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Crazy F Battle 1.4 - AI No New Posts Warcraft III Maps

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« Created: December 10, 2022, 12:52:02 AM by Pashafenko036 »
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Crazy F Battle 1.4 - AI
on: February 09, 2020, 05:40:08 PM
Version: 1.4.0
Keywords: Crazy, Battle, Crossover, Arena, Anime, Cartoon, Wagon, Boss, Team, Captain
Play Mode: Multiplayer, Co-op (Cooperative)
Category: Assault, Defense, Minigame, Arena
Tilesets: Cityscape
Players: Minimum players: 4
Maximum players: 6
Rating: 4.66667
Warcraft III Map
Version [1.4]

-New: Spectators Players (Teal and Brown). Suggested by @Traner
-New: Pre-Loading Resources. (Around 24 seconds or 12 seconds)
-New: Blue AI Player. (He can choose Team Arena or Wagon Mode)
-New: Random Pick (F8).
-Remove: Messages when the Blue Player is configuring the Game Mode.
-Rework: AI Players Pick (Random Order) and have 2 seconds to Pick again.
-Rework: Plus Passive (F1) has Char Information to inform you about the System.
-Rework: Refresh the Plus Passive (F1) removes the last Buff instantly.
-Rework: Map Size reduced from 71.514 MB to 40.709 MB. Supported by @Angelcraft
-Rework: Tooltips (Chars, Spells, Buffs). Supported by @Shikuso
-Rework: Loading Screen (Avaliable in SD). Supported by @Shikuso
-Rework: Camera Distance is back to default value, but the command (Zoom) is avaliable to set in 2000 Camera Distance.
-Rework: You gain XP Points when you Kill with your Char, Summons and Dummies:

FFA: (90*Rank Dying Unit)
Team: Killer (85*Rank Dying Unit) Allies (25*Rank Dying Unit)
Treasure: (200*Rank Glyph Carrier)

Arena Mode:
-FFA: Multiboard now Hide the Offline Players.
-FFA: Rework Terrain for Prison Stage.
-FFA: Rework Terrain for Outside Arena.
-FFA: Few Rework Doodads for Perdition Stage.
-FFA: New Winner Position.
-Team: Central Fountain is changed by Seal of Regeneration.
-Team: Rework Tilesets for Brawl Arena.
-Team: Rework Tilesets for Medium Arena.

Ranked Mode:
-New: Spectators Players can see the Chars Banned List from Blue Player and Green Player with their Flags.
-New: Messages from Spectators Players.
-New: Gold Coin and Troll Face are avaliable to Ban and Pre-Pick.

Treasure Mode:
-New: When you defeat the Ogre Guardian, the stage will create and Arcane Portal to move to the other side. If the Entering Unit doesn't carry the Glyph, it will be removed and create a new one in the Portal Destination.

-Rework: Guardian Models changed by Default ones and its values. (Example: Attack Animation)
-Rework: 2nd Statue Guardian now awakes when the 1st Statue has equal or minus of 750 HP.
-Rework: Glyph of Colossus cannot be dropped from the Inventory.

Wagon Mode:
-New: Attackers IA Players now pushes the Wagon more frequently.
-Rework: Victory and Defeat Cinematics.
-Rework: Circles of Power Models changed by Default ones and have Blue TC.
-Rework: Stage Terrain with new passageways and removing small spaces. (BC Spells can move the enemies in those spaces)
-Fixed: Points Leaks from Teleport.

-New Char: Light Yagami
-Removed Char: Hellgast Mercenary
-New: Chars Models and FX Spells (Authors are included in the Credits)
-New: Spell Effects and Passive Effects from few Spells.
-New: Balancing some Chars Stats and Spells Value.
-New: Floating Texts to few Bonus Passives and Events.
-Rework: Custom Thorn Aura with its Damage Return.
-Fixed: Banish Interactions with Spells.
-Fixed: Spells Points Leaks.
-Fixed: Nightmare Stage from Freddy Krueger with some Spells and Events.
« Created: February 09, 2020, 05:40:08 PM by GhxBronie »
« Last Edit: March 20, 2021, 12:48:58 AM by GhxBronie »

Created by Karnwield Maps. Improved by GhxBronie

Map Info

It's a Hero Arena and Deathmatch map with many Characters created by the Team and some famous Chars like Cartoons, Anime and old or new Memes.
You don't need farm gold or buy items to fight, the unique requirement is picking a char into of 168 Characters in total, selecting a Plus Passive (F1) and fight against your enemies, but if you Char dies, you will choose another one.

