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With enormous changes to Undead in version 5.5 Beta, Undead is now a powerful but micro-intensive race to play. This build is rather similar to the other build posted for 5.4c but with some few, but important changes. This build is still optimized to acquire Maidens at the 30 minute mark and allow you to take over the game.

1. Purchase Skeleton Archers. Research Attack to 6. Tempo loss: nonexistent. Tempo gain: High.
- The start up for this path is still the same. Skeleton Archers are cost-efficient units with very high damage. However, they are no longer the primary damage dealer of the build.

1.5 (Alternative) Purchase Crypt Fiends and Research Web.
- This is really only for oppressive quantities of air units. If you are dealing with just one kind of air units like Druids of the Talon, I would not say this is worth the purchase. Just target flying units with your skeleton archers.

2. Purchase Obsidian Statues. Research Destroyer Form. Purchase Gargoyles. Research Armor upgrades. Tempo loss: high. Tempo gain: very high
- With the swapping of upgrade paths, Destroyers and Gargoyles now share the same path as Skeleton Archers, optimizing this build and greatly improving damage. However, you will not be necesitated to research armor for both core groups of units in your army.

3. Purchase Hero/Heroes.
- I really like Unholy and Trueshot aura for this build, but thats my personal preference. Air units die, so I really like Ressurection.

4. Research Ghoul Upgrade and Armor Upgrades. Research Lifesteal. Research Undead Combat Training. Tempo loss: low. Tempo gain: low.
- It's about time to turn your ghouls into something that isn't fodder. It will help out your Gargoyles as well.

5. Purchase Frost Wyrms (maybe). Tempo Loss: High. Tempo Gain: High.
- Because Destroyers and Gargoyles now share the same damage path as Skeleton Archers, it is now much more viable to go with a Frost Wyrm purchase as your air power will be quite powerful. Frost Wyrms will do destructive damage against heavy melee and prove especially effective against Bandit Lords and even War Golems. Freezing Breath will also help you siege towers better. However, avoid this step if the tempo of the game is too slow and money gain is slow.

6. Purchase Maidens. Tempo Loss: Very High. Tempo Gain: Win the game within 12 minutes.
- Maidens will be the next core unit that will carry your army to victory.


1. What about Skele Orcs, Zombies, and Abominations?
 - None of these units are optimized with this build. Abominations should be the next and final purchase after Maidens, however, when you reach that point.

2. What about Necromancers?
- They're not bad anymore, but the Destroyer and Gargoyle purchases are better optimized next to Skeleton Archers. You may be tempted to go with Necromancers to support Skeleton Archers, but at this point in the game you're often better off with Destroyers for improved versatility and anti-magic capabilities.

3. What about Meat Wagons?
- Siege is trash.


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