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WC3 Modding news: First quarter edition
on: April 07, 2019, 07:32:25 PM

News happening at WC3 Modding.info

Hello my dear Community:

There has been some changes in the process in this site. probably visitors could not notice them, because they're happening in the interior of the system. But the results are Rising, in the same way as a JediMaster train and train its abilities with the force becoming more skillful and powerful. Probably this sounds crazy and out of context, but you'll see  ;D

First thing first: Clan wTc and WC3 modding are now allied communities.

wTc clan (also known as wormTastic Clan) is an adept community to Wacraft 3, which develops and host their favorite maps Footmen vs Grunts (FvG) and Hero Push (HP), all of them hosted here and still active on Classic Bnet. This Clan is located in Northrend.

Wc3modding together with the wTc clan, we have established an alliance to strengthen and unite the community of players of Warcraft 3 through the development of maps and their diffusion in the community, becoming the new page of the clan https://wc3modding.info/wtc/ . I want to thank the trust given by the wTc community, led by @wTc[JediMaster]  , by allowing us to use the power of our website to fulfill our dreams and yearnings to grow in the world of WC3. All my support to wTc!!!

Staff Members
@wTc[JediMaster] - ChieftainwTc[Dragon] - Shaman@wTc[Apocalypse] - ShamanGoMinGo - ShamanwTc[VenDetTa] - Shaman
wTc[Dragon] - Hero PushCompit - Footmen vs GruntsHartog - Retired (HP)

Additional links


Official homepage
Diplo + WC3 Modding = LOVE

Well, Diplo has a great motto that defines all the community in itself:

Meet people. Play games. Have fun. Make friends. Get skills. Grow up. Attain job. Build career. Get married. Raise kids. Retire early. Travel world. Turn 65. In hospice bed. Fight Death. Visit diplomunion.com.

Still there. Still kickin'.

Diplomacy. Diplomatic Union. Diplomunion Forever.

They have been restructuring its community, and after some time they raised from the ashes, like a phoenix, reopening and forging its principles, something that deserves a lot of respect and motivation. Definitely, here at WC3 modding we share their philosophy and we hope this alliance will keep growing more and more strong. Salute to Abdel, his administrator.
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