Power of Corruption

An altered melee game for Warcraft III TFT expansion

Power of Corruption is preparing for big things: Documentation

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Hello Wc3 Modding community.

For all the people who don't know about my old projects, I learned tons of things about this lovely game creating a project called Power of Corruption. This game is an altered melee where the Naga and the demons are a total and balanced races with custom spells and mechanics totally developed in vJASS. This project took me almost six years in accomplish a well mounted melee mechanics... but I had some sensation of lack of work and missing features, forced most of them by the old limits in map size and other restrictions made for the functionality of the game.

Now with the upcoming of WC3 Reforged, and the new bunch of improvements and limitations overriding, I've decided to reconsider many of the ideas that were in the oblivion files and I hope this mod can live again with a new fresh air...

First thing first...

So we're going to start with the documentation. I have to be honest here: it was a titanic task to develop it, I committed the procrastination sin, but I knew that not having it, it would affect the diffusion of this project. Then I took the courage to fisht against myself and, after some weeks working with an ancient but Awesome tool called GMSI, I managed to automate all the Styling part of this tiresome work and I only have to worry in adding some descriptions, images and specific content that's not possible to automate in the map.

The first example of the power of GMSI in "reading" object editor data and formatting is here: The Warqueen documentation and its summonable minions.

Please feel free to share the revival of this old project. And enjoy the game.

PS: HEY!!! where's the map to download???

Answer: It's coming soon. For patch 1.31!!!!
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