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Jassdoc Feedback
on: July 07, 2020, 06:25:21 PM

Hello My dear WC3 community:

Here's the topic to give feedback & suggestions about the Jass Documentation Reforged.

What's this?

Well, it's an updated database of ALL the functions that comes in WC3 reforged (1.32 +). Here you can find all the types, functions and variables available in WC3.

If you submit a JASS, ZINC (and LUA) code in this site, ALL THE code will offer a proper highlight with links to the natives. An example is good to go:
Code: jass
  1. private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
  2.     return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A000'
  3. endfunction
  5. private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing
  6.     // your stuff...
  7. endfunction
  9. private function init takes nothing returns nothing
  10.     local trigger t = RegisterAnyUnitEvent(EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_CAST, function Conditions, function Actions)
  11. endfunction
From this snippet.

If you access the database as a guest, you can browse the functions by the general links of types, functions and variables. If you use the database as a registered user, you can search any jass stuff by a keyword. (registering to the site is free). This is done in this way to avoid spambots.

Here I'm going to add the latest changes related to this database (changelog).

Things to do:
  • Add the possibility from users to contribute knowledge about the JASS functions (old and reforged).

How to report a bug:
  • Point out the exact link where you have found the issue.
  • Explain the bug as more detailed as possible.
  • If you can share a screenshot, go ahead!!
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07/07/2020: JassDoc Was born!!!!
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