Map Features

This map has 4 Game Modes to play, every game mode changes the game style, assigns your allies and enemies and disables some Chars. These game modes are:

- Hero Arena: You need to Kill another players to obtains Points. It can be a FFA match or a Team Match.
The Player 2 can choose the Battle Stage and the Victory Points (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 Points. Team Modes multiply it by 2.5).

- Treasure Mode: You need to carry the Glyph of Colossus and brings to the Colossus Altar. But the temple's way has many Guardians who will stop your objective. Everyone are enemies.
The Player 2 can activate the Tutorial to see the Treasure and the Victory Point.

- Boss Mode: You need to defeat a Boss in less of 10 minutes to obtain the Victory. If you want a True Challenge, you can pick the Gul'dan Quest, it consists to fight against the five Bosses of this map per round in less of 50 Minutes. Everyone are allies.
The Player 2 can choose the Boss or the Quest Mode.

- Wagon Mode: The Blue team need to escort the Wagon to the Temple in less than 20 minutes and the Green Team need to prevent it from moving forward in less than 20 minutes. It's like Overwatch Payload.
The Player 2 can activate the Tutorial.

- Captain Mode: The Blue and Green Player will ban 11 Characters per turn. Also, every player will Pre-Pick a character. The match will start when everyone do a Pre-Pick or lose his turn to do it.
The Player 2 need to write a secret command to active.

-TRTM50BA: Team Mode | 50 Kills | Big Arena
-RTM150MA: Team Mode | 150 Kills | Medium Arena
-RTM150BGA: Team Mode | 150 Kills | Big Arena
-RTM150BBA: Team Mode | 150 Kills | Brawl Arena

When the Host is choosing the Game Mode, the rest of players can see it and suggest the game configuration.

- Test Mode: Try up to 120 Chars with Special Items. Only avaliable for Player 2.
You need to write in the initial area: /test
After it, The commands will shown once the Mode.


Terrain Album:


Gameplay Album:


3D Models:
-Grendel, KAIL333XZ, Mythic, HerrDave, SonsOfSami, Jhotam, Paillan, Freddyk, HappyTauren, AlienAntFarm, JesusHipster, olofmoleman, The_Spellweaver, WhiteDeath, Kuhneghetz, brucelee, Nasrudin, UgoUgo, Frankster, JetFangInferno, epsilon, Walle, D.O.G., HappyCockroach, Tranquil, NhazUl, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Kitabatake, NewbieMapper, nGy, Hexus, Suselishe, HS2, RED BARON, Hnazo, 00110000, Champara Bros, icewolf055, Callahan, Thrikodius, Power, Dionesiist, Gluma, BossGengar, stan0033, Direfury, KILLCIDE, Mr.Goblin, FerSZ, Murlocologist, BoatyMcBoatface300, Frotty, Azsure, Loboproto, Rubellu Sidus, Hayate, Misha, Grey Knight, kangyun, Tauer, Hermit, PROXY, gotenkz, Illidan(Evil)X, Casper the Friend, Antinous, Tarrasque, Sellenisko, The Weird Human, Mike, purparisien, Aquis, levigeorge1617, Kwaliti, MistAssass, ChaosXV, General Frank, Directive255, MN Lahmar, Norinrad, AhhFreshWeeD, 4eNNightmare, GhostThruster, alfredx_sotn, Deolrin, Team Green Quality, Ayane, Daelin, kellym0, sPy, xYours Trulyx, DCrimson, Bloody_Turds, Darky29, Jhonny Janbo, Pyritie, DeadEnd123, M_Exanime, Otherknownoise, Razer!X, SuPa-, Kino, AlienAtSystem, infrenus, CeDiL, dhguardianes, NatDis, Em!, Jas.per, xyzier_24, Mc !, ratamahatta, ILH, s4nji, valkemiere, Weep, Talon the Mage, nhocklanhox6, PrinceOfFame, dtnmang, PeeKay, Zephyrius2412, Lord_T, Boogles, Geries, The Leader, ViralHatred, GreyArchon, Dubey, XDogg, EdwardSwolenToe, NexusBlizzard, Pvt.Toma, Pyramidhe@d, Alex, cotd333, Lichkings slave, 3DReactor, Storm_PCF, assasin_lord, Nightcrime, Ubernator, imforfun, Metal_Sonic, Infrisios, Judash, Fluff, familla, Blood Raven, Chriz., Carrington2k, Zerox, expresso, dickxunder, WolfmanArc, skrab, Ujimasa Hojo, loktar, vile, Dan van Ohllus, Ampharos_222, tillinghas, PAMEXI, Shakral, KE, bazeba, Empyreal, ApEJI, Hate, judash137, Destro666, Rvn, RockNGame, Dr, Ker, judash137, IronMaiden, faceless, Kadakash, Nasshard, Redsuitheart, Toby Fox, ZODD, KatzuraRin, Lyrical, Tsuna Sawada, Jack Napier

