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Who is wTc[Zodiac]
on: June 14, 2020, 02:25:33 PM

Hello there, Im Zodiac recently iv become a staff member of clan wTc and i wanted to share a litle about my self and my future goals in the clan.

First off a litle bit about my self.
Im a 30 year old swedish gentlemen who has played warcraft games since warcraft 2 , always been a big fan of rts games and warcraft 3 got me realy hooked at an early age .
I joined wTc mid febuary 2018, with my main focus beeing on hero push. I feel in love with the map instantly and have played it activly since i became a member of clan wTc.
What I like the most about hero push is the diverse ways to play it, now adays i spend most of my time figuring out new strategys and builds to use.

So what are my goals within the community ?

In simple words, teach, grow and edjucate.

Basiclly i want to help others both new guys and veteran players to explore the map deeper and maybe out of their comfort zone, there is so much more to hero push then just standard unit comps or basic hero builds once you go to the depth of it, and as the map is constantly evolving there will always be new areas to explore.
My strongest method for doing this wll be through youtube content where i will showcase everything from beginnner builds, tips and tricks, pro games and indivudual hero builds aswell as a general build that will pretty much work for every str or agi or int hero.
Another way to reach my goal to help grow the community will be to activly playing with new people to the map who perhapps are unsure of weather this is a good fit for them, if this is of intrest then feel free to contact me on the clan wTc discord.

Re: Who is wTc[Zodiac]
Reply #1 on: June 15, 2020, 07:01:41 PM

Hi @wTc[Zodiac] !!

Good to see that clan wTc is keeping in good shape.

Your maps are awesome and I hope your community keeps moving in a good way.

I feel in love with the map instantly and have played it activly since i became a member of clan wTc.
Well, I played it the first time the last week and I'm totally agree with you. Is the kind of map made with love for playing.

If you need support in coding or in another stuff in modding (and the hosting), please count with me :D


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