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Patch 1.31 is on PTR, big changes in WE
on: April 26, 2019, 05:38:04 AM

Patch 1.31 is on PTR, big changes in WE

Hello my dear partners and friends:

Probably this news sounds a little bit normal, regular... but, this time we have to put a lot of attention to the kind of changes they did, because the main aspect of changes was in the MODDING PART, preparing the editor in its first steps toward Reforged.

I'll write more about this in this topic. Meanwhile the changes (I only will talk about the WE part, it's the juicy part   ;D ):



  • Expanded supported window modes in Options
  • Integrated Direct3D 11 graphics API
  • Added 64 bit support for Windows
  • Sounds are disabled when the client is not active in -nativefullscr
  • See the World Editor section for more details on many additions and improvements including beta support for Lua
  • Join the fray over in the Competitive section for balance and map pool changes


  • 256 bones are available (Thank you, Retera)
  • Custom movies play correctly (Thank you, Gustafsson)
  • DBZ Tribute Elite 2.5.1g no longer causes desyncs
  • Builders_and_Fighters_CFVers_1.08 no longer causes desyncs
  • Char Def 4 3.0 Fix 5 English loads
  • HM RPG v7.00 loads
  • NCD6.9 ENG Dannebox loads
  • Maps no longer download again with each patch
  • Sound data no longer transferred between maps
  • Commands issued while a unit is affected by Possession no longer trigger after control is restored
  • Switching window focus with Open Broadcaster Software running no longer causes freezes
  • Combat and death sounds are no longer played globally for observers


  • This PTR does not support Mac
  • Setting texture quality to low may result in a crash
  • The map preview window has been temporarily removed
  • Lua errors report the wrong line number


  • The ‘/’ command line argument flag is no longer supported (use ‘-’ instead)
  • Removed: -nativefullscr (Replacement: -windowmode fullscreen)
  • Removed: -fullscreen (Replacement: -windowmode windowedfullscreen)
  • Removed: -window (Replacement: -windowmode windowed)
  • Removed: -swtnl (Replacement: nothing, Warcraft uses hardware texture and lighting)
  • Removed: -d3d (Replacement: -graphicsapi Direct3D9 [May be removed in the future])
  • Remvoed: -opengl (Replacement: -graphicsapi OpenGL [May be removed in the future])


  • Removed: “Gfx Fullscreen” (Replacement: the window mode is now stored in the preferences)
  • Removed: “Gfx OpenGL” (Replacement: -graphicsapi OpenGL on the command line)
  • Removed: “Gfx SwTNL” (Replacement: nothing, Warcraft uses hardware texture and lighting)

  • (Beta) Added Lua as a supported scripting language. To create a Lua map:
    • Create a blank map
    • Open “Scenario -> Map Options”
    • Select “Lua” from the “Script Language” dropdown:
    • Maps save in the selected language
    • Maps that are written only in standard libraries can switch to Lua
    • Maps that use custom script will have to disable all custom triggers before conversion
    (Beta) Object modification system API allows new changes to many items, abilities, units and more at run-time.
  • Maps can be saved and loaded as folders (as well as MPQs)
  • You can now manipulate the map structure very easily outside of the editor (such as adding files). In the editor go to File > Save As and then select to
  • save the map as a directory or a MPQ. This feature coupled with auto-import allows maps to be manipulated and developed by multi-person teams more easily.
  • Loose files in a map are now auto-imported in World Editor
  • Historically, an imported file would be noted in the .imp file. Loading the map only load/save files that were stored in the import file. Auto-import loads and save files that are stored in the map folder automatically. This also makes manipulation of map files outside the editor possible.
  • Added support for many popular community created functions
  • Added Custom User Interface functions to allow map makers to add, remove, and adjust UI frames
  • When saving a map as an MPQ, the editor no longer saves file times to make maps deterministic
  • The editor now creates a backup map file on save
  • The data layout in CASC has changed, each directory with the “.w3mod” suffix acts as an overlay for the engine
  • Maps are .w3mods with a different extension (.w3m or .w3x) which allows us to support maps that contain all locales in one map
  • Folders can now be nested in the Trigger Editor
  • Globals are now part of the trigger tree, and can be put in relevant categories
  • Doodad height is now an adjustable property (Requires “Reset Fixed Object Heights” disabled)
  • When creating new objects in the object editor you are now given the option to customize it
  • Scripts can now detect when any unit is damaged
  • Scripts can now detect and modify the damage done before armor
  • Scripts can now detect and modify the attack type, damage type, and weapon type (Note, modifying these only works in the pre-armor event)
  • GroupAddUnit/ GroupRemoveUnit now returns true/false if a unit was added/removed
  • More group manipulation natives ( BlzGroupAddGroupFast, BlzGroupRemoveGroupFast, BlzGroupGetSize, BlzGroupUnitAt)
  • Bitwise functions ( BlzBitOr, BlzBitAnd, BlzBitXor)
  • When JassHelper is enabled, it now only shows the JassHelper error dialog
  • Removed deadzone when using the editor on widescreen displays
  • Tooltip Previewer displays how text will appear in game
  • BlzSetAbilityResearchExtendedTooltip now displays the correct string
  • BlzGetLocalUnitZ now returns the correct height
  • Setting Use Custom Color to True for the waterfall doodad no longer causes a crash
  • Units given custom spellcaster icons do not crash the game client when selected
  • Certain custom models are no longer lost due to textures being relocated in the game
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