM by wTc[JediMaster] »
This resource / topic is compatible for Warcraft 3 Reforged

Welcome everybody to Clan wTc's Hero Push!
Made by Hartog & developed by wTc[Dragon] / Spyro#2622.

This game has been developped over the last 9 years, and we finally made it to version 4.1, let's get into it!

Hero Push is a game that is designed to be play by 8 players in teams of two where income and experience is shared. In each corner of the map every team has two main bases one for each player.
If you destroy a base, all things owned by the player will die. Unlike in DotA, this game is not just about your hero but also the units you push with.
With certain spawnrates units are created, one to run clockwise and one counterclockwise direction. At the start of the game all players vote for either Single Draft or All Random heroes.
Single Draft shows 6 different heroes in a tavern, All Random allows for a one time -repick without a drawback. Over the years multiple playstyles have evolved of which we're going to cover the basic ones.
Though before that please note than wTc[Dragon] put a lot of effort in the tooltips for them to be as informative as possible and also he shared a lot of important information in the Quest Log(F9).

Start of the game

With the -cam xxxx command you can adjust your vision (default 3000). It can be advantageous to use control groups for your main base, hero and other things.
The hotkey system is based on german keyboard. If you have for ex. 12 researches in a building, hotkeys look like this: Q W E R, A S D F, Y X C V.

For abilities the hotkeys Q W E R are used, if there are skills in the middle row S D F, Attribute Bonus and Shadow Meld is on default hotkey.
On each lane are two starting creeps that tank a while to increase the size of the first push.
Afer that is dealt with then the pushes of both teams clash until one side won and pushes to the enemy base. In your base you have a homefield advantage. Your base provies a 1% life and mana
regeneration for your hero and the +5 armor Resistance Aura to nearby allied units. After defense it's your turn to push into the enemy base.


Your hero is the most important tool to gain gold. Take note that some Heroes work in synergy some races more then other. Note that if you want to "go Hero/Loning" (this is what we call buying items or boosting your hero by other means),
it can then be crippling if your ally dont upgrades his units. There are many different ways to going hero but here are some of the recommended ways:
Strength heroes gonig for survivability with a Cloak of Flames and Crown of Life, Agility heroes can start with a Charm of the Wind and Intelligence heroes can build an Arcane Spellbook to gain more spells (Summons and AoE/Damage). Later in the game you can build a legendary weapon or a magical wand to greatly enhance your heros effectiveness.


Your main base can be upgraded into 8 different races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The autospawn units spawn twice as fast as controllables (both are separatly capped at 500 supply).
Each race has a specific upgrade for those units. With a worker from the Creep Camp, you can build various buildings to support your playstyle.
In the two Centers you can buy additional unit spawns, Mercenary which holds neutral units that work with all races and Training that fokuses more on racial support,
(Contracts initial maximum: 4). Some of them even use racial upgrades (check tooltips).
The Ship Factory that contains 3 contracts for mechanical units aside from its ships. The Research Center contains a lot of upgrades and the War Mill can improve certain Contracts and contains all racial upgrades.
The most used units of the Creep Camp are: Worker, Troll Mage for active support, Dark Mage for sabotage, Kodo Beast and Frost Troll Warlord for pasive support with their auras.


The Goblin Laboratory is where you find the recipes for all combined items (aside from the hidden ones). This includes the previous mentioned items for heroing.
For units you can make auras that work globaly and then combine them to the Orb of Perservance.
If you are going items it's recommended to do this Orb mostly for you and your ally, because hes gonna need all his gold to make an army that can support the both of you. The materials for these items are split across the other shops.
One of the most unique items in Hero Push is the Ghost Scroll with some controversy surrounding it.
This item allows your units to ignore their collision for the duration while also having faster movespeed and more damage.
It is mostly used in the lategame when there is huge pushes, but also to basekill other players as a comeback mechanic. But no worries this effect can be dispelled.
Using the speed scroll both defensively and offensively is also helpful.

Main Base

Your base is your most important building to protect, since you're out of the game if it dies. In order to do so it has two active inventory slots, which means that you can for ex. use an Invulnerability Potion with it.
Also a Fire Orb can help defending against rush strategies in addion to upgrading the armor and reparing to make the base harder to kill. Everyone stat on T0 with the militas and can then work their way up to T5 within a race,
while it is posible to swap races mid game its not recommended due to it in most cases beeing a waste of gold and time. Racial upgrades is enabled at T2 and forward for all your main units + the "Dragon" unit you can get at T5
(aswell as any other spawns that make use the upgrade).

We'd like to point to the "How to deal with.." Quest, since there is some strategies that might overwhelm you if you don't know the counter and but we assure you there is a counter to every playstyle in Hero Push.
(And sometimes its just too late to stop a team, all that can be done then is stay and put up a good last stand and maybe if youre good/lucky you can do a comeback?)

For more detailed informations about certain topics please take a look at the Quest Log. There you can also find the Change Log in every version among other things.

wTc[Dragon] is always open for constructive feedback, but please take the time to look at the score board and compare gold gathered before you call something overpowered.
If you manage to win a game of 8 players (no computers), you will be rewarded with a hint that leads to the secret items in Hero Push. For more details check the Lore and Hidden&Secret Item quests.
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May The Force Be With You! & Have a wormTastic game!


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