[I don't know some authors of FX and Chars Models because the website (When i downloaded it) is gone. If someone knows it, i will put him to the credits. Thanks for the compression.]

Textures | UI:
SA Dashie, stan0033, nightelfbuilder, PrincePhoenix, A.R.

Daelin, VaLkYroN, The Panda, Darkfang, UgoUgo, shiiK, 4eNNightmare, bigapple90, Traxamillion, Paladon, PeeKay, Dionesiist, -Grendel, -Berz-, Sin'dorei300, Nealdros, Justicebringer, Hellx-Magnus, viiva, Godslayer, Mr.Goblin, Kimbo, M0rbid, Crabby_Spider, BLazeKraze, Mullar, The_Avenger's_Return, Kawaii Stain, CloudWolf, The_Silent, JollyD, San, ~Nightmare, Hemske, General Frank, Carbot, Bakura Yuri, I3lackDeath, CRAZYRUSSIAN, Biojuju, Mobilize, Anachron, Marcos DAB, Lelling, Tiodor, Stanakin, morbent, Thehive, Public Resource Provider, Freddyk, Kuhneghetz, Volvox, KelThuzad, zbc, Dentothor, Halcyon, Ensemble Studios, MadMax, Mc !, HappyTauren, kola, FrIkY, BETABABY, PrinceYaser, NFWar, ~Void~, Praytic, bloodyroadkill, L_Lawliet, D.ee, Cryophoenix, inhuman89, Static, KILLCIDE, Sephiroth_VII, Azazzello [XGM], Kazzo, Murlocologist, genin32, AlienArsonist, Juice_F, Revolve, Palaslayer, DonDustin, In_kam, XDogg, Legal_Ease, Banzay89, 238226, Eldin HawkWing, Mad, Golden-Drake, Scias, kangyun, SilverEx, darkdeathknight, Zeverens, Maxwell, SkriK, GhostThruster, AndrewOverload519, nightelfbuilder, Wildfire, Heinvers, Sorenkj, Elfsilver Lord, Nudl9, HappyCockroach, Huinipachutli, Kingluis, 00110000, SexYFrostWyrM, stonneash, havard1993, Chen

Spells | Systems:
JeffreyQ, Rmx, -Berz-, Roflcoptor, f0rsAk3n, Paladon, Kisame, G00dG4m3, NocturnX, Aradar, Nightmare Moon, NFWar, looking_for_help, maddeem, Bribe, WyrmSlayer, Losam, Rheiko, quiqee, NightSkyAurora, TheBeautifulPeople, baassee, Empirean, xyzier_24, millzy, Quilnez, Shark_4_you, nookaiser, Tachimaru, KoleshyEngine, Adram, Marcos_M, _STRONG_, Distor, Napo, armando368, Paillan, ReDoCkZ.

Publisher Notes

-Karnwield Maps (the original creator) gives me permission to upload his map
-Its AI Players are very aggressive against new Players but don't have a defensive strategy.
-I never play it Full House, so if you find a Bug with that condition, notify me.
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This new generation of WC3 Editors from South America are worst.

Re: Crazy F Battle
Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 08:02:15 PM

Hi @GhxBronie !!

Welcome to Wc3 Modding.info. Your presentation is clean and clear. Very good information. Remember you can set a changelog in the post settings to keep a concise idea about newer versions in the map.

I took the freedom to set the map link for the download button. This one should be updated for every update you do. About the terrain screenshots, if you want, you can upload here to improve the fingerprint in the web.

Is this map working on reforged with no glitches??

Re: Crazy F Battle
Reply #2 on: February 09, 2020, 08:06:30 PM

Hi Moyack. Thanks for the welcome  ;D

Answering your question, yes it is. I tested this map on WC3 Reforged Graphics and the game itself and works normally. The unique "glitches" are the size of some models, the custom FX don't work adequately and the Cinematic UI.

Greetings  :D

This new generation of WC3 Editors from South America are worst.


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