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Happy New Purge...
Year 2020

Hello my fellow WC3 modders!!

I know I've been a little bit busy doing senseless stuff, like takeing some naps, having holidays, fixing some RL issues, and preparing the whole site for the upcoming arrival of WARCRAFT 3 REFORGED!!!!

Let's start from the most important to the less...
First thing first: Happy new year 2020 from WC3modding.info!!! I hope this year comes with success in your projects and in your life, obviosly this includes your map projects and other WC3 modding stuff you and me love to do :)

This is not a formal wish, in fact it's related with the announcement from Blizzard that WC3 Reforged will arrive on January 28th of this year. This delay from the promised end of 2019 was the result of issues and a lot of bug fixing in the process. Here's tha map showing the GMT times when this awaited moment will happen:

BETA is growing up. Go go my little baby
Second thing. Now with this in mind, Reforged has been evolving in those days. Starting on November 5th the BETA phase, we've been watching the progress in the game, adding features little by little, fixing something and screwing up another, and the most epic moments in the BETA stage of this game (at least in terms of this site and its interest in the modding part) have been BETA which implemented the custom game functionality, allowing us to see how our favorite mods run in HD quality. As it was expected, a lot of bugs in the visual part plus disconnections in games, have helped Blizzard minions to see the issues and put a great effort in improve the game. About this version I personally can say that it's really slow in a standard computer. The HD feature is nice but if you don't have a Metro Exodus PC rig, testing from the WE to the game itself is a total pain in the ass. In fact I have an I7 with a NVIDIA card and I had to buy a new SSD plus DDR4 RAM in order to run as I was with the old fashioned WC3.

But we now they're in a process to improve the things.

And it's happening, with the version, available since January 9th, they  have implemented the possibility to use classic or reforged assets, with some performance improvements. Well, I've installed that patch and yes, it's more faster, it's running in an average Laptop I have, and yes there's improvements but with new bugs. Did anyone has to enter the battle.net net user and password every time it starts a map, or when you test a map??

Check the features below:

Some hours ago, we have a new update:, this one is probably the latest one before the release. It tries to fix some issues like:
  • Performance optimizations and stability improvements for menus and gameplay
  • Locale fonts updated

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