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on: March 02, 2011, 07:15:48 AM

I have been using SMF from the past, and I wanted to share something with the Admin of the website.

If you search in SMF community there is a tweak that allows you to use 2 SMF boards with 1 User table, that way you share users and content will be different.
Im saying this because I discovered you had another section in your website, and this can make you stats more accurate.

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Thanks for your tip :) . I'll search in the forums and check how to do this. Thanks for your help and suggestions  :D

Edit: By the way, I've been unable to login into your page, maybe for the conversion from SMF to vBulletin. If there's a procedure to reenable the login into your site, just let me know  ;)
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I think you have to click forgot password and it will re activate your account
Edit: Heres what you want


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